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March 2024 - Spiritual Awakenings

The field of consciousness that is around us but that we cannot necessarily see with our physical eyes is changing. Those who are aligning with their highest purpose and path in life are awakening to a field of energy that is fluid and changing, and can sometimes feel it physically. If you are someone who has been walking a spiritual path for some time or maybe you are just getting started, you are probably feeling inside of yourself that something has shifted, or is shifting. You may not be able to identify what it is exactly. This is what is commonly called a spiritual awakening.

woman gazing into water
photo by Bailey Burton

You may feel this shift in your physical body in a number of ways. You may feel your heart racing or it may feel like a wind is blowing through your chest. You may get the goosebumps on your arms. You may feel a bit dizzy or lightheaded. You may feel moments of extreme joy or bliss. All of these sensations may come and go randomly, but usually don't last long enough for you to mistake it for a physical health issue. If you do, don't hesitate to get checked out by your medical doctor. I have stumped my doctor more than once with symptoms that did not show up on any of the tests he came up with that are meant to identify physical health issues. One of the things you can do is to ask your Guides to back up a little, because you are feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Here is a little prayer or statement of intention you can say that may make you feel better:

"I lovingly release any energies that are not beneficial or are not mine. I release you to the Light or a Higher Place with Love and wish you well."

I began to feel this shift about a year ago, in late March. I felt it when it happened. I knew I was receiving a "spiritual upgrade." I was in the middle of teaching a Reiki class and as I facilitated the transmissions of the frequency of Reiki I felt I was receiving a transmission also! The rest of the day I felt a little dizzy and seemed to be uninterested in food or regular "life stuff." For about two weeks I had to spend a good bit of time in bed. I had to cancel clients and one psychic fair. But after it was over, I noticed an upgrade in my intuitive abilities. I was surprising myself with the clarity and specific information that began to come through.

This year I have noticed some smaller but still powerful energetic upgrades. They did not throw me in bed for two weeks like before, but still very intense. I received the message, which other spiritual communicators also seem to be receiving, that this is a shift that is more on a collective scale. Many of my clients and students are experiencing energetic transmissions. The physical earth also seems to be having some interesting phenomena. Here in Virginia we had a thunderstorm in February which is highly unusual. I also got the sensation of the ground under my feet vibrating, which was also felt by others.

These shifts feel different for everyone. I have not met anyone yet who spent two weeks in bed as a result of a shift, but things are happening. Some are going through dark nights of the soul. Some are feeling more energetic and healthy. Some are noticing changes in the way they are living their everyday lives. Possibly they are spontaneously releasing bad habits or toxic relationships. They are becoming less tolerant of bad behavior. Sometimes they may have bouts of unexpected and unusual emotional releases.

In my energy forecast for the 2024, I did mention that I was anticipating a number of spiritual awakening events, both personally and collectively. These seem to be occurring fairly regularly, and I do expect that those of us who are committed to growing spiritually and evolving to the highest expression of our soul will experience some frequency shifts in March.

In numerology, March is an "11/2" month. We reach this number by adding the 3 from the third month of the year to 2024. (3+2+0+2+4=11, 1+1=2) Many of you attest that you regularly see the numbers 11:11. Eleven is a highly spiritual number. Many people attest to having spiritual experiences or even sensing Angels or high vibrational Beings when that number comes up for them. The number two is a number of intuition, psychic ability, nurturing, caring for others, love, and connection. In an 11/2 month, connection with the spirit world is more likely.

The down side of the number 2 is that it is a very intense number. The Spirit world is not just the benevolent beings. Two is the number of connection, and if you suffer from depression, grief, anger or other heavy emotions, you are less likely to sense the really high vibration beings. You are going to attract energy that is a frequency match to your default emotion. If you are someone who senses the spirit world in a non-beneficial way, that may increase. It is important to acknowledge and address the source of those emotions, through traditional therapy or an energy healer like myself, or both. If you want to evolve spiritually and connect with what I like to call "The Light" you have to be a frequency match to that energy.

I also find that the number 2 is often associated with people with addiction issues. These issues may come up to be addressed in some way this month.

