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Moving Beyond Boundaries

This month we as a collective have really been called to look beyond the life we have been living and create life in a different way. Although the landscape has been challenging, we are being called to a new version of living a life of authenticity and awareness. We cannot pretend that the world we have created is not flawed. We cannot wish or pretend or visualize blue skies while knowing that there are cracks in the landscape of our existence. We can work individually and collectively to change the way we live our lives and the way we relate to one another. This is not a time to complain about how much toilet paper is available or whether social distancing guidelines are being observed. My

Keep Going!

Life is a little different these days. School is out and I find myself frequently in the company of my grandchildren while their mother works. School is online and it is my responsibility to make sure they are getting some physical activity and fresh air when possible, as well as their regular academic studies. Recently on a sunny spring morning I decided to take two of my grandchildren on an excursion to a nearby state park before their afternoon online classroom started. I decided to make our adventure a game of connecting with Universal Wisdom as well as taking a short hike in the woods. These days the kiddos are getting to the age where I don't want to push my "woo woo" ness onto them in

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