Those of you who have been following me for awhile know that for the past couple of years, I have been working on my third book. After countless hours of writing, editing, and trying to decide how I would put the book out into the world for all of you who have some sort of fascination with what I affectionately call "Woo Woo World", I am finally ready to take the leap and share my insights, experiences, and "woo woo" stories with the world!!



Whispers From Another Room

A Mystic's Journey into the World of Spirit

I am so excited to share this new baby of mine with you, my Woo Woo World friends!

Each chapter covers an aspect of my world as one who talks to the dead, crosses over spirits, heals the soul, and uses divination to assist those who find me! I share interesting stories based on my work with clients, messages from the Guides on various subjects, explanations and examples of exactly what is healing of the soul, and, most importantly, guidance on how to navigate Woo Woo World with respect and kindness to those who may not be living and breathing humans but call Woo Woo World their home.

Each chapter covers a different subject, not unlike taking a cruise where each stop along the way could have been a vacation destination all on its own! 

Here are some subjects I will cover:

  • Ghost Hunting... Who is hunting who?

  • Having Respect for Non-Physical Energy

  • Crossing Over Spirits

  • Children and the Dead

  • Soul Healing

  • Divination

  • Tarot and other Divination Tools

  • Channeling

  • Past Lives

  • Dreams and Omens

  • Synchronicity

YES!! All of this in one book!! Obviously I couldn't share everything I have learned about each of these subjects but each chapter gives you thoughts and insights into the various "rooms" in Spirit World. 

My planned release date for the Kindle version is October 25th.. yes, a few days before Halloween! I will be offering some special incentives to give my baby a big welcome into the world! The paperback version will come a few weeks later, and eventually, an audiobook version will also be available!

Stay tuned! Along the way, I will be sharing the progress, not unlike an expectant mother who shares pics of her belly and maybe even a sonogram to her friends and family!!

I have created a group on Facebook to share progress as well as generate some discussion on the various subjects covered in the book! It is a public group so feel free to join!!

Whispers From Another Room

Some special deals are being offered as the big day approaches!!

I am so excited to welcome this new baby into the world!

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