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January 2024 - Spiritual Weather Prediction

Last week we chatted a little bit about 2024, about fate, destiny, self-empowerment, and the themes of money and power. We enter 2024 in a 9 month in numerology (1+2+0+2+4=9). In numerology, 9 is the number of finishing things up, surrender, letting go, endings, and releasing. It is also the number of doing things for others. It is interesting when the first month of a year is actually vibrationally the last number.

I chose this picture of this big snow blower removing snow from a road because it is a good representation of a 9 month. Sometimes for various reasons, our road (our path in life, our destiny, etc) gets covered up or blocked, and we have to take some time to remove that which has blocked our path from heading towards our destination (or we could say our destiny).

The world that we see physically is surrounded by a world we don't see. Some people call this the astral plane. You could also call it the non-physical world, the fourth plane of existence, or a number of other terms describing the very real but unseen plane of existence. In this plane of existence, which exists simultaneous to the one we can see and surrounding us completely, but invisible to most of us, is also subject to what I like to call "energetic weather."

Our physical weather which we experience comes about by a lot of factors which we don't necessarily see, because they happen up in the atmosphere above us. It is the same with energetic weather. The energetic weather is affected by many various conditions, some of which are in our ability to change and some less so. Energetic weather is similar to physical weather in that what I experience energetically in Virginia may be different in California or Great Britain. Here are some factors which affect energetic weather.

The collective consciousness. When a number of people are thinking similar thoughts, feeling similar emotions or believing information that has been presented, whether a fact, a truth or even a lie, this is called the collective consciousness. In some areas of the United States, for example, certain things are believed as truth which are different from what is considered truth in another area of the country. We are familiar with the term "the Bible belt" where Christianity is more embraced than in other areas of the country or world. There are states that are considered "conservative" or "liberal". When some information comes to light that is contrary to a popular belief in a particular area, that information can be dismissed as bias, or "fake news" or even "demonic." Sometimes people become very passionate in defending their beliefs, even when faced with alternate facts that seem to prove their beliefs to be flawed. There are a lot of sub-categories of the collective consciousness, but if a lot of people are thinking, believing or feeling something similar, that is collective consciousness.

Astrological events. Whether or not you believe that the planets and stars actually affect our sense of well-being or lack thereof, or whether you believe the practice of astrology is more symbolic, or even if you believe astrology is a bunch of hooey, the planets, moon, and stars do affect the energetic weather. It is a known fact that people behave differently when the moon is full, or dark, or when mercury is retrograde, or recently when we experienced some very real and powerful solar flares, or whatever. Sometimes the line gets a little thin between whether it is our belief in these things or the actual astrological events which are causing the energetic disturbance, but some people find that they behave differently or feel differently and then find out later that an astrological event had happened which possibly caused what they were feeling. Some people experience a very real disorder called "seasonal depression" when the lack of light from the sun makes them sad, tired, and depressed.

Sentient beings not in human form. Very present in the astral planes or the non-physical world are beings that are not human but are conscious and very real. This could be what we call angels, demons, ghosts, thought forms, the deceased, animal totem spirits, elementals, ETs, beneficial or non-beneficial entities, and other various forms of intelligent energy that is not located in a human body. Obviously, whether the intelligence is benelovent or not will determine the type of affect it has on the energetic weather. And yes, there are both benevolent and non-benevolent aspects of intelligent non-human energy.

Shumann resonance. From Wikipedia, this is "a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency portion of the Earth's magnetic field." Basically, it is a variation in the Earth's magnetic field that affects how we feel at any given time. I am not a scientist so I can't say a lot about it, except it does affect us and our sense of well-being. We are electro-magnetic beings living in an electro-magnetic Earth frequency, so when there are fluctuations, we notice! We may not understand what we are feeling, but we are affected.

Surrounding area. The energetic weather we sense can be affected by what is happening in our local surroundings. If we live near a hospital, a jail, a courthouse, a large building of some kind, a natural area, a highway, a railroad, a power line, or any number of other "things," we can be affected energetically by these.

So what do we do to protect ourselves from the energetic weather?

It is important to own our own energy field. Just as we wear certain attire when we are going out in various forms of weather, we need to clothe ourselves energetically as well with the frequency of Divine Love, Divine Joy, Divine Peace and Divine Light. These are aspects of our own divinity as well as our connection to the Creator of All That Is or whatever your favorite word is for the Divine. When we clothe ourselves in Divine Joy, it is impossible to feel depressed, or anxious, or sad, or angry. The Joy negates everything else.

In an energetic "9" month, it is important to think about what we need to release out of our lives that is no longer a match to the frequency we want to be aligned with. Purge yourself from items, emotions, or experiences that don't give you joy or that make you sad, lonely, depressed, etc. Stop hanging out with people that you don't like! Release anything out of your life that doesn't feel good. And if you can't release it, then decide that you are going to feel good in the midst of it. I am not telling you to quit your job if you don't like it, but decide to feel joy while you are doing things you don't prefer. Then, almost miraculously, things show up that replace the things you don't prefer with things you do prefer!

Here in the Tarot, we see some possibilities on how the "9" energy could show up for you.

You may need to spend some time alone.

Money may come to you easily this month! No one ever complains when this one happens!

You may finally learn a lesson that has been repeating itself over and over.

You may have trouble sleeping or be woken from disturbing dreams. You may feel some difficult emotions that are interfering with your ability to feel good. (A healing session of some kind may be in order.)

You may feel extremely happy, self-confident, or have a wish come true. Beward of pride or over-confidence.

These cards seem very different, and they are! Just as one day the weather may be mild and the next day you may be pummeled with rain or snow, the energetic weather is also always changing depending on what is going on in the non-physical world.

Remember that you are no victim!

You do not have to feel that you are helpless to the energetic weather or to limiting circumstances! You can decide to feel good and to access that inner joy no matter what is happening in the world or in the weather, energetic or otherwise. If you just can't seem to shake that energetic weather blues, then know that tomorrow may be different. Energetic weather is as unpredictable as the natural physical weather. It can often be predicted, but it changes frequently! If you don't like the weather today, just know that tomorrow may be different!

Nine is also the number of surrender. Last week I chatted about the difference between fate and destiny. Sometimes you just have to surrender things you cannot change. Some things are beyond our ability to shift. You may find it necessary to say goodbye to some aspect of your life. Allow yourself to feel whatever emotions come up as you do so. Feel those emotions completely, and then release them, knowing that the sun will rise again. Life is impermanent. Change is inevitable.


As you move through this month, if you need a little extra help, you can schedule a private session with me! I see clients by phone, Zoom and in person in my home office in Winchester Virginia.


You can find out what I have going on, which includes some classes, a monthly gathering, and more on my website! I also have books and other blog posts which may interest you, as well as a daily message from Spirit on Facebook and Instagram!


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