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Finding Fulfillment in Your Job

It seems like a common problem for spiritually inclined people to begin to feel restless in their careers. Perhaps what they do for a living does not match what they are feeling inside. They begin to notice a discrepancy in their sense of well-being when they are at work. Perhaps their work is not giving them satisfaction or providing them with an outlet for self-expression or a feeling of being of service to others.

Many times we who are spiritually inclined would like to make a living doing something that feels like we are living out our life purpose. When we spend so much time at work, often it feels like we are off course or that we are not doing what we are "supposed" to be doing.

One of the mistakes in that sort of thinking is that our jobs and our spiritual work has to be the same. No, you do not have to quit your job and do something else. You can be of service to spirit right where you work, and that is what is preferred!

If those of us who are spiritual all quit our jobs and spent all our time around other spiritual people, it would be like having all the candles in the world in one room while the rest of the world was in the dark.

I worked for thirty-one years at the Post Office. I wrote my very first book (which I never actually published) and my second book in my head while I was mindlessly sorting mail. I honed my ability to speak to spirit and actually received some very profound insights from the world of spirit while I was working!

In the early days I actually learned a lesson in manifesting when I was delivering mail and I wanted a particular route that was becoming available due to the retirement of a particular carrier. I was fairly low on the seniority list so it was a slim possibility that this particular route would be mine, since everyone considered it a peach of a route. However, I received a ritual from Spirit which I did and the route was mine! I did the same thing when I decided I wanted to transfer to a post office closer to home. Since I had been in car accidents with postal trucks, I was told I would never be able to transfer. However, when I did a ritual inspired by Spirit, I received a transfer approval the next day after the ritual and was in my new Post Office in less than a week!

I was told by Spirit that I was living my best life while working at the Post Office. I was able to be a blessing to others who would never darken the door of a psychic all while the Post Office paid me!

I could probably write an entire book on the lessons I learned, the spirits I chatted with, the good I did, and the energy shifting techniques I honed while working a regular job! (hmm.. idea)

You do not have to quit your job to be happy in your work!

There is a Buddhist saying that fits here:

"Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water."

If your work environment is less than pleasant, you can change that!

At some point during my career, I began to declare to the Universe what I was allowing and not allowing in my daily experiences. I would arrive at work twenty minutes early, sit in my car and declare the energy of peace and joy and pleasant interactions into my day.

In the early days, I adapted a Bible verse from Proverbs.

"I live and work in a peaceful and safe environment, a pleasant atmosphere, an undisturbed place of peace and safety."

I declared that anyone who I interacted with, including bosses, colleagues, and customers were not allowed to interact with me in a way that was not pleasant and beneficial.

I watched angry customers either go to another employee or change their attitude when they entered my space. I watched as difficult supervisors behaved in a pleasant way in my presence. On the days I forgot to declare my intention, life at work was less than pleasant!

It really does not matter what you do for a living!

If you align yourself with the energy of your highest good, with the energy of abundance and prosperity, and declare that whatever your hands find to do, that your work is blessed beyond measure, you will find that good things happen!

If you are a waitress, you will attract those customers who tip well. If you are in sales of any kind, you will attract people who want to buy what you are selling. If you are in the corporate world, you will enjoy a pleasant and stress-free environment. No matter what you do, you can declare how your day will unfold!

Yes, eventually Spirit nudged me to take my retirement and begin to do my spiritual work full-time. In the beginning, I would declare the amount of money I needed to make every week to off-set the reduced income from retirement. Eventually, I just declared that I was aligned with the energy of abundance and I attracted the amount that felt good to me energetically and paid my bills while letting me have a little left over for fun and savings.

Sometimes on weeks with a light client load, I will tell Spirit I need some clients or something to do! Most of the time I have exactly the amount of clients that feels good to me, and sometimes more! I had to listent to Spirit and block my calendar so I could have a day off!

As you align with the energy of your highest good, you will be inspired to submit a resume, or take some sort of action to change your career or what you do for a living. When your highest good is no longer aligned with what you do for a living, things will change! If you are inspired to take action and you decide to play it safe or not venture out, you may get terminated or your work experience will not shift for the better despite any declarations or intentions you are setting.

The only thing you need to do to align yourself with the energy of abundance is to imagine it to be so! If you have ancestral patterns of money problems, you may need to do a spiritual clearing session with me. If everything you do does not yield results, there may be something else interfering with your highest good. A session may help eliminate or neutralize those issues.

You can set up a session with me, see what events I have coming up, read my other blog posts, and purchase my books HERE.

Starting today, decide what you want to experience in the area of your work, and declare it to be so! Watch your life change for the better!


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