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Of Birth, Death, and In-Between

As you probably know, my newest book is about to burst forth on the world with a big bang! I have spent the last two years writing, editing, re-writing, and carrying this baby in the womb of my soul. Now the moment is at hand. "Whispers From Another Room"'s due date has been announced and, with a racing heartbeat and the joy, excitement and birth pains of a new mother about to give birth, I am now excitingly sending out the birth announcements to all who have been anticipating its arrival!

On October 25th, I will be offering my new baby for an introductory price of $.99 for the Kindle version on Amazon. This deal will expire on October 31st, along with the candles burning out inside the withering jack-o-laterns as the kiddos delve into whatever treasures they were able to acquire despite Covid's scourge and the cancelling of many trick or treat events around the country.

If you are patiently waiting the paperback version, I am happy to say it will be available the first day of November (fingers crossed!) exclusively on Amazon, unless you happen to know me personally, as I will obviously have some to offer as special deals or events of which most have been cancelled or postponed.

If you received a PDF of the book ahead of time and offered to write a review on Amazon, you will need to purchase the $.99 Kindle version before they will allow you to post your review. If you would like to email your review to me ahead of time, I can include it in some of my promotions! And thank you in advance for your assistance in sharing what I feel is important perspective to the world of "woo woo."

Today I would like to discuss one of the ideas presented in the book, as October is known for being the month of the dead.

One of the important messages in my book is that of consideration and respect for all, no matter if they inhabit a human body or not. Our world has gotten so polarized. Using ghosts for entertainment has become big money. This is not what my book is about.

The world we live in has gotten so complicated. The Covid pandemic has created a massive problem in the Spirit world. Many are dying without being surrounded and sent off to the next expression of their souls by those who are left behind. Those who are left behind, do so without having said goodbye, and those leaving are still connected with a cord of energy that did not sever properly since they did not receive a send off.

In one of the chapters in this book, I offer what was given to me as a way to send off those who have left the earth plane. I call it "9 Blessings". I offer it as a gift to the deceased, to those recently departed and those who may be gone for awhile now, but for some reason did not completely sever their connection to the living. You can read it HERE or you can wait for it to arrive inside Whispers From Another Room coming up in just a few days!! Please use it to send off anyone you may feel may not have finished their life here or said goodbye properly.

Remember. We are all here doing the best we can. We may not always make the best choices or always take consideration of others with every decision we make or every action taken. Our words may not always be laced with love.

When we leave the earth plane, we will and we must go through a period of resolving our lives. Every action and every thought, emotion, and motivation will come up for resolution. What a gift we can give those leaving the earth plane if we can send them away with love, no matter how our connection to them played out in life!

Halloween is fun. The Day of the Dead is a day to celebrate those who have gone before. Laugh with the living and the dead. But do not be entertained at the suffering or bad decisions made by those who no longer inhabit a body.

Let us enter the rooms in the world of Spirit with love, respect, and consideration for those who call those rooms their home.

Be sure to check HERE for updates as the date of Whispers From Another Room draws near!!

Thank you for all your love and support and enjoy your adventure into the rooms of Spirit!


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