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Holiday Hints from Spirit

Whether or not you participate in all of the frenzy and stress that often shows up this time of year, you will agree that there are times when you are put into social situations with family, friends, acquaintances, and possibly coworkers which have the potential to shift your vibration either up or down significantly. This time of year those occasions seem to increase.

We in "woo woo" world, as I affectionately call the world I live in a good deal of the time surrounded by Spirit and all things non ordinary, often find ourselves wearing masks of one sort or another as we become the person we are expected to be depending on the crowd we find ourselves in. Sometimes this generates a feeling of being inauthentic or fake, which creates a potential for shame or guilt. As you can see, just being around people can create stress.

Yesterday I was watching some great videos on YouTube about manifesting and the law of attraction from Master Sri Akarshana in which he said, "YOUR TRIBE IS YOUR VIBE. " This really spoke to me because I can relate to feeling different depending on who I am hanging with! However, it is impossible to spend 100 percent of the time with people who are a complete vibrational match all the time! Anyway, if we did, the world would be boring and what would be the point for us being here anyway? I am convinced that one of the reasons we come is not only to experience the joy of being in a physical world and to learn and grow and remember, but also to be a blessing and to be a light in the world, which is not always positive and full of light and love.

All of us as souls, whether living or passed, are on a process of self discovery and moving from one state of awareness to the next. Many call this the path to enlightenment. However, we cannot live out our days without finding ourselves in the company of those who are on a different place in their journey than we are. There is no reason to allow these times to cause us stress.

One of the keys to living in the world and participating in social gatherings is to realize that we are all connected to one another. Love is allowing others to be who they are without judgement or complaint. This does not mean we turn a blind eye to bad behavior or that we allow ourselves to be treated badly, but it does allow others to live their lives as they choose. This takes a lot the pressure off! If we are not putting ourselves in a position of judge and jury, or feeling obligated to educate others on their shortcomings, then we can sit back and enjoy the company of people on occasion who we would not necessarily choose to be our best friend, or those with whom we do not necessarily share common beliefs.

The key is love. Love ourselves. Love others. Don't try to change other people's opinions, beliefs, or actions. Allow them to be who they are and allow ourselves to be who we are.

One of the core beliefs of Buddhism is the belief in inpermanance. Nothing ever stays the same. The person you are today is not the person you will be tomorrow. It is the same for your family members, your friends and acquaintances. The relationship you have with others is always in a state of transience in one way or another. Just be okay with life right now. Be present. Love who is in your life at this moment. Know that tomorrow things may be different.

Spirit says that releasing yourself from the stress of things over which you have no control is the key to happiness. Today will pass and tomorrow will arrive with its own set of joys and challenges.

Just for today, be present with those you find yourself in the company of and enjoy every moment. Don't stress about whether or not your agree with their choices or whether you anticipate a challenge arising based on the projectory you are noticing at this moment.

Best wishes as you navigate this wonderful journey we call life!

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