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Creating Your Destiny in 2024

We are almost at a point now where 2023 is a memory. For many this past year has held some very real struggles. When we arrive at this point of transition between one year and the next, we are offered an opportunity to look back and to look forward almost at the same time. It is important to look back not with regret, or anger, or fear, but with perspective and hindsight. What have we learned? What gifts did the experience of 2023 offer us?

As we look forward, 2024 holds a completely different vibration. In numerology, we are saying goodbye to a "7" year. I have written about this previously here and here.

The numbers in 2024 (2+0+2+4) add up to 8. Eight is one of my favorite numbers. It is both my passion and my biggest lesson, and that is the lesson of self-empowerment. When we realize that we are creators of our lives and not victims of our past, our environment, our parents or childhood, our limitations, or anything else that is out of our control, we empower ourselves!

Our lives in the physical Earth plane is all about owning ourselves as creators of our lives all within the limitations of living in a world of resistance, struggle, and human existence. We can see in the lives of our fellow humans examples of those who overcame tremendous challenges to create lives of greatness, and also examples of those who squandered their privilege and opportunities and ended up completely devastated in one way or another. We often find ourselves comparing ourselves to seemingly privileged humans who are fighting battles we would never be faced with.

Recently, on my return trip from Greece, when we arrived at the airport, my travel companion and I were handed the arm of a blind man who had been on our flight and was making his way through customs just as we were. He had traveled alone and the person who gave us his arm was not his travel companion as we thought, but just a fellow traveler. As we waited in line, the blind man could tell us more about our surroundings than we could perceive without his disability. He could perceive how close we were to the front of the line, what the overall mood of the fellow travelors was, the outside weather, and so many other details. He shared that he often traveled alone all over the world and could tell us the ins and outs of several world airports, the travel tips we would never think to ask, and other details we often take for granted. As it turns out, he lives alone, has a fairly significant job that affords him the funds to travel often, and only has an app on his phone and his travel stick (no dog) to accompany him. And we seeing humans often gripe when someone fixes our Starbucks coffee incorrectly (that never happens of course)! I could see that he was definitely living his best life despite what we consider a disability but which has become a gift to him as he has been given the opportunity to use and depend on his other senses and abilities more completely.

To me, there are two aspects to our lives which I like to call "fate" and "destiny".

Fate is that which happens to us that we have no control over. Fate could be being born blind, for example. Some things happen to us which we have no ability to change.

When I was eighteen something happened to my vision in my left eye. For a few days I thought I had gotten mascara in it. My vision was blurry but not enough to bother me too much. After a couple of weeks my dorm mom convinced me to go to an eye doctor, where they did numerous tests and decided that I had some sort of tumor blocking my eyesight. They did a procedure which froze the tumor but unfortunately did not restore my eyesight. Having been raised in an Evangelical, tongue-talking, foot-stomping, prayer warrior family, my dad prayed. He demanded my eyesight come back in the name of Jesus. He embarrassed me one time in the mall when he met up with a fellow God-enthusiast who laid hands on my head in the midst of a large sea of bystanders and commanded my eyesight return. They decided they were not leaving the mall until my eyesight returned. Despite my lies to the contrary in order to escape this moment of embarrassment and horror, my eyesight did not improve. Now in my sixties, my eyesight is a bit improved over the years, but not enough to declare a win in the spirit world. This would qualify for what I would call a fated experience. Nothing I did or anyone else did changed the situation.

Then there is destiny. Destiny is when there is the potential for something to occur, but it may or it may not depending on what we do with what is given us.

A few years ago I had my palm read while vacationing at the beach. I don't do palms so I am always curious about other methods of divination. The lady told me I would come into a large sum of money in December of that year.

December came. I was visiting my daughter one day in December of that year. At the time she lived in an apartment building that was directly behind a convenience store. As l left her apartment, I had the passing thought that I should stop in that convenience store and buy a lottery ticket. I ignored the prompt, as I normally do when that thought crosses my mind, because any previous attempts to guess lottery numbers have been met with failure. Spirit seems averse to blessing me financially through the lottery, so if you have the idea to ask a psychic to predict lottery numbers, don't waste your time or money.

