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The Importance of Personal Rebooting

We who have been walking a spiritual path for awhile sometimes get so caught up in our spiritual work and doing things in our own way to benefit others that we forget that we periodically need to turn ourselves off and recharge our energetic batteries.

Within the past month, I have had two separate occasions of having Spirit turn me off for an energetic upgrade!

I have used this analogy before but it seems fitting here.

We are very much like a cell phone. Our souls that live inside our physical bodies have amazing capabilities! We are the Divine living in a human body. We are Divine! We are creators! We can accomplish amazing things!

Cell phones can do amazing things! They can give us directions to specific locations, telling us where there may be roadblocks, construction, crashes, and even traffic cops. They can tell us what is happening all over the world. They can give us the projected weather, tell us how to bake snickerdoodle cookies or what is the spiritual significance of white orchids (I had a dream about white orchids and had to Google to find out the significance.)

Sometimes we receive a notification on our phones that we need an update and in order for it to be implemented we need to restart our phones.

Sometimes we need to hook our phones up to a power source in order to recharge.

It is the same with our souls!

We can do it the easy way or we can do it the hard way, but it will happen!

The first energetic upgrade I got was around March 21st or so. I actually felt some sort of power download from the Spirit world. It was probably the strongest one I had ever experienced. But I kept going. I noticed some of the electric devices I use begin to act up.

And then a few days after that it happened. It started with a sore throat. Of course I did my inner research to make sure I was speaking my truth. I could not find anything. I use my voice for a living and I had two Reiki classes scheduled which I did not cancel. However, a couple days later I was forced to cancel all my clients and an event which I had planned to be at. I could barely get off the couch.

Here is the point. Sometimes our energetic upgrades happen unexpectedly like the one I just described and we are just forced to cancel everything and lay on the couch for a few days.

But from time to time, we need to schedule our reboots and just turn ourselves off on purpose!

Turn off our phones. Disconnect. Get out into nature or do something fun.

We don't necessarily have to be by ourselves, but some time alone is always a plus.

Just live. Have some fun. Sit in nature. Journal. Meditate. Sleep.

I have one such reboot planned for this month! From May 10 to 20 I will have very limited access to my phone and wifi. I have some other ones scheduled for June, August and a big one in September which Spirit actually directed and orchestrated.

Every now and then, turn yourself off. Turn off your phone. Do something that gives you joy.

We absolutely cannot be everything for everyone all the time.

Take a little time for yourself.


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