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Energy Predictions for December - Embracing Change

If you have been following my monthly posts on the energies at play for the month based on a combination of Tarot, numerology, and any specific indications from my Guides, you will remember that November was a month of endings, closure, and tying up loose ends. As December dawns upon us, we may notice a bit of a shift in the air. Here are some energy predictions for the month of December, and how we can embody and embrace change in the most beneficial way.

Being the final month of 2023, we may all be breathing a little sigh of relief. This year has had its ups and downs for sure, but it has been anything but an easy year. Collectively as a human species, there are two major wars devastating the lives of many. We have seen some natural disasters, unexpected deaths of people close to us or in the news, political unrest, very public legal troubles from many in positions of power, and a variety of other challenges.

In numerology, we are winding down this very challenging "7" year. (2+0+2+3=7) The number 7 in numerology is the number of thought. This could be higher thought, such as receiving information from a Higher Source, but also all kinds of ways of seeing things differently than we had previously. The number 7 relates to all kinds of thinking. This includes conspiracies, plots, planning, meetings, and secret keeping. As we near the end of this year, these things may not necessarily go away, but the way that they play out for us as a human species may shift a bit.

If we add the number 7 to the number 12 for the twelfth month of the year, we get the number 10. (1+2+2+0+2+3=10).

The number 1 is the first number, so it relates to the individual, to the self, to new beginnings, to illumination, to doing things in a different or new way. We can't forget the significance of the number 0, which is the number of wholeness, of Spirit, of unity, and of the energy that holds everything together. I like to associate the number 0 (zero) with the Creator, the Formless One, the Source of all that is as well as the energy that holds everything together. The number zero is not nothing! It is the invisible. It is the breath that gives us life. It is all that may be unseen by our natural eyes, but very real in realms beyond our physical senses.

The number 10 in the Tarot is the Wheel of Fortune. This is the card of significant change. I think whoever originally created the Tarot card chose well when using the number 10 for the energy of change, because just as the number 1 is the number of the individual, and zero is the number of Spirit, whenever we as humans combine our own inherent creative energies with the energy of Spirit, great change is inevitable.

Other significant Tarot cards associated with these energies are the "0" card: The Fool and the "1" card: the Magician.

In the Tarot, the card of the Fool is not necessarily about being foolish, although it is a possibility. The Fool is a card of beginning a new journey. This could relate to an actual journey, such as a trip of some kind or perhaps moving where you live or work in some way, but it is also about the journey of life. The Fool indicates that something new is birthing into your experience. Perhaps you are having a spiritual awakening. Perhaps whatever left your life last month in the month of endings is creating the necessity for living life in a different way. Endings always herald new beginnings. The insight here for the Fool is to know that you have everything you need for this journey, including signs and messages to warn you of danger or encourage you to watch where you are going.

The Magician is the "1" card in the Tarot. The Magician tells us that we can create the life we wish, as long as we understand the power we have within us to create change. We are creators. We have inherited the ability to create in our lives from our Source. We are Divine Magicians. We are not helpless victims, although yes, some things are out of our ability to change. The key to our success is recognizing what is within our ability to change and what things are not.

It is no accident that someone decided to celebrate the birth of the Christ in December. Whether you believe that the story of Jesus is a myth or whether you believe it really happened is not the point of my mentioning it at this point. The story of the birth of Jesus is the story of the hope of a new age, or a new reality. The birth of any child is the story of hope. When a child is born, that child could at some point change the way we live our day-to-day lives in some significant way.

The birth of a child is the story of hope. This month, as you are navigating your personal life within the tapestry of our collective lives as humans, hope is what motivates us to get up in the morning. In nature, this would be likened to a new moon. The winter solstice which also happens this month is a time of the celebration of the rebirth of light. The shortest day and the longest night happen this month. When the night seems long and dark, hope tells us that the sun will rise again.

Remember that your personal journey and your own individual birthday may change the theme you experience this month, but the energies I describe will affect us all in some way.

I will be posting a separate blog post on the energies that we may expect to have show up in 2024. However, because of the number zero being a part of our numerology for this month, and the importance of Spirit in what we collectively experience, I wanted to make sure my Guides had a little sharing time. I asked them if there was anything additional they wanted to share about the energies for December, and they did!

They want to remind us that we cannot exist without the presence of Spirit. It is not something that shows up on occasion when we feel goosebumps on our arms or witness feathers dropping out of the sky. Spirit is the breath that gives us life. Spirit is the blood that pumps through our veins and the beating of our hearts. Most of the time we live our lives completely oblivious to the beating of our heart, but it continues to pump nevertheless, whether we believe in it or not. That is the way of Spirit.

This month we may find that the presence of Spirit is a bit easier to access. The most important thing to remember is that when you do something kind for someone else, you are being used as a tool for Spirit. You are the expression of the Divine in that moment. When you feel alone, or sad, or angry or tired, and you wonder where the presence of Spirit is, you don't need to go far. Go within. Listen to your own breath. Feel your own heartbeat. The Presence of the Energy that Holds Everything Together is right there!

All of the things that happen on the Earth Plane are neither the work of the Divine that is bent on punishing you nor are those things missed because the Divine was busy doing something else or maybe just not paying attention or not interested. The things that happen on the Earth plane are the direct result of humans and their capacity for creation. It is simply time to create something different.

You as an individual can have an effect on what is being created by humans as a collective. Focus on Divine Love in your heart and then expand it out beyond your physical body as far out as you can. You don't have to "send" it anywhere, although you can. Simply be Divine Love living life in a human body. Love. Be kind. See the perfection of the Earth realm even when you see evidence to the contrary.

When enough people see the Earth in its perfection, there will be change.

This month you may begin to see Spirit in yourself. And then your life will change. And then the world will change.

And it will be good.


Thank you for your presence in my life and your interest in my connection to the world of Spirit!

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Enjoy this month! Don't allow yourself to become stressed. Do what you can do to be kind and to be a force of love. All of us have something we can offer in the form of a kind word or thoughtful gesture that spreads the force of Divine Love out into the world.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.


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