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Keep Going!

Life is a little different these days.

School is out and I find myself frequently in the company of my grandchildren while their mother works. School is online and it is my responsibility to make sure they are getting some physical activity and fresh air when possible, as well as their regular academic studies.

Recently on a sunny spring morning I decided to take two of my grandchildren on an excursion to a nearby state park before their afternoon online classroom started. I decided to make our adventure a game of connecting with Universal Wisdom as well as taking a short hike in the woods.

These days the kiddos are getting to the age where I don't want to push my "woo woo" ness onto them in the same way other family seem to like to do, but on this particular day I threw caution to the wind and spontaneously declared that our outing was, in addition to physical fitness class, also an opportunity to get a message from nature. I told them that their assignment was to find something in nature that gave them an inspirational message of some kind.

Less than a minute after my assignment was given, my fourteen year old grandson got his message. Someone who had traveled the path before us had painted some rocks and left them in various easily noticable places along the path. "Keep going" the rock said.

Wow. That was fast! I declared to Nature. Thanks for the quick response.

In these days of uncertainty, it is easy to get discouraged. This particular stone presented itself at the beginning of the journey to the top of the trail, so to me it was a sign that perhaps there is still significant territory to traverse before we come to the end of the journey. As a personal message to my teenage grandson, I told him that he was on a journey through life, and when he became discouraged or wanted to turn back, he could know that if he needed a nudge from the Universe, all he had to do was ask. The Universe was telling him to keep going no matter how tough the journey.

My granddaughter was also blessed with a stone. Hers was a picture of the sun. To me the sun represents happiness, joy, and knowledge. When we say someone has seen "the light", we usually mean they have received information, wisdom, or insight. The most "woo woo" of all my grandchildren, she is the one who seems most interested in the world of the unseen. She received the right stone, although later she found a stone with a ladybug painted on it and the sun stone quickly lost her interest. Hey, she is eight. However, later in the day while my grandson was studying algebra, I sat outside with her where she discovered a real ladybug crawling on my shirt. Ladybugs have long had the reputation of being the insect of good fortune. When I googled ladybug symbolism, one site reminded me that when one sees a ladybug, they often smile and feel as if they have been blessed. I would say that description fits my granddaughter (most of the time.. wink wink).

Today I want to encourage you to ask the Universe to give you a message. It may not happen like it did today for my grandkids, but, who knows?

Thanks to the anonymous donor of the painted rocks. You have blessed not only my grandchildren in their spirituality lesson for the day, but anyone who comes across my blog and needs a nudge to "keep going."


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