Do you ever get messages from songs on the radio?

Do feathers drop out of the sky when you are asking for a sign?

Do you ever get a whiff of grandma's perfume even though she has been gone for many years?


Do you have questions about experiences you cannot explain?


This is the book for you!!



This book is an encyclopedia of all things unexplained.
Whispers From Another Room, 
author and spiritual intuitive Joy Andreasen explores the world of mystery. The world beyond sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell, that sometimes bleeds through into our daily lives.
She offers her perspective on the door to the often unexplored and misunderstood rooms in Spirit World, a world where our loved ones and residents of other dimensions reside, watching, listening, and often attempting to grab our attention. 
Our connection to rooms beyond our understanding are closer than you may realize! Emotions and beliefs are the keys that both open and close the doors to worlds just out of reach to our waking consciousness. We can alter the world we live in just by unlocking and exploring the rooms Joy describes.

Come explore the world where blades of grass send messages to our soul!

Receive an understanding of what happens when we cross over the threshold of physical existence to the next thing.

Receive a blessing to say to a person who has passed who you may not have had a chance to get closure with.

Hurry! The whispers are calling you!

Praise for Whispers From Another Room

Have you ever wondered if that twinge or vision you got was from spirit or imagination? This book is a veritable encyclopedia, relating encounter after encounter in sufficient detail to help with connecting the dots of your own experiences.

The dead do not discriminate. They don't care if you're an evangelical or an atheist. If you're a gifted medium they will continue knocking on your "door" until you take a chance and open it. "Whispers From Another Room" is the guidebook you've been waiting for. Get it today!


-- Debbra Lupien, best-selling author of Akasha Unleashed: The Missing Manual to You
These pages are filled with layers of ideas about our perception of time, energy, life, death, and ourselves. The reader is invited to explore the connections presented between the smallest blade of grass and each droplet of rain that falls; the energies that are present in our lives as they intersect and interact with those from those who came before. Joy's distinct and precise guidance will safely guide you through what she rightly calls an "ocean of awareness".

-- Dustin Pari, motivational speaker, paranormal investigator, "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Hunters International"


Joy Andreasen’s Book Whispers From Another Room is a great read. Joy is a great story teller and clearly explains how she experiences connecting with the energies from the other side, or as she puts it from other rooms.


She tells of the way she speaks to the dead and receives messages from the other side through her thoughts and feelings, dreams and just about everything in the Universe. Joy has a unique way of connecting and healing the energies she connects with and she does so much good in the world.


Joy shares her journey with the readers of how she developed her skills and learned to trust the path she is on today. A must read for anyone who is looking to make a deeper connection to Spirit.


--Terri Lynn Murphy

#1 International Best-Selling author, Speaker, Happiness Coach

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