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October Themes and Energies

Here we go! Another month down and October is right around the corner!

October has always had some interesting energy around it. For as long as I remember, I have always felt a strong shift in October. I am not sure if it has to do with the changing of the seasons, with Halloween, with the thinning of the veil between the living and the dead, or something inside myself yet undiscovered. When October rolls around, I always feel like we have crossed through some unknown or unseen threshold.

Being the tenth month of the year, the corresponding tarot card for the number 10 is the Wheel of Fortune, which heralds new beginnings and changes. Halloween is known as a time of honoring, or perhaps fearing, the dead and all that has to do with enchantment and "woo woo." When someone passes from one life to the next, it is certainly a change of circumstance. Whether or not it is a pleasant change is certainly up to the individual, and those who are left grieving the passing are tasked with tying up loose ends here on Earth.

When we add the 10 from the month of October to the 6 for the year 2022, we arrive at 16, and the 1 and the 6 add up to 7.

Despite the number 7 being a highly spiritual number, it is not always pleasant here on Earth. In the Tarot, the 7 card is the Chariot and the 16 card is the Tower. Often the most highly feared card of the Tarot, the picture is anything but pleasant.

The Chariot card in the Tarot is all about movement, but not without a few obstacles to overcome. As you can see, the Chariot in the picture is being drawn by two Sphynxes that are sitting down! Hardly a proper way to ensure a quick trip or fast forward movement. This card often indicates the need for care when traveling. It sometimes means to be careful when planning a move of some sort, or challenges to be faced when trying to move forward, either literally or symbolically.

The Tower card in the Tarot is all about chaos, the destruction of foundations or established ways of living life. It could indicate a sudden, unexpected happening that creates havoc, or perhaps, learning a difficult truth which changes your life forever.

Some Tarot readers see the Tower card as positive, because sometimes it takes some chaos to create positive change. However, the experience of the Tower is normally not a pleasant one. You are thrust out of the place where you were comfortable, perhaps head first and with the roof on fire. Think about lightening strikes. Unexpected, out of the blue, leaving destruction in its wake. This month may have some shake-ups.

The other 7 cards in the Tarot may indicate areas of your life where you experience the shake-up. Themes are: from left to right: Seven of Wands: feeling backed in a corner or fighting an unknown enemy; Seven of Pentacles: contemplating whether what you have been working on is worth the effort; Seven of Swords: lying, stealing, or cheating; and Seven of Cups: difficulty concentrating, self-medicating, lack of stability, lack of focus, inability to choose.

In numerology, the number 7 is not as foreboding! It is a number of focus, concentration, thinking, and mental aptitude. It is a very high vibrational number, as many spiritual paths consider it to be a sacred number.

In a seven month, it is important to focus, pay attention to your mental health, meditate or engage in whatever practice brings you to a place of calm, and attempt to think on a higher level. Sometimes you are challenged to face things you have tried to avoid or deny. This is only if you refuse to rise up to a higher spiritual purpose. Seven is all about truth and the discovery of truth or perhaps the application of truth.

This month may be a game changer for many people. Life may shift in many ways. You may be reconsidering previous committments or you may be challenged to decide what is really important in your life and if your past choices still hold water for you. You may be exposed to truth that is difficult and changes your life in many ways. Do not deny the truth when it shows up. There may be some movement, travel, or a significant change in circumstances.

Remember that change, whether beneficial or seemingly non-beneficial, offers you the opportunity to grow, change and adapt to the uncertainty of life. There are things you cannot control or change, and it is important to surrender to what you cannot change. Process the difficulties and know that life is completely impermanent. Nothing stays the same. We all grow, change, adapt and move on in some way.


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