Letter to An Old Friend

There is no doubt this month the veil between the living and the dead is thinner. But what about the divide between the present and the past?

Who we are today is based upon all of the experiences of our past. The achievements, the laughter, the tears, the mistakes, the things we could have done better.

I had a friend.

A long time ago.

She played a very real part of the person I am today.

In those days, I was the ultimate introvert. She saw something in me I did not see in myself. She gifted me the greatest gift I can imagine. She believed in me.


It didn't end well.

Over the years, I have bounced back and forth between, I was right and she was right. I could have done this different but she could have done this different.

I have been thinking this month especially about all of the experiences and people who have impacted me in a significant way. If this would not have happened, that would not have happened.

We are all a compilation of all of the events and people who have had a significant impact on our lives.



Are there people in your life who, if the events that happened between you had not happened, your life would have taken a completely different turn?

It is important to acknowledge those people and experiences who have shifted your life significantly.

Last night, sometime between the darkness of night and that first slither of light rising up from the top of the trees and tip toeing into the window beside my bed, I remembered.

The incident involved a couch.

This was not the only event of our relationship. We had many interactions that see-sawed it seemed between deep connection and excrutiating betrayal. The one that came to mind had to do with a couch.

I remembered some words that I said that had made complete sense to me. At