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Some Insight into Spiritual Communicators

I I want to start today's chat by sharing a recent email from a client:

"I just wanted to say a quick heartfelt thank you for taking the time and your energy to help me connect with my family yesterday! I think I needed time to digest and understand everything we talked about, but I was really moved by how well you connected with my grandparents and my mom and sister. As the day went on yesterday, even more resonated, and it really helped! Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you again and I definitely hope we can do another session in the future!!!"

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My life's work is all about making people feel better. When I receive feedback that assures me that my clients had a positive experience, it always makes me feel good. I am not dependent on the feedback, but it does help me because if I am not sure I am helping anyone, then why continue?

A lot of mediums who have been traditionally trained, will tell their clients not to respond at all to what they are saying until they are done. For me, this is not really helpful. I like to know that the person I am talking to on the other side is someone my client knows. You don't have to give me information, but I do pause and little bit and say, "do you understand this information? or "does this make sense to you?"

When a person says "no, I don't know what you are talking about" or "I think you are way off on this", this cuts off the communication with whomever I am communicating. So I will normally say, "well, put this on the back burner and maybe you will understand the information later." But when you are resistant to information that comes through or skeptical, and especially when you use the word "no," it really puts a kink in the water hose of Spirit communication.

Recently I completely bombed a gathering of women who had hired me to communicate with Spirit for them. This sometimes happens if I am not a good fit for their energy or if they are used to how someone else works and I do not meet their expectations. Despite refunding their money, they still felt it was necessary to proclaim me a fraud on Google and recommend their favorite medium. Having this experience prompted me to want to address the subject of expectations, protocol and guidance for you when you are looking for a spiritual communicator. I am the first to admit I may not be a good fit for you! You should choose a spiritual communicator who fits with your own personal vibration, or the experience will be less than positive.

Some people who do similar work as I do specialize in talking to the deceased. That is all they do, so they get really good at it and they have specific protocol in place that the deceased are aware of. I am able to communicate with the dead, but my focus is on healing, and if someone needs a healing instead of a conversation with their person on the other side, my Guides will often shift me in another direction. This particular time, I felt one of the ladies in the group needed a healing, but I knew that I was not hired for that and that sometimes healing is a personal thing and should not necessarily be done in a group session. So I resisted the urge to walk over to the woman and do some healing work on the grief in her heart. This probably was one reason the atmosphere changed. My resistance to the guidance shut off the flow. The link was lost and I could not get it back.

The next day was my monthly gathering. I was a bit worried. What if I bomb again?

I guess Spirit needed me to know that I had not lost my abilities. I was instructed by Spirit to give a short message to each person in attendance that day. Nineteen people! (this is not normally what I do in the monthly gatherings but once in awhile it happens!) Every person seemed to respond well to the messages and the healing energy that was flowing throughout the room. (if you would like to check out my donation-based monthly gatherings, be sure to go to my website!)

If you are looking for a spiritual consultant, remember that each of us works in a different way. Some mediums are specialists in speaking with the dead. They have studied and honed their abilities for years. Mediumship was not my original specialty. It kind of happened by accident. Sometimes the deceased would come through during the course of a soul healing session or a psychic reading, or perhaps when I was channeling the Angels and Guides. Evenutally people began to schedule appointments just to speak with their deceased loved ones and it evolved from there.

A medium specifically speaks with the deceased.

A psychic gets in your energy field and tells you things about your life, your past, your future, and helps you make choices.

A channel is someone who is a communicator from the spirit world. Sometimes they may channel the dead, and sometimes Angels, Guides or Ascended Masters. Sometimes a channel can bring through unwell spirits if the process brings healing to unhealed souls that have separated from their bodies. This is fairly rare unless the channel is trained in assisting the dead in crossing over or finding peace.

A healer may or may not do all these things, but most likely can and will use some or all of these in some manner. A healer is someone who uses various tools to bring about healing in the soul, in the mind, in the emotions, resolving past lives or ancestral patterns, and identifying wounds either unknown, known, perhaps forgotten or buried somewhere in the client's energy field. They may use various well-established healing modalities such as Reiki or they may combine various healing modalities with their own connection to Higher Wisdom to bring about healing to the client's soul. If speaking to a deceased loved one will bring healing, closure or comfort, then a healer may speak to the dead.

When someone says they are a healer, this does not mean you should discontinue your traditional medicine protocol. Spiritual healing is meant to be used in addition to traditional medicine or professional therapy, not instead of it. Remember that you are the author of your life, and you get to decide these things! Don't allow someone to tell you what decisions to make about your own health or well-being. Make informed decisions yourself based on professional recommendations and alternative therapies.

When you are deciding on someone to speak into your life, be sure what you want.

I normally ask my clients what their intention for their session is. They may want healing. They may want to speak to the deceased. They may want guidance in navigating their life. They don't need to give me details. Just what they are looking for. If they don't have an intention, then that is fine too. I will just tune in and see what the Guides want to do for them.

I am doing some soul searching this month. I will be traveling to Greece at the end of the month as I was invited by Spirit and I am expecting to receive some instruction on how things may be shifting for me. I am not an entertainer so I don't do things that are just fun or entertaining. My goal is to improve the well-being of my clients and the collective conscousness.

For me, I know I am a healer first and foremost. My most recent book, Sacred Path to Wellness, describes some of my methods and offers exercises for doing some self-healing or incorporating into your own life if you feel called to be a healer yourself.

I have also written a couple of other books you may find interesting!

Whispers From Another Room is my perspective on various aspects of what I affectionately call "woo woo world." I talk about speaking with the dead, spiritual healing, using various tools like the Tarot and pendulum for both divination and healing, channeling, crossing over those who are having trouble making it to the "Light", and many other aspects of the work I do as a spiritual communicator and healer. I have some messages from my Guides on what happens to souls when we die and even a prayer to say to our loved ones to send them off on the next adventure of their soul.

Journey to Joy is my personal story of how I found myself and my calling as a spirit communicator and healer after experiencing a dark night of the soul. Anyone who struggles with religious trauma may enjoy and benefit from my story.

You are welcome to check me out on Facebook and Instagram where I post a daily message from Spirit.

You can schedule a private session with me here.

Find out what I am doing and where I will be, read my previous blog posts, read some testimonials and even find a link to google to post a review of your own! Check out all these things and find out what else I am doing on my website!!

If you would like to receive updates on what is going on in Joy's world in your inbox, you can subscribe to my mailing list on the home page of my website!!

Finding a spiritual consultant is like finding a doctor or therapist. You have to find one that resonates with your particular personality and vibration. If you are looking for a dermatologist you will not consult a heart specialist. It is so important to feel good about who you allow to speak into your life.

A lot of people find me by typing in a keyword or phrase such as "psychic" or "psychic near me." And that is okay. You really are not going to know if you resonate with me or not until you either schedule a session or attend one of my public events. I am happy to connect with you and let you decide for yourself!

I am happy to allow you to publicly share your experience with me on Google. That will allow other people to make an informed decision as to whether or not they want to schedule a session with me. If you would rather be more anonymous you can email me and I will add to my testimonials page with just a first name. Unless you have a really unique first name, it is fairly anonymous!

My goal in life is to be of service to as many people as I can while still enjoying my life and embodying the energies of Divine Love and Joy. I hope this little chat has assisted you in making informed decisions about who you allow to speak into your life and who you steer clear of.

You are the author of your life. You can align with the energy of the Divine Presence and be guided to the right people to assist you in remembering who you are as a soul and realigning you with a sense of well-being no matter what your circumstances.

Be blessed and be amazing today!!


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