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Finding True Love

Questions about love are in the top two of things people want to know about when setting up a reading with me.

"Am I ever going to find true love?"


"Is the person I am with now 'the one'?"

Today I want to talk about love.

Specifically, romantic love.

There has been a lot of talk about soul mates, twin flames, fated attractions, and other phrases that have become popular in the past few years.

Let's tackle some of the questions about love, and fate, and destiny.

I am not one of those people who necessarily believe that every relationship is fated, or "meant to be." I do believe some are. Most of the time, however, I look at life kind of like an interactive video game.

You are a player in the game of life.

There are lots of other players.

Life is a game of "levels."

When you start out, there are a lot of players at "level 1." There are a lot of people you may meet up with in some way or another. As you each play the game, you acquire certain mastery and in time, you may move up to level 2. Some of the players in level 1 move up with you, and some may stay on level 1 a little longer. Some may like level 1 and spend their whole lives there.

When you move up to level 2, or even level 3,4,5, etc, you will be leaving certain other players behind who are on different levels. Sometimes the parting is painful.

You are not "fated" to be on any certain level. You may be born on level 5 or 6 or whatever. Maybe you have done this many times before and you have mastered many levels.

The people you meet up with and are attracted to and vice versa are probably at least near the same level as you. Maybe one or two levels up or down, but pretty close. Unless you are attracted to those at different levels, but those attractions tend to be difficult. When two people find themselves on different levels, usually one of them is playing the game for both people. And that may be one of the challenges they have chosen to master, but eventually, things normally don't work out.

You may have gotten attached to someone at a particular level and maybe you even stayed on a certain level to stay with this certain person. Maybe you try to help him or her master the levels and move on up but for whatever reason, we can only help a person to a certain extent. At some point they are in charge of their own game.

The fact is, the higher levels have less and less people who have mastered certain aspects of life enough to achieve certain levels. This tends to be when a person on a higher level "settles" for someone on a lower level. It is not that the lower levels are bad, or the players on level 1 are stupid, or anything like that. It is all about frequency and the lessons we choose to learn in life.

What does this have to do with love?

Life is like an interactive video game!

You don't have to worry if you missed finding your person. If a particular match up is fated, it will happen. You will meet up. Now, if that person is on a different level, you may have to wait or he or she may have to wait until the other one masters whatever they are working on. And that may delay things or even create a detour. In the meantime, enjoy your life! Don't pine away waiting for your person. This may create a disturbance in your frequency which catapults you back down to a lower level!

Remember, the levels are all about frequency!

If you realize that in order to experience true love you have to be a vibrational match to the frequency of love, then you will realize that the work involved in manifesting a love partner is an inner work. It is the work of lining up your soul with the frequency of love. It is releasing any limiting beliefs and trapped emotions you may have accumulated about love, and your ability to experience it. It is continually being happy and content in the present moment, no matter what you see going on in your life experience.

If you plant a garden, and you want to grow green beans, you are not going to plant tomato seeds, are you? You are going to plant green beans. So, if you want love, plant love. Do loving things. Give your extra change to charities. Smile at strangers. Let someone in front of you in traffic. Don't take up two parking spots in crowded parking lots. Leave the quarter in the shopping cart at Aldi.

When you spread kindness and love, you are raising your frequency to the vibration of love. And love will find you when you have ceased looking for it.

Because one day you will realize that you are not missing anything.

The secret is, when you feel like you are lacking in love, you will always be lacking in love.

Instead of looking for love outside of yourself, be love. Be love for someone else. Be someone that someone is looking for.

Love shows up when you are so busy being love that you forget you were missing it in the first place.


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