A couple of days later I heard on the news that a winning lottery ticket had been purchased at that very convenience store on the very day I had that passing thought but decided not to act on it. So you could say it may have been my destiny to come into a sum of money in December, but I had free will and did not act on my nudge from my inner guidance. No other money came to me that month, so I am not saying the palm reader was wrong, only that she saw an event that had the potential to happen, but did not.

So in my way of defining the difference between fate and destiny, fate is something that cannot be changed no matter what, and destiny is something that can be affected by free will or other factors.

So when I tune into the energy of 2024, I see some fated things and some things that possibly could shift depending on a variety of components.

I would consider Covid 19 a fated event. The December before the pandemic received national attention, I got the message that a large number of people would pass over into the spirit realm in 2020, but I did not receive details on how this would occur. Some of my regulars decided I was overcome with a dark spirit because of the imagery that accompanied the message and left my group. Despite the group I was leading sending out Divine Love into the future, the pandemic still happened.

I would consider a national election more of a destiny thing. I don't believe the winner of the US presidential election to be fated. I will admit I have asked the cards about who is going to win, and the cards don't seem to describe any of any of the frontrunners at this time. But once again, I don't believe the election is a fated event. I do believe another event may happen that is fated, but I am not sure exactly what that is. And I am not completely sure of the timing.

The reason I share about fate and destiny is a very round-about way of sharing about the energy of power, which is the biggest aspect of "8" energy in 2024. There are a number of things we are powerless to change, and there are things we can do to change both our personal lives and our collective life on Earth.

Presidential elections are one way we decide who has all the power and a good bit of the money, or at least guardianship of it. If the collective consciousness shifts one way or the other in a significant way, the destiny of our country can shift in one direction or the other. Elections are won and lost through a number of factors.

Although my Guides seem averse to telling me who is likely to win the election at this time, they did tell me that who wins or loses the election need not affect my own personal sense of well-being and alignment with my own personal destiny. Although I can certainly send the energy of Divine Love and the Highest Good to the future with a vision of whatever is best for our nation and the world, I must surrender to attaching myself to what I think the highest good is or is not. Truth be told, my Guides have only told me who to vote for once! I was a strong advocate for his opponent at the time, and they instructed me to vote for him (I am not going to name names), however they also told me he was going to lose! And he did.

The tarot card associated with the number 8 is Strength.

The Strength Card in Tarot is all about the understanding that whatever we are facing in life, we have the ability to be strong, despite any evidence to the contrary. We can make our greatest struggles our greatest allies. In the picture, a woman is stroking the head of a lion, who seems completely enamored of her, almost like a pet. The woman is not dressed in warrior attire, or shown to have a lot of physical strength, but her strength comes from inside herself, and I would add, her connection to the Divine, and her understanding of herself as Divine. She has made a seeming enemy her friend.

When we realize that our greatest struggles are our allies and are actually gifts to us, we release the idea that we are victims to circumstance. Those situations that seem fated, or out of our ability to change, are the very things that teach us what power we do possess. We can tame our lions and make them our friends!

This year we as a collective human species and perhaps also as individuals within the collective experience may face some lions. Just as the Old Testament story of Daniel in the lions den, we can tame and even befriend the forces that we may feel have been sent to destroy us. We can thrive despite our circumstances, our environment, fated events, our past, our future, forces that seem bigger or more powerful than we are, and we will be okay!

It is important that we not be tossed to and fro by mass consciousness and energetic weather. Do not allow others to form opinions for you. Do not allow yourself to believe certain things just because a lot of people believe it. Listen to all sides and formulate what you believe for yourself. Watch as the power grid is shifted and those who seem to hold all the power are faced with a reckoning. With a theme of money, power, and self-empowerment, there will be struggles for power, either to attain it or to keep from losing it. When you align yourself with those who seem to wield power for selfish reasons, your are, in a way, personally responsible for the outcome. You will be affected by what transpires. When you empower someone who is reckless with their power, you are aligning yourself with the karma that comes as a result of that out-of-balance power.

