Sensing Your Guides

One of my students recently asked me how I knew when my Guides were around and when they weren't. This is a good question and I thought it would be an excellent subject for a blog!

Everyone senses their Guides in a different way. I am not one of those sensitives who can physically see spirits, but I do sense them and many times get a mental picture of what they look like. Sometimes they tell me their name and sometimes not.

Sensing a Guide is much the same as if you were connecting with an old friend. The only difference is you are using your intuitive senses and not necessarily your physical ones.

If an old friend called you on the phone, you would immediately recognize the tone of their voice, wouldn't you? If you saw a familiar face walking down the street, you would know them by their walk, the shape of their face, and so on.

I imagine some Guides physically appear to their people, but I would venture a guess that it is fairly rare.

Most of the time our Guides or Benevolent Helpers show up by other senses.

The first thing that normally happens to me is that I get a sudden burst of joy, like a breeze around my heart. For certain Angels or Guides it is a huge breeze running through my heart, and sometimes I can feel my heart beating a little faster for a moment. Sometimes I just feel someone standing behind me. Each of my Guides or Angels just "feel" different. Sometimes for certain Angels I will see sparkling lights in various colors. I have spent some time individually with many of the Angels and Guides so I recognize their individual essence.

Sometimes I just feel pressure on the top of my head and my brain will "shift". I find it hard to describe that feeling when it happens.

I don't always know which Angel or Guide is speaking to me. I have what I guess are my "default" Guides so if they do not identify themselves I assume it is them. Unless a client asks for a specific Angel or Guide, I just call them "the Guides." I know they are benevolent due to the feeling of joy when they come in, but I do not always know which ones are communicating at any given session.

The biggest way I can tell if they are benevolent or if they are my Guides is by the feeling of joy. It just feels good to be in their presence!

One thing to be aware of is just because Guides are benevolent does not mean they always agree with each other! I once was doing a reading and the querent asked me if she was supposed to write a particular book. The original communicator said no. She then asked me, "well, why did Jesus tell me to write it then?" I replied that I had not been talking to Jesus. So I shifted and asked Jesus to come and chat and he had a different answer! His energy felt different when I shifted to Him. If you schedule a session, you can request a specific Angel or Guide and I can call on them. They don't normally say no, but if you ask for someone who was once incarnated as a human, they may.

In my experience, Guides will never tell you what you are supposed to do anyway. They will offer suggestions and guidance but the final decision is up to you. in my previous example, each communicator told the client a different perspective on the book and each had valid points. There are no "supposed to's" in spirit world.

I will be the first to admit that some days it is easier to connect with Spirit than other days. And some people are easier to connect and communicate for than others. When I connect with a client, I enter their energy field through a sort of energetic link. Some people have energetic walls around their energy field which make getting in more difficult. There are various reasons for this, but most of the time it is due to fear, doubt or skepticism. When I am connecting with a client, my Guides are in contact with their Guides. Sometimes it is my Guide talking and sometimes it is theirs.

Everyone has Guides and Angels! The ability to sense and communicate with them is a skill and a gift. Some people have decided beforehand not to be able to sense their Unseen Helpers, and no amount of practice or trying seems to help.

Some days it doesn't matter what you do, there is no getting connected. Luckily, in my case anyway, it always seems like when I have those days I don't have any clients scheduled. Sometimes I am having a day like that and I do have a client or two. On those days, it seems like some kind of shift occurs and They show up for the session and then they leave right after. It is weird to me how that happens.