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Today we say goodbye to 2019. None of us can deny that it was a year full of huge shifts in our personal and collective lives.

Shifts are never easy, whether they are welcome shifts or challenging ones. If we look into the public arena, there were many examples of public figures having huge reactions to the energy they were caught up in. Whether or not they were displaying their best moments or not obviously depended on the individual on display, but we can agree that it is so easy to get caught up in the energy and emotions of the moment.

In our personal lives, depending on what was going on in our own little world, we saw many changes and movement. In numerology, we are closing out a universal "3" year. Three is the number of manifesting, movement, changes, and expression. On a global scale, we can see how that energy played out. No matter what our personal year, the global "3" affected us.

I remember my Shamanic mentor once saying to me, "when you are in a place of letting go of an aspect of your life, it is important to allow it to die a complete death. You have to be in a place of complete surrender. You have to let go of all the ideas of how you thought something was going to work out, and be willing to let it die. If you don't, then you run the risk of getting stuck and being unable to move on to the next chapter."

As we say goodbye to 2019, let us go within ourselves and discover what we thought was going to happen and let go of any aspects that did not pan out the way we planned. Especially if you ended a chapter in your life, it is important to really let it go. In order to completely embrace all of the good, bad, and wonderful that is coming up for you in the coming year, if you haven't completely let go of what you thought was going to happen this year, you will not be in a place of complete allowance and enthusiasm for what is coming.

As I have been really spending a lot of time connecting with Spirit, I have been made keenly aware of the energetic shift that is taking place as we close out this year. Spirit has really been overemphasizing huge changes coming in the early part of 2020. At first I was personalizing the message, thinking Spirit was talking only to me, but as I began to talk to other spiritual seekers and messengers, I realize that this is a universal and global theme.

If you can find a little time today to take stock of 2019 and really let it go, you will find that the huge shifts coming in the next thirty days will be easier to navigate. Yes, looking back is sometimes thought to be a hindrance to living a mindful life, but I believe it is really important to clear out all that is dead in your life before welcoming in new life. Just as you have to pull out the dead flowers that were blooming in your garden in the summertime so that you can have room for the new ones to sprout, so also it is important to pull out and with love discard those things that are no longer producing life to you.

That being said, once you let it go, let it go. Don't talk about it incessantly. Don't tell stories over and over of what is dead and gone. If you are still telling those stories, you haven't let it go. We don't go around talking to our friends and relatives about those flowers in our garden that are now dead and rotting in the landfill or wherever you discarded them.

It is not too late to seek assistance in letting go of those aspects of yourself that you have trouble surrendering on your own. In my work as a Reiki Shamanic Energy Healer, I have assisted many people in letting go of trapped emotions, limiting beliefs, and lost soul essence that many times they were unaware was hindering them from living their best life. We are only really aware of about thirty percent of our thoughts. The seventy percent that is left is unconscious. That is the inner chatter that sometimes we are not even aware of. Feel free to contact me for further assistance if you seem stuck or unable to release it on your own.

Let us start the new year with a clean slate. Let us welcome in 2020 with hope and enthusiasm! Let us not fear the upcoming changes, but welcome them with open arms!

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