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Relationship Readings

I have stated before that relationships are the top question I get asked when tuning in to Spirit for my clients. I wanted to take a moment today and share a simple relationship spread in the Tarot so that, if you are in any way familiar with tarot or even oracle cards, you can delve into what someone is thinking and feeling in a relationship.

Is this ethical? If you don't have someone's verbal permission to look into their energy field, can you answer questions like this?

The answer to this question is complicated.

We are, in fact, energetic beings. We walk around every day shining our aura for everyone to see. Most people simply can't see a person's aura, but most of us have a sort of "sense" about someone. Have you ever met someone and instantly liked or disliked them? Have you ever walked into a room and sensed tension?

Yes, I do believe it is important to get permission before giving someone a message. I have had the experience of attempting to get into someone's energy field for a client and receiving a specific "no" or feeling a strong block keeping me from getting in and receiving any information. Other people are an open book.

Thanks to astrology and numerology, if I know someone's birthdate, I can usually get a read on them just based on their numbers or the sign. This is not always the case, but most of the time. There are those who are so blocked I am not sure how they breathe.

The ethics of readings someone's cards without their permission is perhaps a blog for another day.

Anyway, here is a spread I laid out recently for a client who wanted to know if her boyfriend was being faithful to her.

When I am answering a question for someone, the person asking is always the person on the left side of this spread. The top card on the left is what my "querent" (the person asking the question) is thinking about the relationship. The middle card on the left is how she or he is feeling about the relationship, and the bottom card is how he or she is behaving, or what actions are being taken. The card in the middle is the current state of the relationship. The cards on the right are all about the other person. What they are thinking: top right; what they are feeling: middle right; and how they are behaving: bottom right.

In this case, as you can see, all is not well. The current state of the relationship is the World upside down. This indicates trouble in paradise.

My client is feeling defensive( Seven of Wands). She knows she needs to have a conversation but is perhaps afraid of losing her person (Six of Swords). Some daddy issues may have her afraid to trust or she is perhaps afraid her King of Cups is not all she thought he was.

Her person on the right is feeling like he may want to leave. Perhaps his heart belongs to someone else and he may have even take some action to reach out to her (Queen of Pentacles reversed). He is perhaps up in the air inside his head on what to do or may frequently engage in activities that take him out of his head (addiction problems, living in a fantasy world, or perhaps just a bit airheaded.)

It turns out that the querent knew who the other woman was so she asked about their relationship and this is the spread that came up.

Uh oh.

In this case I put her person on the left and the other woman on the right.

Looks like he may have reached out to this woman already. In his heart he is torn between two lovers (Two of Pentacles). He is thinking about a baby and the possibility of fatherhood (the Sun reversed). He is not learning from his mistakes (Nine of Wands reversed).

The "other woman" is just trying to take the easy way out (Ten of Wands reversed). She has no love for this person in her heart (Nine of Cups reversed). She may be trying to extract money from him because she knows he is responsible and wants to do the right thing (Knight of Pentacles).

So, with these two readings, the querent has some indication of some issues that need to be addressed.

Should you break up with someone based on a card reading?


I am a huge advocate for evidence.

If you get a reading like this, it is really important to connect with your highest good and ask the Angels or your Guides or Higher Self for some sort of proof or evidence besides the cards.

You could say, "I ask the Universe to tell me anything I need to know."

Stay in your highest good. Profess that your highest good comes to you easily and anything that is not in your highest good leaves your life or shows you that you need to release it.

Things like this happen when you are not in alignment with your highest good or when you have unresolved issues in your soul that need healing. It is important to address them.

If you have trust issues with men, you may find yourself attracting lovers you cannot trust. If you are untrustworthy yourself, you may be just reaping a little karma.

This month a lot of this type of thing could come up. If you read last week's blog post, I shared that the Tarot card for the month was the Tower, which is all about the destruction of things that are not in alignment with your soul's purpose or have outlived their usefulness. This is not always fun or easy.

You will notice that this particular Tarot card spread does not tell you what to do. It tells you how you are behaving or how the other person is behaving, but Spirit will never tell you what to do. The choice is yours what you do with the information that comes through.

Can the cards be wrong?


It does happen on occasion. If I have some sort of opinion about the situation or if my energy is low or out of balance, or perhaps if you already think your person is cheating on you and just want proof, you may get the answer you want. It is important to be as neutral as possible when asking the Tarot cards questions.

In this spread with this client, I actually knew and liked the querent's person, so I was not happy when the spread showed up. I encouraged her to address the situation and to confirm another way, and not jump to conclusions based on the message in the cards.

In this "6" universal year, relationships are really coming to the forefront of our experience. It is so important to address relationship issues head on. As this year begins to wind down and the energy of 2023 starts to come into our experience, let's really face these relationship issues and heal our souls from any trauma so we can delve into next year healed and ready to face what comes.


I am happy to connect with you!

Check out my website for information on books, events, and how to make an appointment for a private session. I do readings and soul healings in person in Winchester Virginia, and also by phone and Zoom.


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