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Here is a link where you can post a review of my services on Google and read the other reviews there as well.



Here are some comments I have received on my Facebook page, Whispers of Joy.

"Joy is amazing and the best medium I have ever seen."

"You have been a total blessing to me as well as many of my relatives."

"Those of us whose lives you have touched with messages and guidance know your talents are true."

Here are some more testimonials I have received over the years:

I just wanted to say a quick heartfelt thank you for taking the time and your energy to help me connect with my family yesterday!  I think I needed time to digest and understand everything we talked about, but I was really moved by how well you connected with my grandparents and my mom and sister.   As the day went on yesterday, even more resonated, and it really helped!  Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you again and I definitely hope we can do another session in the future!!!


Melissa, September 2023

I came to see you almost 2 years ago regarding my fiancée that passed away in jail. 

After 2 years you were absolutely right! It was not suicide.. SOMEONE else was involved! This hasn’t been confirmed but only rumors but I always knew in my heart he didn’t commit suicide. 

It has only been a rumor by another inmate but Atleast I know that we were both right  & because of you I was able to heal & move forward. 

(Chelsea ... May 1, 2023)

Joy truly changed my life: both by accepting myself as I am today, and realizing things I have experienced since childhood were perfectly normal. I have always been an empath, very extreme, but until Joy unlocked many memories in just a few sessions, I did not realize so many obvious things and suffered.

I have been on medications for depression and general anxiety for years.

Finding out, or realizing you are actually normal is true enlightenment.

She speaks clearly with Spirit, and is accepting no matter who or what you are.

Thank you Joy!

Ian... February 2022

(note: I did not and will never tell anyone to eliminate medications.) 

(a little background.. I mentioned to Vanessa I saw her grandfather on the other side of some fairly large windows, he mentioned white flowers which I thought were lillies but not sure, and he mentioned a family member that needed to check the oil in her car. I also said he was mentioning something about an important conversation that needed to happen. None of these things initially meant anything to Vanessa but then I received the following e-mail...

I just wanted to email you and let you know thank you again for doing my session the other day.
I finally was able to figure out the window, the flowers, and at the end when my grandad was talking about a conversation needed to happen with someone.
The window- my mom said the day he was passing and his heart rate was dropping the nurse called and told my mom which I was sitting next to my mom when she got the call the nurse told us we could come down there and be with him as he passed but we would have to be outside the room looking through the WINDOW because of him having COVID.
The flowers- I was correct about I ask my grandma and mom and they both said that there are 3 sets of white Lillies that bloom every year around spring time outside my grandmas house!!
The conversation that needed to happen I asked my mom about and her eyes got so big and she said Vanessa that conversation that needs to happen only Grandaddy and I knew about that conversation not even grandma knows about it.
Oh yea and btw my mom needed oil for her car we all checked our oils and it was my mom she had NO oil on the dip stick my Grandaddy always said to my grandma please make sure if something happened to me Sandy keeps oil in that van. Haha he knows how bad my mom is about that!!
After the session I feel like I’m okay and I’ve healed.. before I felt I just carried this big weight of grief on me of not understanding why things happens and now I understand and you made me look at everything differently! I can’t wait to have another session with you!

Vanessa .. February 2022

have had healing sessions and readings with Joy which have been tremendously helpful in me making pivotal changes in my life. Releasing negative beliefs and attachments via Soul Retrieval for instance. Guidance through her intuitive Tarot readings. Joy is an expert in all she does and an excellent teacher of those crafts.

Soni... February 2022

Your gift is to be commended! The things you shared during the hour were very much spot on, particularly with my mother.  When you shared events, personality, right down to how she would breathe when she got upset blew me away. Your compassion and desire to help her, I will forever be grateful. Her inability to live a joyful life here on earth did indeed stem from a traumatic accident during her childhood. Something she obviously went to heaven with a continued heavy heart. May she rest in peace, thanks to you.  
Anonymous... August 2021

I started seeing Joy a little over a month ago, in this short time span she has helped me heal wounds and traumas that have plagued me for years. I’ve been able to understand and get to know my truest self more than I ever have before. Even my parents and husband have become clients of hers. She has helped us all tremendously in different ways. The way she performs her readings and healing work is very professional yet comforting. The minute you enter her home you feel an overall sense of peace and acceptance. I was afraid going into my first session that she would be someone claiming to have abilities but really didn’t have them. That was not the case, she truly has the gifts and uses them for nothing other than divine healing, love, and spreading peace. If your experiencing troubles in any aspect of your life, I highly suggest you book an appointment with Joy. I promise it will be life changing in the best way possible.
Charis .. June 2021

...She hit right on when she told me about my husband who passed away. Keep doing you.
 Tammy .. November 2020

...Every visit with Joy has been wonderful. I've learned so much from her and she is such an inspiration.
Hannah .. November 2020

...Joy is a gifted authentic spiritual leader and healer. She has helped me in so many ways over the past ten years. I am very grateful that our paths crossed! Joy's books and classes are designed professionally with her extensive experience.
Priscilla .. January 2020

When you connected with me last time we met, you described my grandmother wearing a sun hat. She was very fair skinned and never left the house without her sun hat. There is no way you could have known that information any other way! Before I came, I asked my dad to tell you what was his favorite food. When you connected with him, he said he missed eating pie. That was his favorite food.

Melanie, July 2021

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