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February Energy Forecast

February is coming up soon! What is in store for us as we LEAP forward into new territory?

We are hardly getting started into the new year, and already we can feel the winds of change blowing through our lives and our souls!

I chatted in previous blog posts HERE and HERE about the significance of 2024 as well as how different environmental and energetic factors influence our experience of life from day to day. As we move forward into February, this will be a continuation of a theme for the year, but it also feels like as the year moves on, the energy of change is gaining momentum and intensifying!

In numerology, February is a "1" month. Since 2024 is an 8 year, which I discussed in my blog on the energies of 2024 and February is the 2nd month of the year, when we add the 2 for February to the 8 for 2024, we arrive at 10. So we have the energy of change and new beginnings hitting us square in the face this month! The energy of change is depicted in numerology, since the number 10 is the first of 99 two-digit numbers, and in the Tarot, since the 10th card of the Tarot is the Wheel of Fortune. If we add the 1 and the 0 from 10, we arrive at 1, the very first number, unless you count zero! The Tarot card associated with the number 1 is the Magician. In numerology, the number 1 is a number of beginnings, but not abrupt change or unexpected change necessarily. However, the Wheel of Fortune sometimes indicates abrupt or surprising changes, so I am expecting a little bit of both! The Tarot also has a card for the number Zero, which is the Fool. This is a card of embarking upon a new journey. I do believe we as a human species are approaching very new territory and we may not always know how to navigate this new territory or exactly what to think or believe or even behave as we are being presented with this new energy. In numerology, I associate the number Zero with the Whole, the Divine, the Wisdom Within us all, or whatever name you personally have for the Prime Creator of all things.

In astrology, we have no retrograde planets in February or March, so even the planets are giving us the heads up that things are moving forward! I am not an astrologer, but no matter who you like to listen to in that area, the stars and planets are really setting things up for some huge shifts that have already started!

For me personally, my Guides have been indicating that some changes are forthcoming in how I am presenting the guidance that comes and I will be beginning to implement some of those changes in February!

Whenever I begin to talk about big changes with people in individual sessions, the first thing I get asked is, "are these positive changes or negative changes?" so I do want to chat a little bit about a fear that many people have that I call "fear of impending doom." This is a fear that most of us have on some level. This is a fear that some unknown and unpredictable event will occur that is sudden, unexpected, and changes our life in some non-beneficial way.

Although I can NEVER say that some unexpected calamity will NOT occur, for life in the Earth realm is unpredictable, I can say that nothing is permanent! Life ebbs and flows. Winter comes and goes and eventually spring rolls around. The snow melts and the grass begins to turn green, the buds on the trees start to make themselves known. The early spring flowers push their way through the soil and we are reminded that everything is subject to change. Although February is not the month this normally occurs, I do believe that there will be some changes that begin to present themselves in February.

This whole year of 2024 is a year that will be marked by periodic spiritual upgrades and awakenings! This really started last year in a big way and is increasing in intensity and frequency this year. I am not saying that you will personally experience this in February, for I think these spiritual experiences are happening incrementally and in waves at different times for different people, but I do believe that you are being prepared for an awakening of some sort.

Sometimes we have to be presented with information that is contrary to our belief system or understanding several times and several different ways before we can really wrap our heads around new truth.

Years ago, when I was first introduced to some truth that did not fit with my belief system that I was born into, I was not immediately on board with the new information! Over time and hearing the truth several times over a period of months, I began to allow the new information to dawn on me like a morning sunrise. I guess the Divine knew that I was not easily convinced!

As I became more adept at receiving spiritual messages, I began receiving truth that smacked me square in the face and practically knocked my breath right out of me! So for me, it happened both ways! Some truths were presented to me slowly and I was allowed to digest them over time, and some truths came suddenly, unexpectedly and completely shifted my world view in the blink of an eye!

The good news is, the Guides told me this would happen! I would receive messages through movies or Bible stories that told me that my life would completely change almost overnight and it did! Not all the changes were easily digested or easily implemented into my world. I spent time in an empty apartment sleeping on a mattress on the floor. I was forced to declare bankruptcy. But at every turn, I was assured by Spirit that I would be okay!

And that is what I am hearing now!

Everything is going to be okay!

Remember as I chat about this energy, that your birthday is your new beginning, so you may experience this universal shift on your own personal timeline, which may be a little bit different from the universal energies I am describing. However, you will be affected in some way by this universal shift in consciousness!

In order to be ready for this shift and to engage in the highest way possible, I would suggest some sort of spiritual practice. I am not here to tell you what that practice should look like, but I would suggest that it feel good to you and give you joy! Of course, I also suggest that a spiritual practice of any kind should not harm others in any way, or exclude others, judge others, or suggest that someone else's practice is wrong. Your spiritual practice should be full of love and acceptance, be devoid of shame and control. When you are embracing a spiritual practice, ask yourself how you feel about what you are told. Does any of the narrative make you feel afraid, controlled, judged, or angry? I do feel our spiritual world is shifting away from a narrative that is based in fear, shame and control towards one that is loving, joyful, and accepting. Spiritual leaders who are using their influence to line their pocketbooks or climb the ladder of power of control may be exposed and dethroned.

As you plant seeds of kindness, joy and love, and embrace a life that is full of goodness, gratitude, and hope, you will find that your life is getting better! I am not promising you will win the lottery or inherit millions from some unknown relative, but I am promising that if you make it a priority to enjoy your life and feel love and joy more than shame or fear, that whatever your life experience, you will find it easier to manifest your highest good!

If you would like to know how these universal shifts are going to affect you personally, you might consider getting a private session! In my private sessions with clients, I go over their own personal journey through life, discover and heal any energetic wounds which may be keeping them from living life in the most empowered and joyful way possible, and bring back any lost life force energy which may be keeping them from feeling fully present and in line with their highest good.

You can make an appointment with me by Zoom, phone or in person in Winchester Virginia

I invite you to check out my books, other blog posts, and events I have coming up soon! I am here to assist you as you embody these changes in your own life and heal whatever wounds you have suffered while navigating life.


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