Receiving Accurate Messages from Spirit

I have been receiving messages from the world of spirit for many years. I find that the Communicator Guides often send messages that, in my human frailty, I could easily misinterpret. The problem is not with the Guides!

I guess I have been reading Tarot cards now for over ten years.

In the beginning, I really was not interested in learning the cards. I had been delivering messages for years without them! I did not believe I needed the cards. However, my Guides were pretty insistent and finally I gave in. I am so glad I did!

At first, I did not even look up the traditional meanings of the cards. I completely relied on my intuition and the picture on the front to give a message. I still do this for the most part, although, after all these years, I have learned what the most universal or well-established meanings are for each of the cards. However, many times I find that one card can mean many things. And sometimes, what a card means is not at all what the message is!

Take the Ace of Cups.

Years ago, I was contacted by a client who believed she had been raped by a ghost. The evidence was there. She woke up one morning with bruises in places she could not explain. The bedspread under her was moist, and she felt violated. I drew a card. The Ace of Cups.

I could have said, hmmm perhaps yes you have been raped by a ghost. Something unseen has established a relationship with you. But no. Immediately I saw that some unknown substance was being placed in a drink. I asked her if she had been given a drink before bed by anyone. She emailed back saying my services were no longer required.

I could only assume that the mystery had been solved, or she was offended. I am not sure which.

Simply memorizing a list of meanings for cards is not going to assist you in delivering a message.

Spirit uses cards and other symbols to deliver messages but it is important that we open our minds and thoughts to other possibilities than the traditional way of looking at the cards or other divinatory techniques.

I once had a friend ask me about a home she was considering buying. Immediately I heard the words of a Christmas song, "Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go..." The house she ended up buying ended up being over a river, through some woods, and owned by a grandmother.

I always assume that the information that comes through in an intuitive reading is accurate, whether or not the querent recognizes the information. If something comes through that is not immediately recognizable, I begin to go from the literal information to perhaps something symbolic of something else. However, I always tell them to keep the information in the back of their mind, in case they find out later what it may mean.

If I see pearls it may mean someone on the other side owned pearls. It could be that her name was Pearl or that there was something valuable but perhaps hidden, since pearls are found inside certain shells. I try to press the spirit communicator to provide a little more information if the message is unclear.

I would like to say that you can push some magic button and one day you will wake up and receive accurate and evidencial information that stuns you and others. But I have not found it works that way. It takes time, dedication, establishing a relationship with your Guides, confidence in your ability to receive messages, and practice. The more you receive information that can be verified, the greater you will have confidence in your ability to receive accurate information.

Last year on January 8th while I was meditating, I decided to tune in and see if Elvis would come through, since it was his birthday. I am not really in the habit of communicating with celebrities, but occasionally they come through. This time Elvis obliged! He chatted a bit about what he had learned about fame. I asked him to tell me something I could verify on Google, but would not necessarily just know already. He told me that he suffered from vertigo! After he left, I was able to verify that yes, indeed, he did suffer from vertigo and someone had decided to tell about it.