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Spirit Message for 2020

I am not sure if you felt it, but 2019 went out with a huge energetic bang.

The night before New Year's Eve, I was up and down all night. My usual ways of falling asleep were not working, and I found myself tossing and turning, disturbing my husband's peaceful sleep, and my short moments of sleep and dreamtime being bombarded with images and and scenarios creating a racing heartbeat and emotional upheaval unparalleled in waking consciousness.

I woke New Year's Eve completely out of sorts and fuzzyheaded, as if I had woken from a night of binging on mind altering substances. I found myself borderline depressed, and my internal vibration, normally relatively joyful, was decidedly declining.

Being a proponant and advocate of law of attraction, I set about deciding to feel better. It was pure choice. Luckily within the first few hours of awakening, I was able to raise my vibration in order to see clients and later perform a New Year's Eve Roaring 20's theme wedding.

New Year's day was a complete energetic shift. I woke feeling almost giddy, as if I had run the Boston Marathon or won the lottery. I decided to tune in to Spirit, and found that my Higher Guidance System had plenty to say.

In numerology, we have just entered a universal "4" year. Four is one of the sacred numbers of Native American culture. It is the number of the four directions. It is all about creating foundations, working hard on projects or life patterns already started. It is about structure. It is also a teaching and learning number.

As we cross the bridge from 2019 to 2020, we may find a lot of universal themes at play. All of them will serve the purpose of creating a sense of structure or a foundation upon which we can build our lives. It is completely our choice what that structure looks like and how we incorporate it into our daily lives.

In the tarot, the 4 card is the Emperor. This year, being an election year in the United States, we will decide who will rule us. The "20" card in the tarot is the card of judgement, which is all about the time in our lives when we answer for our actions, and even our thoughts, emotions and belief patterns and how those things have sculpted not only our lives but the lives of people we have affected in one way or another. If the themes that began to play out toward the end of 2019 continue, I imagine there will be plenty of judgement going around, since we are in a double "20" year. The "2" is the High Priestess, which is the card of female leadership, intuition, and the revealing of secrets. I also imagine that women in power will be a focus this year, and if there are secrets, they are likely to be revealed.

Of course, personally, for each of us, these universal themes will affect us, but we each find ourselves playing out our lives according to our own personal numbers, the ones that we as souls chose when we chose the date of our birth. I am not going into all of that in this blog, but you can easily find your personal numbers by a simple internet search.

However, no matter what the numbers or the stars or planets are telling us, we each have the power to create our lives according to our own choices and our personal attitudes about life and the factors that influence our lives directly.

Spirit wants you to know that you are not a victim to fate. You can choose each and every moment to live your best life. Don't fear the worst, expect the best! A lot of times we create a belief inside of ourselves that some things are just out of our control, and that is partially true. We can't choose our skin color, our height, our culture. There is the possibility that we chose that before birth. We can't change our date of birth so that we can be affected by different numbers or planets. But we can change how we live our lives and how we think about ourselves and our lives. If you find yourself in a hospital bed or a prison or any number of difficult predicaments, you can't just choose to get up and walk out, but you can change how you are thinking and feeling about your situation. You can choose to make the most of a bad situation and use the time to create different thoughts.

Awareness is the key to freedom. Many spiritual traditions teach that awareness is our source of power. The first thing we can start with is awareness to our breath. Choose to live your life in the present moment. I am not saying you can't make plans for the future, but don't do it out of fear.

Whenever you feel a sense of fear coming on, you are not living in the present moment. In the now, all is well. Are you breathing? Is your heart still beating? In times of chaos or uncertainty, return to your breath. I have found that when unexpected energetic rocks come flying toward my head, I can instantly shift my awareness to my breath, and the panic, anger, fear or intense emotions lose their intensity. Yes, you may need to get out of the way of those flying rocks, and you may not have time to go into a full meditative state, but if you have done your homework, the peace will find you.

Here are some positive affirmations you can say (out loud is best if circumstances allow) if you feel fear coming on.

1. I am loved and appreciated for who I am.

2. I am a magnet to my own sense of well being.

3. I experience abundance and prosperity in every area of my life.

4. I can easily tackle any challenges presented to me because I am awesome in every way!

5. Everything always works out for me!

6. No matter what is going on outside of me, my sense of well being comes from within and I am okay. (really important in these uncertain times!)

Anytime you find yourself feeling out of control in your life, take back the reins and reunite with your own sense of personal power. That does not mean causing harm to other living things, but it also means that others do not have power to make you feel bad about yourself. You can choose what you believe!

Don't berate yourself if you forget or fall back into old patterns. Every day we can choose to start where we are and make our lives better.

If you need assistance from the Benevolent Helpers, be they Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, your Ancestors or your Higher Self, they are always there to assist! If you need some help outside of your own ability to heal yourself, I do private sessions by phone, Skype, or in person in Winchester Virginia. In a private session, you may be alerted to an issue that you are not consciously aware of. The Guides have a way of bringing to light issues we are blind to. It is easier to confront an issue if you are aware that it exists! I am also a psychic,medium and spiritual intuitive, if it is a message from a loved one or your Soul that you most need.

If you are interested in enhancing your spiritual walk, check out my classes and events at

Make this year a year when you acknowledge the divinity and awesomeness that is you and embrace your own well being, be that physical, emotional, spiritual, mental or financial. No matter where you find yourself, you can remember that you have power to create awesome!

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