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Reiki - An Adventure in Healing

Being brought up in Fundamental Christianity, I was not unfamiliar with "the laying on of hands." Every service I attended was not complete until the end of the service when attendees were invited up to the front to have hands laid on them for healing of physical, emotional, or spiritual renewal.

So when I was introduced to the energy of Reiki, it was a natural transition. Using the same principle, I realized that the healing energy that came through the hands in the Reiki healing modality was coming from the Universal Life Force and flowing through the hands of the humans who were "channeling" it. The only difference was that the seeker did not have to be inside the church setting and the word "God" was renamed "Universal Life Force."

It is my understanding now that I have expanded my awareness of differing cultural and spiritual beliefs, that many of the traditions and rituals of various religious or spiritual understandings are interchangable. The only difference is the labels by which we name things.

All of us are connected to our Source in varying degrees depending on our agreement with and awareness of the energy we call by various names but I like to simply call "the Divine."

In a typical Reiki class, the student is introduced to the energy called Universal Life Force. Students are encouraged to connect with that Life Force in any way that their own personal understanding of that Life Force speaks to them. It is understood that Universal Life Force, or the Divine is not prejudiced or limited to any certain belief system and is available to anyone who desires a connection. No particular religious affiliation is advocated or promoted. The teachers who present the classes have spent time becoming more and more in tune with this energy and have a personal connection with that Life Force.

At some point in the class. there is what is called an "attunement" or some other similar word that describes a ritual in which the student is given a specific initiation into the energy. There are similar rituals in most religions where seekers are connected to the Divine in a tangible way. In my experience, often the own personal beliefs and understandings of the student are present and dictating the ritual with the cooperation and agreement of the teacher.

There are differing sects of the energy known as Reiki, just as there are different religious sects. Sometimes it is given a completely different name altogether and sometimes it just has an added adjective which differenciates it from another sect. It appears that over time different people who are experts in the modality have been given differing ways of presenting the information and transmitting the energy. This does not mean that any particular way is wrong. Many times we humans make the mistake of judging people who do things differently from us. Reiki has had the unfortunate fate of being demonized by certain religious sects, despite being the same exact energy under a different name. I think we all could do well in learning more love and acceptance and less judgement and competition.

We all can benefit from the giving and receiving of Reiki energy. I always advocate to my students and clients to find the teacher or practitioner that they feel most energetically compatible with. I don't claim any ownership or special connection to the energy or feel that anyone would receive a better attunement or session from me than anyone else, however, having been attuned by three different Reiki Masters, I can attest that each time I received an attunement, the experience was a bit different. If you feel more energetically matched to one person over another, I would listen to your intuition and go to the teacher or practitioner with whom you feel most comfortable.

This month, I am presenting two classes to introduce students to the energy of Reiki. They are being held at my home in Winchester Virginia and there is a limit of five people for either of the classes.

Reiki I will be held on Saturday, January 11, 2020 from 10 am to 4 pm. Lunch will be served and students will be given a manual to take home. Cost for this class is $100.

Reiki II will be held on Saturday, January 25, 2020 from 10 am to 4 pm. Reiki I must be completed before Reiki II can be taken. Lunch is also served and a manual to take home is given students. Cost for this class is $120.

You must sign up beforehand to attend class. You can prepay on my website. If you have specific dietary needs it is recommended you bring your own lunch.

If you would like to schedule a Reiki session with me, you can contact me on my website or message me through social media. My Reiki sessions are a bit different than most because I offer combination sessions with the other healing modalities I have learned and have been given directly by my Higher Guidance System.

It is time we put down our judgements and use our hands and our words for healing. Best wishes to you as you navigate your journey through this adventure called life!

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