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Sometimes Setbacks Move You Forward!

Just a couple days ago, I was out in the garage with hubby attempting to assist him in securing our kayaks up and out of the way. While holding the ladder steady for him, out of the blue, I found myself in a heap on the floor beneath a ladder, a hubby, and two kayaks. I now find myself the proud owner of a contraption which is holding my knee in place!! Where were you, Angels?!?!?! Okay, I am going to admit I am a complete baby! I am relatively sure my neighbors a half mile away heard my screams as the ambulance attempted to load me up and get my knee looked at. Fairly sure that a knee cap is not supposed to be protruding off to the left! Now I am four days in. Rest?? Well.... The first day

Healing From Disappointment

Disappointment is one of those emotions that can sometimes come sneaking into our experience like a cat who thinks it is stalking a mouse, only to discover it was a piece of fabric on a string, or like a deer that suddenly finds that the light barreling toward them is attached to metal and screeching tires. Recently Spirit showed me through watching an old television series based on a fictitious character who was in charge of a sect of organized crime that sometimes we are completely oblivious to a truth until someone else points out the obvious. We may have gotten disillusioned about a job, a lover, a family member, or even a belief system or a cause. We are going along our merry way, feeli

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