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Finding Our Purpose in Life

As a psychic, medium, and healer of the soul, this is probably the third most asked question.

Yes, third.

Love and career remain at the top two spots. Sorry folks.

Yes, we all want love. Especially if we think we don't have it. And we need money. I doubt if number 1 and number 2 ever change.

But what about our purpose?

At some point in life, and especially if number one and number two seem to be okay, or we are okay with whatever that is, we begin to wonder why we are here.

I think wondering about our purpose in life is not necessarily common to the human experience. I don't think everyone wonders about it. As we have evolved over time as a consciousness, it may be that more and more of us wonder, but, looking past over history, for the most part I think our ancestors were more concerned about survival than they were wondering why they were here.

Over time, as various religions took over the job of telling us what our purpose in life was, we turned over that portion of our lives to someone else outside of ourselves. Perhaps a religious figure, or a concept, but we generally never really owned that our purpose came from inside us, not dictated to us by some Higher Power or some religious, political, or scientific concept.

I heard a poet say the other day that our purpose is a "who" not a "what." That spoke to me. But it doesn't speak to everyone.

If we concede that our purpose in life is to make a difference in someone else's life in some way, that sounds great. But what about those whose purpose in life is to survive in some dire circumstances? If we were completely alone on a deserted island, our purpose would be to find food and shelter. To survive. If we were never going to do anything to benefit another person, then what is our drive to continue living?

Purpose is unique to each of us, but at the base of our drive to survive, I believe our purpose in life is to be happy. If our happiness is derived from love or career, then that would explain number 1 and number 2. Yes, we can find joy in being of service to someone or something else, but that also, is temporary.

Ultimately, happiness or joy must come from inside of us. It is waking up every morning content with the present moment. Happiness cannot come from satisfaction from a moment of achievement or enlightenment in the past, or a dream of something that is desired in the future. You see, I think we have put the cart before the horse.

If we live our lives in search of some elusive purpose in life that we have not yet found, then the future is where it will remain. We will never find it. If we feel joy about an incident in the past where we really felt we achieved something that was our ultimate experience of purpose, and it has already happened, then what about right now?

I conclude that our purpose lies in the now moment.

Are you experiencing joy right now? In this moment? In every circumstance, whether you are sitting on death row, lying in a hospital bed, running a marathon, hugging your child or CEO of a multi-million dollar company, what is it that you can do right now, in this moment, to connect with your sense of purpose?

Right now, sit for a moment, in silence.

Ask yourself, am I connected to this moment in time? Can I say, that, despite all evidence to the contrary, that I can decide in this moment, I am fulfilling my purpose?

I have breath. I have life.

All is well.

And that is enough.


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