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What Divination Will and Won't Do For You

Today I want to talk a little bit about divination.

Divination is accessing information through direct messaging from the Spirit world or the use of tools, such as the tarot and other objects to receive guidance, advice or direction.

We as souls came in to the Earth realm to experience living as a soul in a human body. That being said, as a soul, we are each responsible for our own personal choices and to a large degree, the things that we allow or don't allow into our experience of life.

Our lives are a combination of personal choice, inherited patterns, outside influences such as culture, race, sex, and beliefs, as well as environmental influences, the influence of mass consciousness, and our internal influences, such as beliefs, emotions, fears, and natural born tendencies. Our conscious thoughts, especially the repetitive ones, dictate what we believe about ourselves and our lives.

When you decide to consult the Spirit world to find out what is going to happen in your life, the answers you receive are a direct result of the trajectory of your life at any given time. You see, you are also given this thing called free will. If you receive a message from Spirit about a possible life challenge, you are also given the opportunity to shift your life decisions and thus any projected outcomes. If I tell someone I see a trip coming up for them, I have planted a seed in their mind. They may or may not decide to take a trip. If I tell them the trip will have life changing results, that person still gets to decide whether or not to take the trip. If they decide to take the trip, their life may change. If they decide to stay home, their life will take a completely different course.

Life is a combination of fated events, or those that happen without any interference on our part, and destiny, which is the possible outcome of our life based upon our potentials and the decisions we make and the thoughts that we think. If I am given information about a decision I am contemplating and the possible outcome based upon that decision, I can decide to shift my decision making process thus completely changing the outcome.

Years ago I was told that my husband and I would get divorced and that our marriage would not survive. We are about to celebrate seventeen years of wedded bliss. We have had our ups and downs like every couple. The choices we have made over time have decided the fate of our relationship. If I had taken the message at face value, I could have worried myself into the experience of a failed marriage. Does that mean the person who gave me that message was wrong? Not necessarily. She could have been seeing a trajectory based upon our relationship at that moment in time.

Does that mean that it is worthless to consult the cards or someone who communicates spiritual messages? No! Perhaps receiving that message years ago created within me a decision to do things differently that would result in a different outcome.

Messages from Spirit are not meant to eliminate our free will. Our Guides and Spiritual Helpers will never tell us what to do. They are here to guide and suggest to us more positive choices but in the end, the choice is up to us. If you receive a message in which you are told what to do, it is still your decision whether or not to do it.

Yes, there are life events that are fated to happen. Some things are out of our control. What we can control is how we react to life events and how we decide to live our lives. Sometimes when we heal an inner wound, the trajectory of our life completely shifts. Our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and fears dictate our experience of life to a great degree. What we think about the most grows and flourishes in our lives. Many of our thoughts are unconscious. Things we think about repeatedly become beliefs. Emotions surrounding our life experiences and, surprisingly, even the life events of our ancestral blood line, affect our experience of life. When we heal a pattern of belief or a hidden emotional trigger, our lives will shift dramatically. If we receive a Spirit message before we receive an emotional healing and then again after, the message will most likely be different.

I always like to connect with Spirit around my birthday and get a sense of what my year is going to be like. However, if during that year I dramatically shift an inner pattern or belief, I may have the experience of my trajectory completely shifting and going in a completely different direction.

The most important thing to remember is that you are the one in charge of what you think, feel, and believe. Many times just recognizing a hidden belief or emotion is all you need to change it.

Yes, seek guidance from the world of Spirit. Don't give away your power to someone who tells you something that creates fear within you. Always know that if a challenge is presented in a reading, you can change your experience of that challenge. Don't allow fear to rob you of your experience of life. There are things that are set in stone and there are things that you can change.

Always take ownership of your life. Surrender to the things you cannot change and change the things you can. Always expect wonderful!


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