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Here are what Joy's students and personal session clients have to say:

You told me the last time we spoke that my daughter would receive a nice financial bump up. She was pr​omoted last week to HR Manager at her company!

                                                                   ...Amanda  May 2020

I consider my visit with you yesterday to be a gift. You are genuine and what you tuned into has left me slack-jawed and amazed! I think your healing made a difference. At one point early this morning I woke to feel a tingling sensation over much of my body that lasted about five seconds. It didn't concern me but was noticable. I'm feeling better today than I have all week.

                                                                      ...Ward January 2019

This amazing lady literally saved me, pulled me out of such deep despair and heart-wrenching trauma. Spirit made sure our paths crossed and I found a way out of the worst devastation of my life - because Spirit led me to Joy.

                                                                      ...Betsy  August 2016


It's been over two years since our paths crossed in Leesburg and since that time I have met many amazing healers, psychics, mediums, etc.  I have so many friends now that I truly enjoy being with and it is such a blessing.  But I need to tell you that I love and honor them that have stayed true to Spirit ( meaning not being led by ego or money ) and you are one of them.  I want to thank you for being such a gracious mentor to me & in so many ways and also for being an inspiration to me on my spiritual journey.  Most of all thank you for staying on your path by honoring Spirit when it calls upon you to be of service to others.  Your name is forever engraved on my gratitude list.  Much love and Many Blessings.  


 ...anonymous, January, 2016


This one is a little long but wasn't sure which part to cut out:


Joy Andreasen is a shaman and uses Indian guides and spirits which is a different technique I had not experienced before. Normally I am impatient with rituals, I want to get to the meat of it so to speak…we all know patience’s has not been one of my virtues…the drumming I don’t care for some reason normally, makes me a little uneasy and I don’t know why but …any port in a storm they say so I go with the flow. 
We used the room upstairs with the high bed/table and the dogs checked everything out and went off, probably to my bedroom and the 4 in of memory foam they so love…Joy closed the door to keep them out and began. Not long after she started the drumming and using the rattles over me I felt an energy swelling up and out of my body…my eyes were closed and I had totally relaxed myself. In my mind’s eye so to speak I could see my energy coming, flowing, from my body in the form of a stream that narrows into a thin channel going upward, maybe as being sucked out, like a vacuum would draw spilled salt from a spill on the floor say…. Joy then started speaking…addressing an energy form and saying she didn’t need to know its name but it needed to go to the light and didn’t belong with me and to go on….chanted a bit and my visual disappeared….interesting as she did this I could hear Fred
(her dog)charging down the hall (at 145 lbs you can hear him move) burst through the door…(he knows how to open the doors if not locked locked) and started sniffing me…she assured him I was o.k. and he left. She then went over my body lightly touching me here and there and doing some chanting…I did not have any more visuals. 
She told me after the process that she sent several energy sources to the light….took a rope off my throat…which is interesting as whenever I lie down I feel like there is a hand pushing down on my throat which I had just credited to my being fat and big boobs….although I did have my head chopped off in a previous life time. She said that there was a large gash across my upper chest which she healed. She thought this was from a guillotine but it was lower than most she sees….holes in both my palms, and other traumas which she sent off to the light and healed. I am an old soul and have regressed to many life time’s myself with plenty of traumatic deaths from sharp objects and when we have cleared those, taken the javelins out and healed the wounds chronic pain has disappeared in those areas so I am very curious to see the results in the upcoming days. 
At any rate I awoke this morning feeling lighter, less dense is maybe a better word, it feels good however one explains it. Since she removed shackles from my ankles I am wondering if my foot pain will improve. I know when I take off this extra weight that a lot of my minor-semi minor health issues will clear up. And with Linda’s work and now Joys help I think that is do-able. 
Maybe this is all crazy, I am nuts but I am functional. My litmus test is..”how’s that working for you” as long as it does no harm go for it…God knows I see a considerable amount of damage from conventional medicine and wisdom at my day job…we create our reality and the placebo effect works; that’s hard science. We have such a great group of healers around us, I hope everyone will take advantage of these gifts that have been brought to us. 

