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Energetic Prediction 2023

Here it is. We have made it through another year.

As we wind down the days and moments of 2022 and begin to look forward to a shift in energy, we all seem to have a tendency to hope for better days to come.

For many, 2022 was a challenging year. For others, it may have been quite delightful!

In these last days before a new year rises upon your own individual expression of your soul, you may want to take a little time to contemplate the highs and the lows of this past year and think about what you are ready to release and what you may desire to change or experience in 2023. Don't wait for me to tell you whether you are going to have a good year or not, you decide!

In numerology, 2023 is a seven universal year. Seven is a highly spiritual number. It is highly intelligent as well. Seven is the number of higher thought and higher learning. It is the number of thinking in a more spiritual way. It is looking beneath the surface and seeing the hidden gems of wisdom just waiting to be discovered. However, since 7 is the number of thought, it can also be a number of deceit, lies, conspiracy theories, and treachery.

Seven can often be challenging if we are not in the habit of thinking on a higher spiritual level.

If you are a spiritual person, you may find 2023 to be quite enlightening. You may begin to have more spiritual experiences than you have in the past. This will require some time engaging in your spiritual practice. Meditation will be quite helpful this year. Take times of rest and retreat into experiences that afford you the opportunity to be alone, to be quiet in your own thoughts. Trips to remote areas or spiritually charged locations are likely to be beneficial.

Since seven is a number of higher thinking, it may be important to look at issues through a different lense. Don't get in a rush. Look at themes that come up for you from different angles and mull over details. Don't go rushing into anything.

On a more earthy, non-spiritual level, seven is also the number of overcoming obstacles. In the Tarot the card that is assigned the number 7 is the Chariot.

The chariot card may seem to be a card of movement. However, on most Tarot card decks, you can see that movement forward is often hampered by differing challenges. You may have horses going in different directions. You may have Sphinxes that are sitting down. Movement is not necessarily easy. So the Chariot card is all about the challenges that you have to overcome in order to facilitate forward movement. It can also be a card of car accidents or car problems. Be extra careful when driving and have regular maintenance done to your car.

The chariot card often predicts some sort of travel. You may move your home or take an important trip. In 2014, my last seven year, I took a number of car trips to Florida where my dad lived from Virginia where I live. On the second trip, my dad passed away fairly unexpectedly due to a head injury.

Your personal year may be different from the universal year, due to your own personal birthday, but you will be affected by the energy of the universal year. On a global scale, the universal issues may come to the forefront. Religions may come under scrutiny, oppression, or examination. Not everything that claims to be spiritual is always beneficial. If there are religious or spiritual leaders who are behaving in inethical ways, they may be exposed or given the opportunity to shift away from their hurtful ways.

Every religion or belief system has its unhealed and hurtful version of itself. Don't think that there are any religions that are exempt from the truth that there have been people who have been wounded while trusting a spiritual leader and seeking spiritual healing or some sort of connection with the Divine.

Last week I was given a message which I posted on my blog about who we are in our stories. I mentioned the story of Jesus and how he isn't always the hero in everyone's story. The year 2023 may be an excellent year to heal any religious trauma you may have suffered. In my book, Journey to Joy, I talk about my own path of religious trauma and how I healed it and evolved into my authentic self. I actually published the original version of this story in my personal 7 year! It took a lot of convincing on the part of Jesus for me to even write this book and certainly then to release it to the public.

I hate to say that 7 years can be a bit challenging, but most of the time, they are not all cotton candy and roses. Whatever is holding you back from moving on in your life, will likely come up for review in a 7 year.

Since we are all collectively experiencing the energy of the 7, bigger issues may be at hand. Whatever seems to holding us back as a collective human species from evolving into a loving and evolved version of ourselves may come up to be addressed and hopefully eliminated from our lives.

I did want to chat a little bit about the number 23, the last two numbers of 2023. In my years of doing readings and observing when the number 23 shows up, I am always amazed at how often the tendency or temptation toward betrayal comes up. In some way, when those two numbers pair up, the temptation towards secrecy or a hesitation to be truthful or authentic is always a theme. The number 2 is a number of intimacy, community, cooperation and balance, which is almost opposite to the number 3, a number of freedom of expression, fun, excitement, and movement. When these numbers are paired, there is always a battle that ensues between loyalty, intimacy, and freedom of expression. It is often manifested as secrets, betrayal of some kind or a tendency to throw caution or loyalty to the wind in favor of instant gratification. Fast moving or unexpected changes due to someone lacking integrity often shows up out of the blue. I always advise those with 23 in their personal numbers in some way to direct that energy toward expression in a healthy way. Have adventures. Get a part-time job that you do for fun aside from your regular routine. Get a hobby. Create excitement in a way that does not create emotional wounds for people who love you. Volunteer for a cause that speaks to you. People are not expendable. This theme may peek it's head into our lives in some way this year. It may be a sort of sub-theme since it is not the entirety of the number of 2023, but it is worth mentioning. You may want to check your motives and that of others this year and see if they are pure. Since this is a universal theme, pay attention to world leaders or those who aspire to fame or power in some way. Make sure you align yourself with ideals and systems that have the greater good as their goal. There may be a lot of political candidates who begin to come out of the woodwork, given the stakes at play in 2024, an 8 year. The number 8 represents power, money and control. Who or what is struggling to gain or maintain control in the balance of world power? Will they aspire to lead us through integrity or will they be tempted to side with perhaps a faster but riskier route to fame and power? Those themes may begin to peek their heads out in a 7 year. On the other hand, these same leaders may have some of their skeletons come creeping out of the closet.

I may post an additional blog as Spirit shares more with me as time goes on, but this should get you started.

If you want to see how these universal themes relate to you personally, you may want to consider a private session! I see clients by phone, Zoom and in person in Winchester VA.

You can schedule a session HERE.

Next week I will chat about the energy and themes for January 2023. Check back! January may be an interesting month!

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