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Blessing for the Deceased

Back a few years ago when Covid was at its peak, people who passed during that time were often not afforded the experience of saying goodbye to their loved ones, either at their bedside or at a funeral or life celebration. Being a medium, I began to notice that the astral realms, the place just outside of our conscious awareness but a very real place in the world of spirit, was becoming full of those who did not have their sending off ceremony and did not have the opportunity to say goodbye to the ones who were left behind grieving.

Spirit gave me a blessing to say to those people to assist them in going on the the next place, some people call the Light, or Heaven, or the Other Side.

At that time I was not having in-person monthly gatherings, but I did have a gathering on Zoom, and we said this prayer plus another prayer of resolution and making amends, which I may share in another blog post. This prayer is available in printed form in my book, Whispers From Another Room, available on Amazon and at my gatherings and events.

In the recent past we have had an upsurge of death again, this time from war, mass shootings, and other devastating and sometimes surprising or unexpected ways. Sometimes we are left raw, not getting the chance to say goodbye the way we would have preferred. In last week's blog post, I shared that November may be a month of saying goodbye or finishing up some aspect of life. It is important to bless the deceased and wish them well.

If you are in the position of saying goodbye to someone who has passed from this life to whatever is next, saying this prayer to them may help with not only the grieving process, but it also assists those who are moving on, so that they feel more free to go on to the next experience of their soul. Sometimes the deceased stick around because the living cannot let them go, and although this is okay for a certain amount of time, after awhile it is important for the living and the dead to go on with whatever is next for their soul.

Back in 2020 when I was first given this prayer, I offered it up via another platform where I used to post blogs on occasion. I am including a link to that blog so you can access the prayer without buying my book. I offer you this prayer if you are grieving a loss. The loss could be recent or it could be one that happened long ago, but you have been unable to move on for whatever reason. If you feel that your loved one has not moved on, maybe this prayer will help. I call it Nine Blessings. This prayer offers up nine blessings to those who have passed from this life to the next.

Another aspect to finding closure with someone who has passed is resolving whatever unfinished business, unsaid words, or unhealed wounds you may have suffered as a result of the relationship. If you are not ready to clear the slate, it is important to remember that blessing them to the next expression of their souls does not clear their slate. That is their responsibility. Your responsibility is to let them go and work on that. Your job is to heal, close and finish up whatever wounds you may have suffered as a result of the relationship, or whatever words you need to say to them. You may want to write them a letter, and then speak out the words you have written to them. Dispose of the letter in some way meaningful to you. Bury it. Burn it. Release the ashes into a stream of water. Declare that as far as you are concerned, whatever issues you had with this person are complete and whatever words you needed to say are now spoken. You may want to do that right before the next dark moon (when the moon is dark, sometimes also called the new moon.) The next dark moon is on November 13, so I recommend doing this ritual on the 11th or 12th. The 11th of November is also Veterans Day, so there is a lot of collective thoughts and emotions focused on those who gave their lives in the line of duty, both living and passed. Either day would be a great day to do this ritual, and then say the prayer.

If you feel you still have work to do in healing those wounds, I am available for private sessions. I do personal sessions in person in my home office in Winchester Virginia, as well as by Zoom and phone. Make sure you choose the correct option for how you want to meet.

If you want to find out what else I am doing, you can learn all about me and where I am going to be and what I am doing on my website. I also offer a message every day on Facebook and Instagram! I look forward to connecting to you soon.


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