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June Thoughts and Themes

Last month we chatted about taking some time for some personal re-booting. I did just that! This fit in with the theme of May, a 3 month. You may want to read the post for the energies of May, and see if any of those themes fit with your experience in May.

June is a 13/4 month in numerology, which we get from adding the 6 from the sixth month of June to 2023 (2+0+2+3).

Thirteen is a karmic number in numerology. It is a number of transition. Of releasing the past and moving forward to a whole new version of yourself. It is a number of owning your power, self-realization and speaking your truth. It is also a number of surrender. Four is a number of stability, organization, groundedness, and working hard. It is the number of setting boundaries and growing roots.

Neither one of these numbers is necessarily fun, but don't completely rule out fun this month. It is summer!

If you have been in a habit of always giving in, always doing things for others and never speaking out what is good or important for your health and well-being, this month may be a month when those tendencies are given an opportunity to change.

Four is also a number of organizations, governments, the rule of law, leaders, or people in positions of authority.

As you can see, the Tarot cards that are associated with the number 4 and the number 13 are a bit similar to the numerology for those numbers.

The Emperor card is all about leadership, laws, organization, as well as a tendency to be stubborn, close-minded, or a bit narcissistic. This guy is not in any way open to new ideas or even a little bit compassionate. You may run into this guy this month or maybe need to work on your own limited thinking in some area of your life.

The Death card doesn't normally predict a physical death, but that is always a possibility. Normally the Death card is encouraging us to leave behind what no longer serves us. It may predict a huge life change of some sort. We may be leaving behind an old outdated version of ourselves or some aspect of our lives. Change is almost never easy, but when we change some important aspect of our lives, we have the opportunity to be reborn in some way.

Your own personal numbers will probably be a bit different from the universal numbers, but the universal theme will affect your life in some way. You may see how these themes play out on the world scene. Someone in a position of power may lose his power or transition out of his place as a leader for one reason or another. Possibly there is a call for one or more world leaders to address an important issue which may bring about a huge change of some kind.

In your own life, think about what you may need to release out of your life in order to be more organized or in charge of your life. You may contemplate some important transition or someone important to you may shift in or out of your life due to a move or some other transition.

There are four minor cards in the Tarot which also are associated with the number four. Look at the following picture and see which card you are drawn to. You may be immediately drawn to one of the cards. You may hear a number pop in your head. Trust your instincts. After you choose a card, look at the next picture and see which card you chose and read its description below.

If you chose card number 1:

The four of cups. Traditionally, this is the card of boredom or withdrawal. Cups are traditionally associated with relationships or emotions, and this card shows a person with his or her arms and legs crossed and completely uninterested or separate from the cups. It can be that you may be intentionally withdrawing from a relationship or interaction with people in order to pursue your spirituality or some other endeavor, or it could be that life has gotten a little hard and you just don't feel like being around people (or maybe a specific person!) Some people just don't do well in crowds of people and need to own that about themselves! Perhaps Spirit is suggesting you take a time out, or perhaps you recognize you have been withdrawing from a relationship or situation and Spirit is telling you it is time to address the issue. Ignoring problems is not the way to a solution. However, if you feel overwhelmed, perhaps what you need is some time away.

If you chose card number 2:

The four of wands. It is time to party! You may have accomplished a goal, graduated, gotten engaged, had a baby, or achieved some other milestone and it is time to celebrate! You may be attending some family get-together, a wedding, birthday or anniversary party, or maybe gotten a promotion or job offer and feel like having a party to celebrate! If this is the card you chose, then some sort of festive gathering is likely to occur or at least be on your radar. Whether or not you decide to get together with friends and family or just have some quiet celebration is up to you, but look for some happy news or a festive occasion to be likely this month.

If you chose card number 3:

The four of swords. If you picked this card, you need to take a break! Maybe you have been working too hard, worrying too much, not getting enough sleep, or perhaps recovering from an illness or other difficulty. It is really important for you to remember to rest. If there has been some conflict or struggle in your life, it is okay to take a break from the stress and engage in some self-care. Some time alone may do you good! Tell the important people in your life what you need and don't neglect yourself just to keep the peace. This could also indicate the need to separate yourself from some sort of drama or emotionally intensity. If you have been having some difficulty the past few months, this month take a break and do what you need to do to reconnect with your own peace and well-being.

If you chose card number 4:

The four of pentacles. This card could be indicating there are worries in the area of money, finances, insurance or inheritance issues, retirement funds, or perhaps debt or taxes. You may be someone who is a little bit frugal or who worries about money excessively, or there may be legitimate issues plaguing you. If you have been considering investing in the stock market or gambling and you picked this card, the answer is a definite no! This month may be a month to be saving your money, not spending it excessively. You may encounter an unexpected expense or perhaps just need to tap into savings for some reason. If money is not the issue, then perhaps this card is suggesting you tend to hold on to things a bit tightly, like people, emotions, possessions, or even grudges. It may be time to loosen your grip a bit.

This month may not be as fun and social as May. You may have to put your head to the grindstone and do some work to accomplish a goal or complete a task. There may be some transition or ending of some kind.

You may need to get organized or pull some weeds in the garden of your life. I remember back years ago when I was a waitress (I think they are called servers now- waitress is not a proper term.. but I was a waitress..) we had a term we used to let each other know we were overwhelmed or in need of some assistance. We used to say, "I am in the weeds." That was to let the others know we had a bit too much on our plate and needed some help. If I was to pick one of the numbers as the one that was most likely to create a situation that created overwhelm or need for help, I would choose the number 4.

If you find yourself in need of assistance, don't hesitate to reach out for help.

There are many resources for those who find themselves unable to cope. Whether you reach out to a spiritual community, a support group, a hotline of some kind, law enforcement, medical or professional assistance, or a spiritual healer such as myself, be sure not to withdraw or isolate yourself in times of trauma.

You can find out what is happening in Joy's world by checking out my website! You can make an appointment, find out where I will be and what I will be doing, read my blog, check out my social media presence, find the links to purchase one of my books, or just find out more about how I work and how I may be able to help you!

Have a great month!

I write blog posts when I receive guidance from my spirit team or when I am inspired to chat about a specific subject. If you have not found the answers to your questions yet, feel free to comment on what you would like me to write about!

Thanks for your presence in my life and your interest in my work!


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