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Word Curses - Are They Real?

In last week's blog post I chatted just a little bit about words and how they affect us. I focused mainly on words we were aware of, our own self-talk, words from people who hold some sort of important role in our lives and what we can do to eliminate the effect of those words and reprogram our brains to a different story.

This week I want to chat about words we are not aware of.

Do words we don't actually hear have an effect on us?

When I first began the expansion of my soul through various spiritual explorations outside of the belief system I was born into, I was told that prayers that are directed towards us that are not in our highest good do not affect us. I can't say I was immediately on board with that. I understood all those years ago that words hold the power of blessing and cursing, especially when those words are spoken with emotion. Words spoken with mal-intention are called word curses. They are also sometimes called gossip.

Energy is energy.

Words are energy.

Twenty-something years later of spiritual exploration, practice, and countless clients in that time have convinced me that our highest good does not always occur by default. We are effected by energy that is not beneficial, and since words are extremely potent energy, I can only conclude that yes, negative words spoken with emotion do in fact affect us!

For a couple of consecutive years, I had a problem with bees in my yard. Three or four different varieties of bees had built their homes around my yard, and in particular, near my front porch where my husband and I spend a great deal of time. I had tried talking to them, giving them gifts if they moved their homes, resisting bee spray, to no avail.

Two summers ago I was stung by these bees on four separate occasions. Each time I was minding my own business and was taken by surprise. Intuitively I knew that the bee stings were the result of expressions of anger toward me. Once I was stung by a bee, went inside and within minutes had a scathing message from a client. (Yes I occasionally get those!)

My stepson was also stung by the same bees while doing yard work last summer. He did not have the compassion I did and killed that particular nest. At that time he was going through a difficult situation in which anger was directed at him as well.

This is only one example of how words and emotions can affect us, even if we are not consciously aware of the exact words.

Years ago I could always tell when a certain someone was speaking ill of me because I would get a sharp pain in my back, like I was being stabbed (thus the expression: stabbed in the back.)

If we are not aware of the words or the accompanying emotions being directed at us, are we helpless targets to everyone who shoots us with words or expressions of intense emotion?


Obviously, we cannot always be thinking about having our energetic guard up. That would be exhausting!

And, sometimes it is helpful to know that energy is being directed toward us so we can deal with it.

However, there are things we can do to shield ourselves from negative energy or non-beneficial words being thrown our way.

The key is our vibration!

Words spoken in anger, revenge, or other difficult emotions have an extremely low vibration. The first step in shielding ourselves from the energy of negativity is to consciously and with intent raise our vibration higher! Love, Joy, and Peace are the highest vibrational frequencies. I find Joy to be the highest vibration. If you are feeling extreme joy it is practically impossible to be blindsided by intense low vibration energy, which would include anger, gossip, and other similar frequencies.

You can have a daily ritual, like an energetic shower, which would cleanse your energy field from the muck of low vibrations and create an energetic shield to protect your energy field, but if you yourself are depressed, or angry, or even sick, you probably are going to have a difficult time, and you are going to be more susceptible to the random or intentional energy attacks which leave you feeling raw.

If you do have a spiritual practice of creating an energy shield around you that releases the non-beneficial energy out of your body and protects you from future attacks, make sure you are in a high frequency before you begin. You do this with intention! You are not a victim to whatever dominant emotion hangs out with you! Choose to raise your vibration higher.

Remember that what you own, will not go away on its own until you release it. In other words, don't benefit from being the victim!

I know this sounds incredulous! How could we possibly benefit from being the victim?

If we constantly like to chatter about how someone "did us wrong," we are benefitting in some way from the continuous need to recount every perceived wrong. We are gaining sympathy from others. We are sucking their energy away from them and making us feel better. Making someone else wrong and continuously talking about it is not only affecting the person you are talking about, it is affecting you and it is affecting who you are talking to!

This also pertains to a perceived wrong by society, culture, history, a specific race or gender, and all of the causes we like to bemoan!

The fact is, yes we are all perpetrators and we are all victims of attacks directed towards us and others through the words we speak with passion or emotion!

Words have power to create or destroy. The emotions that accompany or empower those words are the key to the power of those words. You can say the same words with different emotions attached and will experience different results.

Always speak your truth with love. If you are in the habit of maligning other people, you will most likely receive the same back in return. If you want people to love and accept you, then it is important you love and accept others, even and especially those you don't agree with.

I am not saying that injustice does not exist.

Of course it does!

But the more we talk of hate rather than love the more power we give to the hate and the more susceptible we are to attack.

The more people who gather together in a group to talk about hate, the more power those words hold and the larger the affect on the person or group of persons who are hated.

Love and Joy is the shield to those attacks!

We cannot create energetic shields of protection while at the same time spewing hate towards another person, cause, group of people, religion, gender, race or sexual expression.

Remember that what you give out comes back to you multiplied.

Just for today, do an internal inventory. Is there a person, cause, or group of individuals who you have difficult emotions about? (We all do so don't pretend like you are the saint!) Decide today to release your angst and send them Divine Love. Pray in your own way that they may be blessed without condition. Send them love.

Seeing others through the eyes of love is the first step to protecting yourself from words being directed towards you in anger or hate. And even if those words are spoken, Love and Joy is your shield. Send love back to them.

We are all one.

I have a variety of information on my website about my books, events, gatherings, and how to make an appointment for a private session!

If you read all the way to the end, you are on your way to improving your life through your spiritual practice, increasing your vibration and making a difference in the world. Feel free to connect with me through my daily message on Facebook and Instagram, or through the variety of tools listed on my website!

Blessings to you as you navigate your path to joy!


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