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October Energy Forecast and a Message From Spirit About Power

girl playing in fall leaves

When I think of October, I think of changing leaves, cooler days, pumpkin everything, and of course, Halloween, my kids and grandkids favorite holiday, apart from maybe Christmas. I can already feel a shift in the air and I am noticing the need to dig out my sweaters already!

For many people, August and September were intense months. At one point we had seven planets in retrograde! We are still currently navigating a "7" year in numerology, and September was a "7" month. (See my blog post about the number 7 and the energies in September.)

We enter October right on the heels of a full moon, and many are still reeling from events that shook their world over the past month or so. Will October bring a sigh of relief or more of the same?

Around the last week of September, the energy really started getting more and more intense. This came just as I was preparing to leave for my much anticipated trip to Greece, which I will talk about at some point after I have processed the experience. I was seeing all over social media that September 23rd and October 4th were thought to hold some significant events or energy surges. Although I can't say anything significant happened to me on September 23rd, other than I was on a plane to Greece, the much talked-about possibilities did not occur, as far as I know. The rapture did not happen. Aliens may or may not have visited the Earth plane that day, but I don't know that they made themselves known any more than usual. Although here in the US, as of this writing, the government is still trying to pass a budget, there were no major financial disruptions, at least to my knowledge.

Let's shift a little and chat about the numerology for October, as well as the corresponding Tarot cards as usual, then add in a little insight from the Guides.

October is the tenth month of the year, and as I mentioned before, 2023 is a 7 year. You can read all about the significance of the number 7 and how I came up with that number in my previous blog posts HERE and HERE.

If we add the 10 for October to the 7 for 2023, we arrive at 17, and 1+7=8.

I will admit these are my favorite numbers, so I may be a little biased when I talk about these numbers.

I was born on the 17th of the month, so this number is particularly meaningful for me. I also find that significant things seem to happen to me on "8" days. I won't bore you with all the things that have happened to me on an 8 day with only one of them planned ahead of time specifically because it was an 8 day, but October this year seems full of possibilities!

In numerology, "8" is the number of money, power, and self-empowerment. When I first decided I liked the number 8, I had listened to a preacher talk about how 8 was the number of new beginnings in Christianity. There are 7 days in a week, so the 8th day is the next day of a new week. So it is not the number of beginnings, but of starting fresh. Beginning again.

From years of studying the energy in numbers, I realized that having 8 as a significant number in your personal numerology does not guarantee you will have an easy time with money. Often I find it is not the case at all. It is the number of harvest. It is all dependent on what kind of seeds you have been sowing! If you have been sowing fear, and giving your power away for various reasons, you may have a difficult relationship with the number 8. You may be challenged to stand up for yourself or to be strong. The number 8 is a number of expansion. If you have been less than honorable, or have not accessed the strength inside of yourself, you may harvest a crop of sorrows. This is not punishment! It is simply a return on whatever you have been thinking and feeling most. You will certainly have lessons to learn in the area of money and power.

On a national or global scale, this month may be a harbinger of things to come, as 2024 is an "8" year. Things that happen this month may foretell what we may have to deal with next year. Issues having to do with money and power may be significant. As we know, money and power tend to rule the world, and this is not always a good thing. The struggle for power and money causes people to do things to either obtain it or keep it. If those in positions of power or in charge of large amounts of money are handling the world's affairs in a way that is not in line with the good of all, these things may come to light or they may experience some sort of reset. Some of this may have begun in September or even prior to that. What those people do and how they handle the world's affairs affects us all, but it is important to know that The Universe is abundant, and those who connect and understand that we are all expressions of the Divine know, that we will be okay.

Both personally and collectively, I think the number 8 following the number 7 is significant because whatever obstacles we were challenged to overcome last month, we will reap the results of how we handled those obstacles in October. October is a chance to start a new chapter. Rise up and be the best version of yourself you can be. Have integrity and courage.

