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Important Disclaimer:


All information, content, and material is for informational purposes only and is not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider. The information supplied on this website is for informational and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute medical, legal or other professional advice. Health-related information provided through this website is not a substitute for medical advice and should not be used to diagnose or treat health problems or to prescribe any medical devices or other remedies. No specific answers or results are guaranteed by a session with Joy. Joy Andreasen is not responsible for the choices you make as a result of the information received.

Personal Ethics

1. The purpose of my services are to empower, comfort, and guide the client or offer perspective as an objective third party. I use divinitory tools, intuitive guidance, and energy shifting rituals that have had the result of a renewed sense of joy and well being from my clients. I will never advise a client to forgo seeing a professional or to ignore medical diagnosis or to stop taking medication prescribed by a licensed professional.

2. I do not believe our lives are fixed or unchangeable. I believe and always stress to my clients that they are the authors and creators of their own destiny. Any information, advice, or energy healing tools or rituals I may use only enhances a client's sense of personal power and well-being. The client is then responsible for any choices they make after a session.

3. If I can't read the cards or other divinitory tools clearly for a particular client, or feel the information is vague or that I cannot get a good link to the client for an accurate reading, I wil tell them.

4. I welcome clients of all religions, cultures, ethnicities, spiritual paths, sexual orientation and gender identity.

5. I try to be as objective, non-judgemental and neutral as possible when giving readings. If I don't agree with a client's choices, I will probably tell them, but I leave the decision up to them. No one can claim they will never give advice outside of their own personal perspective. All I can say is, I do the best I can to offer guidance as free of personal opinion and bias as possible.

6. I will not give advice in areas I am not qualified.

7. I will not do a reading for someone under the age of 18 without the parent's consent.

8. I retain the right to refuse to answer any questions posed by the client that I deem to be unethical or in violation to a person's right to privacy or safety.

9. I reserve the right to refuse my services to anyone at my own discretion.

10. All consultations are confidential unless I feel that a person's well being or safety are in danger. I reserve the right to notify law enforcement or authorities if I feel a crime has been committed.

11. Refunds for any services provided are at my own discretion. I also retain the right to offer my services at reduced or free prices at my own discretion.  



For over two decades, I have been practicing as an energy healer, combining my expertise in various forms of spiritual healing. In each session, I work hard to help clients achieve their inner peace and enhance their spiritual wellness. My work as a psychic and medium allows me to understand the emotional and spiritual needs of the people that come to me for help. As a shamanic Reiki energy healer, I apply ancient techniques that promote healing on a physical and spiritual level. If you’re looking for a supportive, experienced, and compassionate energy healer, book an appointment with me!

Psychic is someone who can tune into your energy field and "see" things not readily known. I have an ability to access information by tuning in to your Soul, or Higher Guidance. This is what you want if you want advice about your love life, your career, a probable future, or an important decision. I may use tarot or other divination tools.

You can check out my message of the day on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Medium is my ability to speak with loved ones who have left their physical body. If you have loved ones on the other side, there is a good chance I can communicate with them.

Spiritual intuitive is a label I like better than psychic but gets used less in search engines. If you are looking for someone who does what I do, chances are you put in psychic, right?

Shamanic Reiki Energy Healer is a term I use for the energy work I do based on my training in various healing modalities. If you need some help healing your soul, which could result in physical healing and a sense of well being and renewed hope and vitality, this is probably what you want. Some other terms this may include are soul retrieval- the ability to reunite you with some of your life force you may have lost through sickness or trauma, chakra cleansing - those energetic life force points inside your body which sometimes get clogged, and emotional cleansing - clearing those emotions which have resulted in a feeling of being stuck or unable to move forward in life with joy.

I can assist you in reconnecting with loved ones who have passed, as well as healing generational patterns. I can offer you advice and guidance on your love life, your career, and a myriad of other questions about your life. Remember Spirit never tells you what to do!

Spirit offers guidance and suggestions for the best course of action. I will never tell you to divorce your husband or when your grandmother is going to pass. I am not going to charge you an enormous fee to remove a curse, although I can help dispel and neutralize the effects of non beneficial energies.

Over the  years of direct mentoring from my Non Physical Guides and Helpers, as well as being taught in various schools of Spirit work, I rely on ancient spiritual rituals as well as more modern spiritual tools to shift energy, break ancestral patterns and tendencies and renew your soul to its natural state of well being.

So what's my story? I grew up in traditional Christianity. I was always a sensitive and a spiritual junkie, but my environment was not really conducive to the nurturing of my gifts until my mid-thirties when I remembered. I began to open to receiving and delivering messages from the Divine and studying various belief systems and healing modalities. What has evolved over time is my own unique blend of a variety of healing modalities and tools to be a mouthpiece and armpiece for the Spirit world.

I live in Winchester Virginia with my husband and my kitty where I see clients, teach various spiritual classes, lecture along with my husband on various paranormal and metaphysical subjects, and write blogs. I have authored and co-authored several books on various spiritual subjects which you can check out HERE!

You don't have to live near me to get a reading or spiritual healing, although I do see clients in my home. I offer readings and soul healings by phone, Skype or Zoom, and occasionally even by email if that is your thing. I also offer a message of the day on social media. 

Thank you for sharing your spiritual journey with me!




Interested in knowing more about my transformation? 

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Check out this reenactment of a house call I made to a client.
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