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September 2023 and the Number 7

Have you had enough? This year has been a doozy of a year! I start out today's chat with some good news and some bad news. Let's start with the bad news first.

It's not over yet!!

This crazy intense energy we have all been feeling still has a little ways to go before we feel some relief.

If you follow astrology, you are aware that there are a bunch of planets retrograde as we enter September. Now this is not particularly unusual, as some of the outer planets retrograde often and for long periods of time, but this year, with Venus and Mercury adding to the mix, it has felt particularly intense. I am not an astrologer, but there are plenty of good ones out there if you want to explore the planets and stars more thoroughly.

We are in a 7 year in numerology. (2+0+2+3=7) September is a 7 month (September is the 9th month of the year and when you add the 9 to the 7 for 2023 you arrive at 16, and 1 + 6 = 7.)

In numerology, the number 7 is all about thought, about thinking about things in a different way. It is the number of the mind. We have all heard the saying: "What you think about grows" and "Change your thoughts, change your life." This is the month to really put that into your times of self-reflection, because 7 is also about self-reflection. It is about overcoming the challenges that have seemed to have placed themselves in your life to force you to address certain things. That being said, 7 can be the number of conspiracy theories. It can be the number of misinformation or deluded thinking. (I said I was focusing on the bad news first.. hold on, it gets better!)

Challenges present themselves to you as an opportunity to grow in some way. Perhaps bad news about your health inspires you to begin a new diet or exercise routine. Perhaps you find out that your job that you really don't like anyway is being eliminated and you are forced to make some big decisions about your career or relationship with abundance. Perhaps some unwelcome truth presents itself into your experience and you are inspired to get real with your life choices or spiritual path.

And the number 7 is screaming at us this month!

Before I talk about the good news, let's look at the Tarot cards associated with the numbers 16 and 7. (I already went over the math.)

Yeah. Here we go.

The sixteenth card in the Tarot is the Tower card. Not a great looking scenario here.

In this card, a tower is on fire due to a lightning strike and the people are either falling or jumping out of the windows to save themselves. Maui actually already had this experience last month and is still reeling from the aftermath of the fires. There are other places in the world where this seems to be happening all of the time.

The tower is an experience which is most of the time less than pleasant. It symbolizes the tearing down of old constructs or "towers" which we may have built around ourselves for one reason or another. Sometimes it turns out to be a good thing. Sometimes old structures need to be eliminated. But the experience of this is often less than wonderful. Look for some kind of "structure" which creates a sense of safety or stability to come under attack this month. This could be an internal thing, like going into a healing experience to tear down what is no longer working in order to create a new and more healed and authentic version of yourself.

Some examples of a "tower" experience could be: finding out someone you love has betrayed you; learning a truth about someone or something that you believe in that completely changes your reality; losing your job; finding out your child is an addict; losing someone you love, especially in a sudden or unexpected manner; experiencing a natural disaster; a financial loss or having money stolen from you; or many other experiences which change your life as you know it.

I wrote an entire book about my "Tower" experience.

The end result of my personal Tower experience was that I am now living my best life. Without that Tower experience I would still be miserable and living a life that was not joyful or empowered at all and you would not be reading this now!

So don't fear those experiences. They are not normally fun, but they are tools that Spirit uses to tear down the facades or illusions we create to make our lives somewhat safe and familiar.

But hold on! Tower experiences are not always bad or less than wonderful. When you move from one house to another, for awhile your home is in disarray. There are boxes everywhere and you may not know where anything is, but the experience itself is normally positive.

As I write this I am thinking about my own recent "Tower" experience which I may write more about later. Essentially I went to someone's house to do a group reading and for some reason experienced a complete block in my abilities. I ended up refunding them the money they had paid me and going home with my tail between my legs. I questioned everything! Am I supposed to be doing something else? Should I just shut down my website and cancel all my events and clients and go get a job at Walmart? I received my very first one star review on Google. I was mortified.

The next day was my monthly gathering for August. I was a bit worried. What if I completely fall on my face again?

I arrived at the venue two hours early. I created sacred space and meditated. I had a full house that day!

When the time came, The Power showed up and I ended up giving a short message to everyone who showed up that day! One person told me she could feel the Power coming toward her from several feet away even with her eyes closed.

The lesson? Don't be afraid of those Tower experiences. They ultimately may lead to a bit of a shift in direction or a new way of doing things (look for some changes coming up in how I do things!)

Moving on from the Tower card, what else is going on this month?

