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Is Everyone Psychic?

Unraveling Some Common Myths About Psychic Ability

One of the most common questions I am often asked as a psychic medium is the question of whether or not everyone has the ability somewhere inside their being-ness.

Although many well-known psychics and mediums have their own opinions, here are my thoughts based upon many classes I have both attended and taught.

Most people are born with two legs but not everyone is a runner. Very few end up running marathons.

Everyone is born with the physical apparatus where it is commonly believed that a person’s psychic vision is located. However, not everyone uses or is able to access that inherent ability. Here are some common myths about psychic ability and my thoughts on those myths.

Myth Number 1: You must be born under the right “sign” to have psychic ability.

Astrologers will tell you that people born under certain signs will have more of an ability to access their psychic ability than others. That being said, I was not born under one of the signs that is most commonly attributed to have the ability.

There is much more to astrology than just a person’s sun sign. Perhaps a gifted astrologist could look at my chart and see where my psychic ability “comes” from. My Capricorn sun, however, is noted for being the least psychic sign.

Myth Number 2: People born with the gift are better than people who learn it.

I meet some people who see dead people walking around with their physical eyes. Some people seem to be able to hear them talk, and some people will smell or in some other way sense the presence of spirit. Some will have precognition, or the ability to know things are going to happen before they do. Some will have prophetic dreams. It seems the ability to sense out of the ordinary reality is more of an innate skill than a learned one. That being said, I do believe a person can exercise their psychic muscles and gain some skill. I guess I would liken it to learning the piano. When I was young, my mother forced me to take piano lessons. I took lessons for five years and today I may be able to play one song. My childhood friend, however, took not one lesson but she could hear a song on the radio and play it on the piano. I do believe there are exercises a person can do to enhance their skills (and I have done and even taught many of these exercises), and with determination, one can get pretty good at it. However, a person with the “gift” can never do one psychic exercise and blow the other person out of the water with their abilities. However, desire has to be taken into account.

Going back to my first statement about runners, I would say that a person born to run will not feel completely fulfilled unless they are running. A born psychic may or may not even enjoy using their skill, but some will not be able to think or breathe anything else. If you can’t think about anything else and constantly read books, take classes, and practice your skills, but you weren’t born with the natural ability, and there is someone else who is born seeing dead people but has no interest in using their skill, you will be the better psychic. Desire is the rocket fuel to any ability. If you have a desire to be psychic, unless you want it solely for conning people or winning the lottery, then you will probably be somewhat successful in developing the ability.

Myth Number 3: Anybody can be taught to be a psychic.

This may surprise you, based on my previous statements! This myth seems contradictory to the previous one, but you may have guessed that there is no easy answer.

Yes, I do believe that if you want it bad enough, you can develop the skill and get pretty good at it.

I love to run. I wouldn’t say that I live and breathe running, but I do love it. I run as much as my schedule, the weather, and my 57-year-old body will allow. However, I am 5’1. On the very rare occasion when my almost 6’ hubby decides to take off running when we are together, he blows me out of the water. He hates to run. I love to run. It doesn’t seem to matter.

I have been teaching classes on developing psychic ability for many years. Despite some of my students really, really wanting to develop the skill, they have continually been unsuccessful. Some people come to class on the first day and I realize they are better than I am. That’s just the way it is.

At some point we should all realize that we each have certain innate abilities that another person does not have. We should stop wanting to be something other than what we are.

I talk to dead people. I read tarot cards. I am really, really good at bringing healing to the soul, which sometimes translates into physical healing.

During the Covid-19, I was tasked with assisting my grandchildren with their online schoolwork. At one point I had a meltdown. I remarked to someone that I can teach my grandkids how to meditate but I can’t teach them how to tell time.

My granddaughter, after my meltdown, remarked, “maybe you should just stick to what you are good at Grandma.”

Wisdom from an eight-year-old.

Given my thoughts on psychic ability I have just shared, what am I saying?

1. We are all born with basic commonalities. Most of us have two eyes, but not everyone can see. Some people are born blind. Most of us are born with two legs. Sometimes we may be born without them, sometimes our legs may be non-functioning. Some of us may lose our legs in an accident or an illness. Some of us may end up being marathon runners. Most of us find ourselves somewhere in between. Psychic ability is like that. We may all have the basic inherent function somewhere inside of us. Some of us may have developed it to a degree of extraordinary ability. Some of us may have been born without the necessary ingredients to develop it to any great degree.

2. If we desire to grow our psychic ability, there are exercises we can do to grow our psychic muscles. However, we will all grow the ability within the individual functioning of our own specific inherent ability.

3. We are not all supposed to be psychics! Don’t try to be like other people! Find your own unique ability and do that!

4. You don’t need psychic ability to have a wonderful fulfilled life of joy and meaning. You certainly don’t have to have it to live a spiritual life. Enjoy the present moment. Celebrate your own unique gifts and abilities.

Be yourself! Everyone else is taken.


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