Valentine's Day is Not Just For Lovers!

Every February in many countries around the world, we celebrate the feast of St Valentine, or Valentine’s Day. What began as a religious celebration, over the years has become well known for a time to celebrate love. Although love is always a reason to celebrate, many complain that, along with many other holidays, it has evolved into a marketing ploy to get people to spend money on flowers, cards, candy and other items that lovers may choose to give to one another to express their inner feelings of love and adoration. Many marriages and marriage proposals happen on Valentine’s Day, as well as, on the flip side, many hearts are broken or forced into a harsh confrontation of the lack of a roma

Laundry Day

Early on in my adventure with giving messages from the deceased, I was connecting with a woman who showed me laundry hanging outside blowing in the breeze. Many times the images I see are literal, and many times they are symbolic. After asking the person I was talking to whether or not this had significance for the woman I was connecting with, and she indicated it did not, I realized that the laundry had more of a symbolic significance. My next question was, "hmm, well then it looks like she may have had some dirty laundry then...." The symbolism of dirty laundry is that she lived a life that was not necessarily squeaky clean. This turned out to be the case. Although most of us can agree tha

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