Moving On From Loss

Losing loved ones can be painful. Especially these days, with the collective experience of the Covid 19 virus. Those who are crossing are doing so alone, without their loved ones surrounding them with love. Those who are left behind are left without closure, without the benefit of saying goodbye. Even if the loss is not actual physical death, but the loss of a relationship, or a job, or any number of other painful experiences, moving on is sometimes the last thing on our minds. So many times, loss is made worse by our attempts to hold on or resist the inevitable. Even our doctors are trained in resuscitating those who are transitioning. However, sometimes,it is better to let go of what was

Theme for September... Surrender

The theme of surrender has been playing out in my life personally for a couple of months. Let's talk about surrender and what it really means. For a couple of years now I have been writing, rewriting, and attempting to secure a book deal for my third book. The first two had enjoyed limited success. I wanted a little more for this one. I had the book edited by a friend, and then a client, and then another friend, and then finally I bit the bullet and paid a professional editor. I had contacted numerous publishing companies, literary agents, and "book Angels" to assist me and my baby in getting out there. I was promised the moon and experienced numerous rejections. At some point in June or Jul

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