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Is Everyone Psychic?

Unraveling Some Common Myths About Psychic Ability One of the most common questions I am often asked as a psychic medium is the question of whether or not everyone has the ability somewhere inside their being-ness. Although many well-known psychics and mediums have their own opinions, here are my thoughts based upon many classes I have both attended and taught. Most people are born with two legs but not everyone is a runner. Very few end up running marathons. Everyone is born with the physical apparatus where it is commonly believed that a person’s psychic vision is located. However, not everyone uses or is able to access that inherent ability. Here are some common myths about psychic abili

My Favorite Books!

Many of you have inquired of me what are some good books to delve into as we are finding more time alone these days. I thought about this and I realized that over the past twenty years, so many books have affected me in one way or another, I could not possibly narrow it down to five or even ten. Here I want to list some really good books by category, as I share a little of my history and how they affected me as I was evolving from a good little born again Christian girl into a more expanded and aware version of my spiritual self that I embody now. In the beginning, I found myself going to a soul healer while still deep into my Christian beliefs. I will admit, some of the books she assigned t

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