At some time or another, we all need some guidance navigating important life decisions and eliminating blocks to our sense of well-being.

Through one-on-one sessions with Joy, you regain your sense of purpose, receive important intuitive guidance from your soul and Higher Wisdom, receive healing from trapped emotions or the loss of your life force, see the bigger picture on important life events, chat with a loved one or pet on the other side, and even receive assistance getting free from unseen blocks or energy intruders.

Joy also can help with home blessings and cleansings, chakra balancing, channeling Angels and Guides, pet communication, access to the Akashic records, healing ancestral patterns, and reigniting your sense of purpose and well-being.

Joy uses direct communication with the Angels and Guides as well as divinatory tolls such as Tarot and Lenormand cards.

Clients leave more connected to their own innate joy and feeling more empowered to move forward in their lives. 


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Spirit Watch Enterprises

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