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Reflections on 2023 and Revisions - Bringing Lessons of the Past into the Now Moment

As we wind down 2023, I think it is a fairly common thing to look back over the past year and do a little self-reflection, while at the same time tweaking the way we do things to better reflect where life has taken us over the past year. This is being enhanced by the cycle of Mercury, as it is now retrograde, which symolizes reflection and review, among other things. This is a perfect opportunity to go over our past year and decide what we are ready to release and what we can do to better live in the now moment.

Normally, every year for the past several years, I have posted a blog on what my Guides, in combination with the numerology for the year and the corresponding Tarot cards have to say about the theme for the year, and the month. These musings and inspired guidance have been mainly based on the collective energies which may or may not reflect your individual journey, since each of us are completely different while at the same time we are connected throught a collective experience.

If you like to look back and reflect on how the year unfolded for you in relation to what the Guides had to say back at the beginning of this year, you can read that post here.

Since my personal numbers align with the universal theme based on numerology, I did find a lot of the themes I wrote about in that post came to pass for me personally or to people close to me. I took a number of trips, one of them a spiritual journey to Greece. I had a series of what I can only call "Spiritual Upgrades" to my system which affected me greatly. Since spirituality is both my passion and my job, I did find that I was connecting to people spiritually in a greater way. We can see how the world is going through some definite challenges, with wars, political upheavals, and secrets coming out into the open for everyone to see.

I did talk about spiritual "leaders" being called to accountability. I noticed and paid attention to a number of documentaries on people who considered themselves spiritual gurus of one sort or another being called out on some of their lack of integrity or delusions of grandeur. Remember that those of us who find ourselves out in front of others sharing spiritual principles must hold ourselves to a higher standard. Last March, due to my abilities as a medium, I was visited by a deceased woman evangelist who shared some of her insights into that very subject. I really never wrote about it. Maybe I will one day.

So as I reflect on the past year and how I personally have changed, how I have learned and grown and evolved, I am also looking forward and trying to decide what things to bring forward into the coming year and what things to let go of.

I encourage you to take a little time to sit and reflect on your year and think about what lessons you learned, both personally and from watching collective events unfold. We can all learn from one another, both by what worked and what didn't work so well. It is important that we make sure we are authentic, and that we embody our character and our integrity into everything we choose to do. It is also important to think about whether you are experiencing joy in your life, and what avenues are not providing as much joy as they should, and make course corrections if necessary.

Next year, 2024 is going to be a monumental year. I see a lot of changes happening both personally and collectively. As a lot of people are having spiritual awakenings, there is a need for more guidance and instruction in how to navigate these spiritual shifts and move into the next phase of our collective experience. I can't say I have all of it figured out or even that my Guides have given me a complete game plan yet.

I have scheduled a couple of classes on energy healing techniques, which I have called "Reiki Reimagined," in part because Reiki is a fairly recognized word for energy healing, but my classes will shift a bit and allow for me to teach some techniques I did not learn when I received my Reiki certification. I am also working on some other classes which are still in the planning stage.

So if you were expecting some insight into 2024, sign up for my email newsletter, or check back here. I am waiting for more instruction or information from the Guides. They haven't told me much yet, except for that it is big.

I do believe we are in a huge time of some sort of shift. Whether we are spiritual or not, things that used to be okay and acceptable are no longer! As we evolve spiritually, emotionally, and mentally we begin to realize that if we have been living an inauthentic life, we can no longer do so. Next year we will have multiple opportunities to begin to live a life that is more in line with our authentic selves. However, those who are bound and determined to go backwards will try even harder to take us into the past where we give away our power to some authority that does not have our best interests at heart. It is only through our alignment with the power of Divine Love that this resistance can be met and transformed.

Thank you for being a part of my life and for your interest in "woo woo world."


I have a variety of books on various spiritual subjects. You can check them out


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Make sure you check out what events I have coming up soon! I am doing a monthly gathering in Winchester Virginia that is gaining in popularity! At this time the gathering is free or donation-based. We meditate together, listen for and share spiritual messages and healing to those in attendance and to the world at large. This is my version of a no-rules-except-love-based spiritual community.


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