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Sacred Path to Wellness: Creating Miracles in our Soul and Body through Non-Traditional Methods

Available now on Amazon!!


Healing for body and soul is a process! You can't just take a pill and expect to reset your entire life story. 

Whether you are looking to enhance your own journey of wellness, or you are interested in being of service to others, this is a vital addition to your library. 

Here are some aspects of healing that are covered in

Sacred Path to Wellness:

  • How to connect to the energy of the Divine in a way that raises your own personal vibration and assists you in achieving bliss.

  • Understanding and connecting with the power of your own soul and higher self in tandem with the Divine to create change

  • Ways to increase your own psychic and intuitive abilities so you can “see” into someone’s energy field to locate imbalances

  • Proven ways to channel higher vibrational frequencies into your own body and into other’s energy field

  • Removing blocks to your abilities and to the healing capacity of others

  • Some Shamanic techniques for healing, empowering objects, removing non-beneficial energies and attachments, crossing over earthbound souls, and reuniting lost pieces of your life force

  • Methods for finishing up and negating karmic imbalances and unfinished business

  • Using Divine Light and Sound to achieve well-being and bliss

  • Psychically going into chakra energy centers to intuit imbalances and bring healing

  • Understanding the power of beliefs and emotions to create healing experiences

  • Understanding and learning techniques for using various tools to enhance a healing experience

  • Cutting non-beneficial cords and healing the entrance wound

  • Healing land and objects of unwell energy

  • Connecting with ancestors for assistance as well as healing ancestral wounds

  • And so much more!!

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Wonder what other people are saying?

Here is a recent review from Susie....

"I have been stalling on this review because I wanted to write more than, Hey, Great Wonderful Book for Healing!

Let me be clear, It IS a wonderful book but it is so much more than that. 

I finally decided that bumbling through a review and maybe not getting across all I want was better than No review at all. 
I am going to try to write something that will help with your decision of is this book for me?

Joy is always learning and studying. She has pulled a lot into this.
I think it is her Best book yet. 
She has a lot of connections and not just on this earth.
She reminds us that God, the All or the Divine, what ever you feel, is within us and around us. 
It doesn’t matter what belief system you are using. It is a power that is always there for us. 

That is saying a lot when so many organized religions spend time hating each other and argue on what is the way and how they can convert you. Where is the love and healing in that? 

I think we can help heal ourselves and others or at the very least be a path to healing.  Perhaps situations are always a work in progress but in progress, things get better.

She say’s we are here to live and learn and she certainly has. She is passing on her knowledge to help us all. She shows us many ways to focus, even giving references to other teachers and techniques.
Joy is so straight forward, grounded, kind and positive. 

Now I am not finished with this book yet. It is one reason I didn’t review right away. I didn’t say it would be a quick read, at least for me. She has me thinking and rereading even though I am no stranger to her or her work.

Life weighs us down sometimes and we lose ourselves. She is helping us connect and heal.
It is to believe and be a conduit. 
She reminds us and instructs us that we are here to feel love and healing.

If only everyone had this book."

Other books by Joy now available on Amazon

Whispers From Another Room

Do you wonder about the world just outside of waking consciousness?
A world where messages come to you from your loved ones who have passed on?
A world where feathers fall out of the sky as signs from above?
A world where dreams and even songs on the radio give you messages and comfort on your journey through life?

This book may be for you!!


This book is an encyclopedia of all things unexplained.

Whispers From Another Room

author and spiritual intuitive Joy Andreasen explores the world of mystery. The world beyond sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell, that sometimes bleeds through into our daily lives.

She offers her perspective on the door to the often unexplored and misunderstood rooms in Spirit World, a world where our loved ones and residents of other dimensions reside, watching, listening, and often attempting to grab our attention. 

Our connection to rooms beyond our understanding are closer than you may realize! Emotions and beliefs are the keys that both open and close the doors to worlds just out of reach to our waking consciousness. We can alter the world we live in just by unlocking and exploring the rooms Joy describes.


Praise for Whispers From Another Room

Have you ever wondered if that twinge or vision you got was from spirit or imagination? This book is a veritable encyclopedia, relating encounter after encounter in sufficient detail to help with connecting the dots of your own experiences.

The dead do not discriminate. They don't care if you're an evangelical or an atheist. If you're a gifted medium they will continue knocking on your "door" until you take a chance and open it. "Whispers From Another Room" is the guidebook you've been waiting for. Get it today!


-- Debbra Lupien, best-selling author of Akasha Unleashed: The Missing Manual to You
These pages are filled with layers of ideas about our perception of time, energy, life, death, and ourselves. The reader is invited to explore the connections presented between the smallest blade of grass and each droplet of rain that falls; the energies that are present in our lives as they intersect and interact with those from those who came before. Joy's distinct and precise guidance will safely guide you through what she rightly calls an "ocean of awareness".

-- Dustin Pari, motivational speaker, paranormal investigator, "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Hunters International"


Joy Andreasen’s Book Whispers From Another Room is a great read. Joy is a great story teller and clearly explains how she experiences connecting with the energies from the other side, or as she puts it from other rooms.


She tells of the way she speaks to the dead and receives messages from the other side through her thoughts and feelings, dreams and just about everything in the Universe. Joy has a unique way of connecting and healing the energies she connects with and she does so much good in the world.


Joy shares her journey with the readers of how she developed her skills and learned to trust the path she is on today. A must read for anyone who is looking to make a deeper connection to Spirit.


--Terri Lynn Murphy

#1 International Best-Selling author, Speaker, Happiness Coach

Journey to Joy

A Psychic Medium's Story of Faith, Disillusionment and Self-Discovery

Updated Edition!


Available now on Amazon!!

The time is now.
Time for what?
Time to own our weaknesses, recognize where we have struggled, and fought, and overcome.
Time to cease giving control over our lives to another,
to another faith, to devotion to an ideal, a Diety, a belief system, a fear, or an unhealed aspect of our own soul.
To stop playing victim.
The energy of the Divine is never insistant on complete blind obedience. The Divine gives us control to make our decisions, make our own messes, and, yes, sometimes we make a mess. 
It is time to cease living our lives in fear.
Fear of what a vengeful God will do if we step outside of the lines and see things differently.
Be brave.
The journey to joy is one of heartbreak, disillusionment, sorrow, and moments or even years of darkness.  It has speedbumps. It sometimes has branches in the road we have to stop and pull off to the side to move forward.
And detours.
Unexpected roadblocks.
But as we travel, joy comes.
Not in the destination.
But in the pursuit.
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