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What Divination Will and Won't Do For You

Today I want to talk a little bit about divination. Divination is accessing information through direct messaging from the Spirit world or the use of tools, such as the tarot and other objects to receive guidance, advice or direction. We as souls came in to the Earth realm to experience living as a soul in a human body. That being said, as a soul, we are each responsible for our own personal choices and to a large degree, the things that we allow or don't allow into our experience of life. Our lives are a combination of personal choice, inherited patterns, outside influences such as culture, race, sex, and beliefs, as well as environmental influences, the influence of mass consciousness, and

Reiki - An Adventure in Healing

Being brought up in Fundamental Christianity, I was not unfamiliar with "the laying on of hands." Every service I attended was not complete until the end of the service when attendees were invited up to the front to have hands laid on them for healing of physical, emotional, or spiritual renewal. So when I was introduced to the energy of Reiki, it was a natural transition. Using the same principle, I realized that the healing energy that came through the hands in the Reiki healing modality was coming from the Universal Life Force and flowing through the hands of the humans who were "channeling" it. The only difference was that the seeker did not have to be inside the church setting and the

Spirit Message for 2020

I am not sure if you felt it, but 2019 went out with a huge energetic bang. The night before New Year's Eve, I was up and down all night. My usual ways of falling asleep were not working, and I found myself tossing and turning, disturbing my husband's peaceful sleep, and my short moments of sleep and dreamtime being bombarded with images and and scenarios creating a racing heartbeat and emotional upheaval unparalleled in waking consciousness. I woke New Year's Eve completely out of sorts and fuzzyheaded, as if I had woken from a night of binging on mind altering substances. I found myself borderline depressed, and my internal vibration, normally relatively joyful, was decidedly declining. Be

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