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Of Birth, Death, and In-Between

As you probably know, my newest book is about to burst forth on the world with a big bang! I have spent the last two years writing, editing, re-writing, and carrying this baby in the womb of my soul. Now the moment is at hand. "Whispers From Another Room"'s due date has been announced and, with a racing heartbeat and the joy, excitement and birth pains of a new mother about to give birth, I am now excitingly sending out the birth announcements to all who have been anticipating its arrival! On October 25th, I will be offering my new baby for an introductory price of $.99 for the Kindle version on Amazon. This deal will expire on October 31st, along with the candles burning out inside the with

The Fountain of Your Soul

Recently, I was giving a message to one of my clients, who was feeling a bit unappreciated by some of the younger members of the family. She lamented that when there were family gatherings, she was always called upon to be the shoulder upon which her children cried, the sounding board for grievances, the cheerleader for accomplishments, and the giver of endless gifts, encouragements, and accolades, however, she noticed that those very same family members came up lacking when it came to asking her how her day had been, checking up on her when she was under the weather, or sometimes remembering significant events, such as birthdays or anniversaries. I was able to tune in to her mother, who sh

Honoring Our Ancestors

October is one of those months where the veil between the living and the dead is thinner. You may sense your deceased loved ones around. Whether you do or whether you don't, you may want to create an "altar" like the one my hubby and I created for our family who have left the earth plane. Any time you would like to speak with your loved ones, or sense their presence, just go to the altar and talk to them as if they were right there in front of you! I like to light a candle, and sometimes I like to offer a gift of their favorite food, beverage, or even some coins. This blog is not necessarily about the creation of the "altar", but it is important to honor the whole family, both the ones eve

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