Speaking of courage, the Tarot card associated with the number 8 is Strength (or courage) and the card associated with 17 is the Star. Both of these are cards of hope and encourage you to be the best version of yourself you can be!

Strength and Star Card in Tarot

The Strength card is a message that you have the power inside of you to tame your lions. You can interpret this card as having to face some issues that have seemed pretty insurmountable, but I like to say that you are both the woman and the lion in this picture. If you are a Leo or know one, this person may play some sort of role in your life this month. Perhaps you will need to stand in your strength and own your life. The lion in the picture can symbolize something different for each one of us, but the suggestion is to be strong and face your lion, even turning a seeming foe into a friend and ally.

The Star card in Tarot is a card of hopes and dreams. The magi followed a star to their messiah. Do you have something you have been hoping and dreaming about? This card doesn't say you will arrive at the destination, but maybe this month you need to set some goals or create a plan, knowing that even if you don't realize your dreams this month, the Divine is there assuring you that you are always guided and that you are on the right path. You may receive some sort of inspiration or message of hope or direction, which I will chat a little more about in a minute.

If you follow astrology, you may want to check out what the stars and planets are doing this month, as the Star card is encouraging we look to the stars for guidance and inspiration. I am not an astrologer, but it seems the planets and stars are really set to mark some important energies this month!

My Guides want me to chat a little more about power.

When we think of power, we normally think of it in human terms, and our perception of power is normally about holding power over someone else, which is not always a good feeling energy, whether you are the one with the power or the one without it. The fine balance between polar opposites may collide this month, as in men vs women, white power vs non-white power, Republicans vs Democrats, spiritual vs religious vs anti-spiritual, bullies vs victims, truth vs lies.

Whether you consider yourself someone victimized by a power struggle of some sort or not, you can admit that power is a huge issue for many people. We can all look at our lives and see that there are certain things that hold power over us, whether they are concrete power issues such as having too much debt, too little money, some relationships in which the balance of power is not equal, having a job you despise but not feeling abundant enough to try to do something else, or an abundance of other issues related to physical power.

Then there is emotional power, mental power, and spiritual power.

The goal in our lives is to have complete power over our thoughts, our emotions, and our awareness of spirit, but often we find ourselves victims to our own emotions, wounds, or relationship with spirit. Sometimes we feel powerless over certain emotions that explode into our experience completely out of the blue and for no apparent reason. If we are sensitive to the spirit realm, we may find ourselves experiencing unexplainable paranormal activity, and no understanding of how to control it.

These are all expressions of power that are not completely understood or managed.

I believe that one of our goals in life as a soul having a human experience is to learn to understand, acknowledge and embrace the power over our own lives and choices, and to take responsibility over our lives, without blaming someone or something else for the challenges we experience in life!!

Think about a situation in your life where you feel powerless to change either the experience or the outcome.

Sometimes self-empowerment is admitting to ourselves and surrendering those situations that we are powerless to change. Surrender is often very empowering! When we give up the struggle, sometimes those situations lose their power over us!

On my recent trip to Greece, my luggage missed my plane and was stuck in London while I traveled on to the islands of Mykonos and Tinos. When I became aware of the situation, I could have followed an old pattern and gotten upset. However, I discovered I was unusually calm about the whole situation. I could not change where my luggage was. No amount of distress on my part would have changed anything. I had packed one change of clothes in my carry-on, and a toothbrush. I had the important stuff, like my passport and my money and my phone. Everything else was replacable.

So I sent the Angels to retrieve my luggage and surrendered the rest. Since the anticipated arrival of my luggage was not until the next day after I had already left Mykonos for Tinos, I arranged with the airport personnel to ship my luggage by ferry to the next island. This delayed my luggage for an additional day, which could not be helped. But I remained calm.

True power is not being led around through life by our shifting emotions, or even life experiences which blow in and out of our experience like the wind. I connected with the Divine Presence, stated my request, and carried on.

October may be a month to surrender the power struggle, over what you can change and what you cannot.

The other thing I want to chat about is the power of Spirit.

