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Tale of a House

There was a house.

It first came to my husband's radar on a routine drive down a familiar road. He had never noticed it before.

What followed was an adventure in synchronicity, coincidence, and questions for which no answers immediately revealed themselves.

Have you ever had an experience that changed your perspective of life?

In the moment it may not have seemed so significant. You are going about your life, perhaps speeding through without much awareness or understanding of the meaning of life or your place in it.

Then something happens.

You realize that you are an intricate puzzle piece in the grand scheme of life.

One small detail, one wrong turn. You would have missed it completely.

Life is a series of moments. Ordinary moments. Big moments.

It may be that an ordinary moment to you completely changes someone else's world.

Pay attention.

Live in the moment.

Be aware.

Here is one moment in one day. And someone's world was changed.


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