Death and Grieving Loss

At some point in our lives, we all experience loss.

Death is a natural aspect of life. At some point, all of us will cross the great divide, and move in to the next experience of our souls. It is the living who grieve the loss.

It is particularly difficult when someone we love dies before "their time." Sudden, unexpected, or tragic deaths seem to be particularly difficult to process.

We all seem to have some sense of things that are "fair" and things that aren't. When someone who is a good person, a loving soul, or especially a child or a loving pet passes, we seem to find those losses especially heart wrenching. When there are unanswered questions regarding their passing, and we can't seem to find closure, or if we perhaps had a difficult or unresolved relationship with the person, the empty feeling inside seems to hang on for awhile.

So how long is long enough? At what point do you know you have grieved long enough?

The answer is different for everyone. For a medium like myself, having the ability to communicate with souls on the other side seems to help me process the loss. Tuning in to my own loved ones on the other side seems more difficult than tuning in to the souls of strangers, so sometimes I still have unanswered questions or pangs of guilt regarding my relationship with some family members or acquaintances. However, I have been given tools for processing my emotions and speaking my truth with loved ones, whether I am able to tune in to their souls and receive direct communication or not.

In my chapter in the upcoming book, The Ancestors Within, Volume 2, I share a tool for resolving issues with missing or flawed ancestors, but the tool can be easily adapted to include anyone on the other side who we desire to chat with. (you can preorder copies from me now!)