Over the past few months, I have become aware of the presence of large amounts of Divine Power. In meditation, I have received more than a couple of downloads of Spiritual Power which seem to come in like power surges through my crown chakra. This began around March for me and have come periodically during meditation or sometimes while I am doing my spiritual work.

I believe that I am not the only person experiencing these Power Surges from Spirit. It almost feels like my energy field is being upgraded to hold more Power than before.

If you are spiritually-minded, you may be noticing a similar feeling. Every person's reaction to these power downloads or spiritual upgrades may be different. Just notice what you notice. Open yourself up to allowing your personal human body to be upgraded to hold more power. The only thing you need to do to have these experiences is to align to a higher vibration and state that you are ready for the experience and then do your spiritual practice regularly. Hold the energy of Divine Love in your heart, and refrain from judging, gossiping, being mean, or in any way attacking others who may be different from you or even who have offended your or wounded you in some way.

You may have a tangible experience in your body or you may just notice that your intuitive, healing, or other spiritual abilities seem to be increasing. You may notice electronics acting weird, but if you ground yourself, you can probably avoid that (I say this with hesitation, because I frequently find electronics reacting to my energy). By grounding, I mean doing physical things, like walking, eating, enjoying life, or by imagining a root coming out of the bottom of your spine or feet going down into the earth during your spiritual practice or meditation.)

I have heard this upgrade being called various things, like awakening, enlightenment, and even reset. I tend to call it a Divine Transmission of energy. Go with whatever physical sensations you have, while also going to the doctor if the symptoms become worrisome. I have been known to go to the doctor just to make sure I didn't have a heart attack even though I knew what I was experiencing was spiritual in nature. It is important to balance our awareness of Spirit with some practical wisdom, but then decide for yourself what is real and true for you.

I do believe that there is an increase of those awakening to the realization of their spiritual nature and purpose for being here and that it is not necessarily just about the experience of the Divine or even of something we are "supposed to be doing," but rather it is about our presence in the earth realm just emitting a frequency of Divine Love whether we are aware of it or not. If enough of us awaken to the realization of ourselves holding this frequency then the earth realm changes just by us holding Divine Love in our own physical location.

Remember, as I have mentioned in the past, your own personal birthdate affects what numbers you are experiencing in any particular month. However, the energy of the universal energy will affect your experience of your personal numbers.

Also remember that the numbers are simply a guide map. You are not a victim to your numbers or what seems to be your fate! You have chosen this on some level. When you complete and master the lesson, you will advance and move on to something else. I have hopes that one day we won't even need to consult the numbers or the cards or the stars to see where our lives are headed.

Even though I post a message of the day on social media, I don't consult the cards for every little thing in my own personal life. I have found that the more content I am with life and the more I hold gratitude for life's amazing experiences, the less I have need to know the future. I am okay with now and for whatever life holds, knowing that whatever comes my way, I will be okay.

This month, think about what power means for you. Think about where in life you are not completely feeling in charge of your life, and make a plan to own your life and the things in your life that you would like to be different than they are. And be aware of how your thoughts and emotions and beliefs are affecting your experience of bliss.

If you feel you could use some help, I am always available for private sessions! You can book a session online

I do sessions in person in Winchester Virginia and at various events in my area, and also by phone and Zoom. I have a gathering once a month in Winchester that is free or donation-based if you can't afford a private session, or if you would benefit from a spiritual community.

You can check out where I am going to be at the various events in or around Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia


I have written several books on healing, psychic abilities, messages from Spirit, and other aspects of my work, as well as my own personal spiritual memoir of how I eventually embraced my gifts after a dark night of the soul. You can check them out


These are exciting times! It is time to embrace our lives with joy and own our part in creating our lives. It is time to release struggle, judgement, and grief and begin to experience a life of joy and love. This experience is not based on what is happening in the world around us. It is solely (or soul-ly) based on what is going on inside of us. What happens on the outside of us is completely subject to what is happening inside.

Live in joy and be love.


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