When people align themselves with a leader in order to maintain their own positions of power, or for how that person is going to benefit them personally, when that leader falls, they fall with him or her. Never base your alliances or decisions based on how something or someone is going to benefit you personally if the personal gain is at the expense of the collective good or common sense. If you are reading this, then you probably don't do this anyway, but just be aware of your decisions and who you support and why. This could be a person, such as a political leader, or it could be a company, an organization, a belief system, or any type of alliance. Lately I have come across a number of documentaries that have described both spiritual and non-spiritual leaders who became very powerful, wielded control over their followers and fellow man and influenced them in ways that ended up devastating their lives. Any time we join a group or organization and pledge our loyalty to them in some way or another, we are affected by the practices of the group or the leader. We are creating an energetic link to them, which is sort of like an umbilical cord, sending energy to us based on their own personal integrity, or lack thereof. That is why I shy away from labeling myself as something in particular or aligning myself with particular groups. When people in positions of leadership increase in power and begin to benefit monetarily, then they become vulnerable to the temptation to engage in activities that either increase or enable them to at least maintain the power they have acquired.

With increased power and money come increased responsibility to maintain character and integrity.

Let's talk a little bit about spiritual power.

This past year, I have experienced and have noticed others experiencing what I can only call spiritual energy upgrades. My own personal experience has been that when that happens, my physical body is affected in some way, but my spiritual awareness and experiences seem to increase exponentially. Sometimes my electric or electronic devices are also affected. The good news is that I come out of the experience more in touch with Divine Power. My abilities seem to increase, my awareness of the Spirit realms is more clear and precise, and my ability to do energy work and personal and group sessions is enhanced.

If you think you may be experiencing this, you probably are! I do believe these transmissions of a very highly evolved and beneficial frequency are happening to many of us incrementally, sort of like when you get a phone upgrade, and you need to reboot your phone or computer in order for the upgrade to become live. This means you may need to take some time off. Sleep more. Rest. Turn yourself OFF for a day or two in order to integrate these changes. If you try to keep charging ahead at a hundred miles an hour, you may become ill or in some way be forced to rest. I may address this in more detail in a future post. Check back for that. In the mean time, if you are having various symptoms or experiences which seem odd, consider that you may be receiving a spiritual upgrade or what some people call a spiritual awakening.

I do believe that these will be continuing to occur and may possibly even increase in 2024.

Back in October, my monthly energy forecast touched on a lot of these same subjects. I always seem to notice that the energy around October is a sort of energy forecast for the following year. You can read what I had to say back in October here.

Remember that your personal experience of 2024 may be a bit different from the collective experience based on your date of birth, your soul agreements, your free will and your personal theme for the year, but the universal theme will affect you in some way. You can schedule an appointment to go over your personal theme, and how you can best navigate 2024 HERE.


I have a number of events, classes, and gatherings in the works for 2024. You can begin to enhance your own spiritual experience of life through allowing yourself to be led to the places where you feel most aligned with the energy of the group or facilitator. There are a lot of spiritual healers who are doing the good work! Be led to the teacher that feels good to you! You are welcome to check out what I have to offer HERE.


As we move into 2024, know that those of us who are spiritual are increasing in numbers and we are awakening to our own inherent connection to the Divine. As we live our daily lives and just be present and awake, shining the energy of Divine Love, Joy and Healing out into the world we live in, we are increasing the benevolent frequency of the Divine without having to do anything except live our lives with peace, joy and integrity. We are creating a world where peace and equality is more important than money and power, where holding on to antiquated and outdated concepts and beliefs begins to die out, and where we can love ourselves, love each other, and begin to erase the walls that have divided us for centuries.

Be love. Be light. Be peace. Others will follow.


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