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Today we say goodbye to 2019. None of us can deny that it was a year full of huge shifts in our personal and collective lives. Shifts are never easy, whether they are welcome shifts or challenging ones. If we look into the public arena, there were many examples of public figures having huge reactions to the energy they were caught up in. Whether or not they were displaying their best moments or not obviously depended on the individual on display, but we can agree that it is so easy to get caught up in the energy and emotions of the moment. In our personal lives, depending on what was going on in our own little world, we saw many changes and movement. In numerology, we are closing out a unive

Holiday Hints from Spirit

Whether or not you participate in all of the frenzy and stress that often shows up this time of year, you will agree that there are times when you are put into social situations with family, friends, acquaintances, and possibly coworkers which have the potential to shift your vibration either up or down significantly. This time of year those occasions seem to increase. We in "woo woo" world, as I affectionately call the world I live in a good deal of the time surrounded by Spirit and all things non ordinary, often find ourselves wearing masks of one sort or another as we become the person we are expected to be depending on the crowd we find ourselves in. Sometimes this generates a feeling of

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