...Soni, December 2015




Joy, is someone I greatly admire and appreciate. She has a true gift from God for helping you see things. I've been to her circles and have met many times with her personally. I consider her to be a true friend and I love her for all she has done for me.! Yes, I have been raised Baptist, and Joy has helped me see things and opened my eyes to God's love and how we are supposed to love each other. Religion is not about judging and cutting down our fellow brothers and sisters. It's all about love and acceptance. The very second we think that we are above someone because of our religion, we have failed. My faith in God is stronger due to meeting this wonderful woman. It's all about love!!!!! I am so glad to have met this amazing woman and I love her book Journey to Joy!!!!


                                                                                 ....Debra November 2014



 "I have had the pleasure of a couple of sessions with Joy and she is an awesome spiritual teacher and messenger!  Her wonderful personality puts you at ease and allows you to receive all that she has for you.  Thank you Joy!"


                                                                                  .... Diane July 2014

Spiritually enlightened, gifted, a wonderful person altogether! After meeting Joy the first time, this is just a few of the things I would say about her! I have now been to a few classes with Joy and have LOVED every one! Reiki so far has been my favorite! You WILL feel the energy flow through your hands and body! It's amazing! Joy gave me a message too, the funny thing about it is that my pastor had given me the same message two years ago! No one but my husband knew this and I had started to forget about it too! Joy is a great person and mentor! I highly recommend her for anyone on a spiritually enlightening path!

                                                                                   .....Debbie February 16,2014



Thank you for sharing  your home and your Reiki II knowledge yesterday. I especially would like to thank you for your guided meditation that introduced me to my Reiki guide... truly a gift. Please know that your connection with Spirit serves as a real enhancement to all of your classes.


                                                                                  ..... Joan January 2014





Thank you for the great Reiki class for those of us who attended. I feel it was one of the best classes I have ever attended!


                                                                                       ......Becky.. January 2014




"Joy is a very gifted shaman who has performed several shamanic journeys to re-connect me with my power animal, help my soul become unstuck, even giving me extremely helpful insight to prepare me for a trip where I would need better grounding techniques.


On other occasions when I was too emotionally tied to my beloved pets, she connected to let me know how they were doing, even to the extent of relaying what my dog's wishes were when the end drew near.  She is able to explain things in a way that is easy to understand, in a very caring and compassionate manner.


I have also received through Joy a channeled message from the Higher Beings to help me understand better my soul's purpose for this lifetime.


Joy is also a wonderful teacher and friend on your spiritual journey though this life!


Thanks Joy for all you have helped me through and with!"


                                                                               .....Shelly.. on September 10,2013




" I participated in the the communicating with angels workshop. What an amazing experience. I've always believed in guardian angels however this experience brought me a new perspective.  I prepared my home for three special angels to visit. I realized later that the preparation was really for me. It opened me up to being receptive to the angel's messages. When the angels came I heard a simple word paint. As an artist I knew what I was suppose to do. Later in the experience I heard the archangel's name Jophiel. She is the patron angel of artists. Wow... At Joy's class I shared my experiences. It was so great to hear how everyone else had different messages and occurrences. Joy shared and helped us with a meditation to visualize our angels to receive further communication. Joy makes her classes exciting and spiritually sound. Joy offers so many different aspects of spirit to learn and apply for yourself. My spirituality has grown expontientally and my perspective of life is much more meaningful. Thank you Joy! "

                                                                                   ......Priscilla.. on April 24,2013 

The Shamanic Journeys Joy has performed for me have given insight with issues related to past lives.​They have helped me understand how I can better walk the life path I am now on and the many choices that are there for me.Her lessons and the messages she receives have awakened me and offered an improved life.​I believe she has a true gift that can help others.


I have discovered a philosophy of positive connections that are always there for us, if we only listen.



There is definitely Love and Light here.

Her services are outstanding. 



                                                                    ........Susie...On May 14,2013


What an AMAZING session I had with you the other night!  When I first arrived I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders.I was experiencing fatigue, hoarseness, aches and pains all over. But after connecting with the guides and having a spiritual healthcare cleanup, I can definately say I am feeling better. Going through each chakra and clearing up all the junk that had been building up was just what I needed and yes, my throat is a little scratchy as we were told it would be. Thank you so much for all the guidance you have given to me and others.  I LOVE the classes that you do and look forward to the next one!
                                                                      ........Brenda ...on July 3rd, 2013
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