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What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do

There are times in our lives when our way forward is not clear. Perhaps you have had some recent changes in your life and you are not sure what your next step is. Maybe you have had a business, or a life partner, or an unexpected event which has taken a turn that has thrown you off your center.

Unexpected life events happen. That is the way of living in the Earth plane. We often find ourselves looking out at our future path and seeing nothing but clouds. It is almost like driving in a fog. You look for the headlights of the person in front of you to give you some indication of where the road is and sometimes that works for awhile. But what if that person turns off the road or is driving blind themselves?

Here are a few tips for finding your center when life has thrown you off course or blindsided you.

1. Breathe. Seems simple enough, but remember that you are, in fact, a very wise soul having an experience in an earthly physical body. Inside of your self you have a connection to the Source of all that is. When you go within yourself and simply focus on your breath, many times the clatter of your racing thoughts takes back stage to the simple sound of your breath, in and out, in and out. Life goes on. Your breath does not stop when outside events rock your world. Take a few moments and sit in silence. Don't try to figure anything out. Don't allow your thoughts to imagine every possible outcome from every possible scenario.

2. Drink some water. Water is the elixer of life. Contained within each drop of water is the memory of all the events that have come and gone through the milennia of time. While you sip on the water, imagine that all the wisdom of the Universe is flowing into your being from that which is contained in each drop of water. Focus on being in the moment and feeling the water as it makes its way through the intricate workings of your body.

3. Connect with the Earth. This could be going outside if weather allows or just imagining you are in nature. One of the cool things about our brains is that our brains have trouble differenciating between real and imagined. The first two steps have taken you to a place of finding your center. The next step is to connect you to the Earth. If you can, imagine that a cord of energy flows out of the bottom of your feet and connects you to the Mother Earth. This is our true Mother of all life. She has all the support and love that is contained in the Earth and it is available to you at any moment in time. Now imagine that all the intense emotions that are flooding your body are draining out of the bottom of your feet and finding rest and solice in the loving arms of your Earth Mother. All of the worry, all of the fear, all of the grief, sadness, anger, or remorse are draining out of your physical body into the Earth and your are left with just yourself. As you visualize these strong emotions draining out of your body, refocus on your breath.

4. Connect with your Soul and your Source. Now you are going to see the light inside your soul shining inside your body. If it seems very dim or you can't find it, just pretend it is there. Go inside and find that light. When you have found it, visualize it growing inside of you and filling in all of the empty spaces left by those intense emotions which you just released. If you have trouble with this step, you can imagine that the top of your head opens and all of the Love from the Divine comes into your body from Above and fills your body with Love. Feel the Love from the Divine and your own Soul filling your body with Love. Peace. Joy. Feel your Breath filling you with Love.

No, I haven't given you a solution to your problem. I haven't told you that your lover is coming back or your business is going to turn around. However, hopefully, if you have done these steps, you are beginning to feel your emotions calm down and your monkey mind quiet a bit. This will give you some breathing space and raise your internal vibration to a point where you can feel peace.

You see, we are vibrational beings and we tend to be attracted to things, people, and experiences that are a match to the vibration we are emitting. That does not mean if we are happy that we will never experience sadness. It does not mean that unexpected life events will not come. It means that when they do, we have tools within us to shine light on those events and we will find our way back up again.

Remember that the only thing in life that never changes is that life will always change. It is the nature of life in the Earth realm. Flowers bloom and then they die. Trees grow leaves in the spring and in the fall they turn colors and eventually fall off the trees and are recycled into the ground. All of life is an experience of the seasons. If we are in a place in our life when we are faced with a life decision that has the potential to change it all, welcome that change with love and the knowledge and expectation that everything will be all right in the end.

If you need help navigating those changes, feel free to contact me. Sometimes a little outside perspective helps.


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