There are a number of ways to raise your vibration. Meditation is a really good way, but not the only way. The best way to raise your vibration is to find what gives you joy that is not in some way harming yourself or others and do more of that! Remember that there is a difference between activities that offer temporary euphoria and activities that promote inner joy and well-being. Spend time in nature. Exercise. Dance. Find your passion and do that.

March is a really good month to go inside yourself and connect with your soul and your inner divinity. You are a Divine being having a human experience. You are also a part of a larger and more expansive experience of Divinity. You are both connected to the Divine and separate at the same time!

I am happy to be offering a video course on connecting to the Power of the Divine, based on my book, Sacred Path to Wellness! You can access that course here. Eventually I will be adding more classes, but the subject of spiritual power is a foundational concept to almost any other spiritual practice.

Every month I also like to share the Tarot cards associated with the numerology for the month, and this month, the cards are Justice and the High Priestess.

Justice and High Priestess Tarot Cards
Gold Foil Tarot Cards

Justice has to do with the balancing of the scales. If you have been defrauded or betrayed or had an experience which seems unfair, that theme may come up for you. This does not mean that you will be exonerated or receive compensation or even be successful in your endeavors to receive justice, but it does mean that this will come up to be addressed. We have to remember that sometimes life in the earth realm is not fair. Things happen that we will necessarily feel that justice has been done. However it is important to remember that there is justice and balance in the universe. Whether or not justice is achieved in the earth realm, know that eventually the scales will balance.

If you are not necessarily seeking justice, this could be a time to go within and see where you may be out of balance. Maybe you have been working too hard and you need some rest and reflection. This month, take some time to seek balance in your life. If you have wounded others, make some amends. Stop blaming others or making excuses and face any issues that may be keeping you from moving forward.

The High Priestess is all about spirituality, intuition, female spiritual leadership, and sometimes secrets. March may hold some revelations that may be unexpected. Focus on your spiritual practice, your inner divinity, your soul, and going inside yourself to receive answers, heal and connect with spiritual power.

These two cards combined may predict some revelations on a more national or global scale about secrets involving justice, national security, the law, or political figures.

The minor arcana of the Tarot has four "2" cards which hint towards issues in our day-to-day lives that may come up.

Four Tarot Cards
Gold Foil Tarot Cards

The Two of Wands indicates a need for adventure. You may begin to plan a trip or vacation. You may feel bored with life and start thinking about making some life changes.

The Two of Cups is all about relationships. This could be love, friendship, a work associate, or a partnership of some kind. This card indicates the relationship is equal and feels good to you, but could also indicate a need to address a partnership or relationship issue when you combine it with some of these other cards.

The Two of Pentacles suggests you may be juggling more than one aspect of your life. This could be trying to find a balance between work and family, work and play, or sometimes hints that you have two aspects to your life that are both valuable but your attention may be divided between them.

The Two of Swords may come up for you if you need to make a choice or decision and are having trouble choosing. You may not have all the facts yet or you may decide to postpone the decision until later. You may be closing your eyes to something you don't want to deal with or you may be closed-minded about something.

These cards combined sometimes hint at betrayal of some kind. Possibly you or someone in your life is feeling bored or unfulfilled and begins to look elsewhere for excitement or connection. It is important to address this if it comes up. Don't close your eyes or pretend there is no problem.

Take your time this month to plan your next steps. Take stock of your life. Spend some time in inner contemplation or reflection. If you have been feeling out of balance, do something to get you realigned with a sense of well-being. Notice any spiritual awakening symptoms.

Secrets may be revealed this month. If you need to step back and reassess your situation, honor that. Expect the unexpected. Allow some time for spiritual upgrades and shifts. Remember when you are going through those, sometimes life gets a little challenging. When we begin to shift our vibration, everything that is not in alignment with that shift will begin to get uncomfortable or even leave your life.

The next few months appear to be quite active energetically. When we hit June or so, we may need to readjust our understanding of life and our journey as a soul. Get ready for some huge changes to occur over the next few months. Life is changing. We are changing. Our reality is changing.

I have a number of tools you can use to access your spiritual self! I do private sessions. I have some events, gatherings and classes available, both in person and on video. I have books offering you tools to access and embark upon your inner spiritual journey. Check out previous blog posts and my social media pages for additional messages and insights from my Guides.


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