I started seeing Joy a little over a month ago, in this short time span she has helped me heal wounds and traumas that have plagued me for years. I’ve been able to understand and get to know my truest self more than I ever have before. Even my parents and husband have become clients of hers. She has helped us all tremendously in different ways. The way she performs her readings and healing work is very professional yet comforting. The minute you enter her home you feel an overall sense of peace and acceptance. I was afraid going into my first session that she would be someone claiming to have abilities but really didn’t have them. That was not the case, she truly has the gifts and uses them for nothing other than divine healing, love, and spreading peace. If your experiencing troubles in any aspect of your life, I highly suggest you book an appointment with Joy. I promise it will be life changing in the best way possible.
Charis .. June 2021

...She hit right on when she told me about my husband who passed away. Keep doing you.
 Tammy .. November 2020

...Every visit with Joy has been wonderful. I've learned so much from her and she is such an inspiration.
Hannah .. November 2020

...Joy is a gifted authentic spiritual leader and healer. She has helped me in so many ways over the past ten years. I am very grateful that our paths crossed! Joy's books and classes are designed professionally with her extensive experience.
Priscilla .. January 2020

When you connected with me last time we met, you described my grandmother wearing a sun hat. She was very fair skinned and never left the house without her sun hat. There is no way you could have known that information any other way! Before I came, I asked my dad to tell you what was his favorite food. When you connected with him, he said he missed eating pie. That was his favorite food.

Melanie, July 2021


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