The seventh card in the Tarot is the Chariot. The chariot is not necessarily about forward movement, although it can be. The chariot is about overcoming whatever obstacles stand in your way to your forward movement. You can see that there are two sphinxes sitting down in front of this guy trying to move forward. He has to replace those old constructs with something that is going to work with him, not against him, in his quest for forward movement. Those sphinxes can represent whatever is in your life keeping you from living your most authentic and joyful life. And let me hint around that most often we are the ones holding us back, so don't even start looking around for someone to blame! So, once again, using the analogy of moving, if you are going from one place to another, you may have a little bit of a challenge to overcome to arrive at your intended destination.

Whenever the Chariot shows up I always suggest you check out your personal car. See if it is time for an oil change. Little things can become big things if not addressed.

Here I have four other Tarot cards associated with the number 7. We are not going to do a "pick a card" thing like I have other months, because when I look back at the previous months, I can point to various experiences in my own life which reflect every single on of the minor cards!! In all of these cards, the main character is having some experience which is keeping him or her from moving forward. But, in a more positive note, we aren't always "supposed" to be moving forward. Times like these are orchestrated by the Universe to give us time for self-reflection and reassessing our situation.

If you are not familiar, the 7 of cups represents having trouble making a decision or perhaps having a tendency to live in a fantasy world of some kind. It may be time to have a reality check.

The 7 of pentacles represents thinking about your money or financial situation and planning what is next. You may want to move some funds around or sometimes even change jobs.

The 7 of swords represents lies, secrets, or inauthentic behavior. Sometimes it represents trying to get your story straight or becoming aware of someone who is not being truthful to you.

The 7 of wands represents feeling like you are in a battle all alone. You may feel backed in a corner or fighting an invisible enemy.

Yeah. None of these cards are particular full of snowcones and rainbows.

But I said there was good news!!

The number 7 is not all bad!!

Seven is the number of higher spiritual thought. If you lean towards being spiritual in some way, September may be an amazing month for you! Look for a shift in your consciousness which leads you to living life in a more authentic and joyful way!

Several months ago, I was guided to book a trip to Greece for September. I still don't know why I am going or what I will be doing there but I am looking forward to spending a week with Spirit! It is interesting to me that I am going in my personal 7 month and 7 year.

You see, 7 is not a forward moving number. It is a number of reflection and contemplation. All of the retrogrades have been suggesting to us that we slow down and take some time for self-reflection. Do some course corrections if we need to. Address issues that are holding us back from living our best life or being our most authentic selves.

So September would be a great month to schedule some alone time. Whether that means going for walks in your own hometown or actually booking a trip where you will be doing some sort of spiritual contemplation, it seems like this is what Spirit is suggesting.

You see, sometimes we are charging full speed ahead at 100 miles per hour and we don't take time to look around at the scenery or enjoy the life we have created.

Take some time this month to stop and smell the roses. To observe. To reevaluate your loyalties. You may find that someone you look up to in some way has some flaws that you have been overlooking. It may be a month of tearing down old structures that are not really working anymore. Of planning your next steps or making a decision.

This may mean changing the way you live your everyday life. It may be shifting how you do things a little.

Course corrections are necessary in the living of our lives. They are not always pleasant, but when we find we are living a life that is not completely in the highest good of our own soul or others around us, they are inevitable!

What we decide to do in September will affect how the next phase of life goes for us. This may have started a bit before September arrived, as it did for me. Time is not always set in stone. Perhaps these energies won't affect you at all, and maybe they will affect you in a more residual way, like when Covid hit and all the stores closed for awhile and we had to stay home. Whether or not we actually got Covid or chose to get vaccinated, the pandemic affected us all. In the same way, this strong planetary influences and 7 energy will affect us, either directly or in a more passive way.

I have noticed that there seems to be a huge shift of consciousness recently. I began to really notice it around the end of March. Spirit shared with me that there would be incremental "shifts" of consciousness and energetic upgrades over the next few months. Not everyone would experience these shifts at the same time, and some people would not experience them at all.

Whenever we have a spiritual "shift," we may feel a bit off for a few days. We may have a Tower experience of some kind. All those constructs we have created to make us feel safe and familiar may have to fall away in order to enter in to a new level of consciousness. We may need to learn to trust Spirit instead of charging full speed ahead. We may begin to experience our reality in a new way. I have also heard this shift being called a re-set. So I have become aware that others are sensing this shift as well.

This completely fits with the numerology and Tarot cards that are showing up this month.

If you are feeling a bit off, or have some sort of Tower experience, this is a time to rejoice! Your consciousness has chosen to evolve and in order to do this you need an adjustment. Surrender to the experience and love yourself and others as you process the changes.

Let us send Love to ourselves and everyone as we navigate these energies.


Thank you for your participation and interest in my musings from the Spirit world!!

You can find out where I am going to be, connect with my for a private session, check out my books and past blog posts, subscribe to my e-newsletter or find my social media presence all on my website!!

Check it out!!

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