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Spirit speaks to us in whispers. Close your eyes and hear the whispers of your soul.


If you are searching for answers beyond what you can see or hear with your physical eyes, you may find answers here! The world of Spirit is constantly sending us messages. All we have to do is open our senses and access that wisdom from beyond.

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Whether you are hoping to hear from a deceased loved one, need direction for your life, are hoping to access wisdom from your Angels and Guides, are looking for healing for your soul or body, or need answers to specific questions, a personal session may be the answer! You can schedule a session by phone, Zoom, or in person in Winchester Virginia.

Joy also has monthly gatherings and classes, has written books on various spiritual growth insights, and often appears at events to do readings and teach an occasional workshop. Check out what is going on here!

Check out this reenactment of a house call I made.

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