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July Insights

July is here! Each month I post a sort of "energy forecast" for the month based on numerology and the Tarot, and anything the Guides want to share.

July is the seventh month of the year, and we are currently in year 2022. As I have mentioned before, 2022 is a "6" year (2+0+2+2=6). When we add the 6 and the 7 for the month of July we arrive at 13.

Thirteen has been a feared number for years. It has been labeled the number of bad luck. The thirteenth floor of large buildings is often eliminated. I am not sure why but I have a couple of thoughts. In the Tarot, the thirteenth card is the Death card. People fear death. In Goddess circles, it is believed that there are thirteen main Goddesses, and many who follow certain spiritual paths believe fear of the number thirteen is fear of the power of the female aspect of divinity or in the power of women.

When we turn thirteen years old, we are commonly believed to be entering a sort of rite of passage. We are now teenagers. We are not children, but we are not adults. It is an in-between stage of life.

It is commonly believed that sometimes souls get stuck in-between life and death, and that is when it is thought they become "ghosts." This coincides with the Death card in the Tarot as well as the thought that thirteen is an in-between number. Death is not just about dying. Death is when one stage of life ends and another begins. For the person dying it is often a graduation to something better, but to those who love that person it is painful. The ones who are left behind are often the ones who suffer, not the one going on to whatever is next.

Many believe that the reason people see "ghosts" on staircases or doorways is because those places are "in-between." Staircases, doorways, and other in-between spaces are not a room all on their own. They are passageways from one place to another. Some say the place where two roads meet are also powerful portals into the other worlds. They are crossroads. They are neither one place or another.

What does this mean for July? Perhaps we will be leaving one stage of life behind for something else. This may be painful or joyful, depending on the situation.

The "1" and the "3" in 13 add up to "4".

In numerology, the number 4 is all about foundations, organization, stability, rules, regulations, law, and hard work. It is not an easy number. To Native cultures, 4 is a holy number because of the four directions. If we think about the four directions, we realize that direction keeps us on our path. If we don't know where we are going, how do we know when we get there?

In the Tarot, the "4" card is the Emperor. This corresponds to numerology in that the Emperor has to do with rules and regulations, world leaders, especially ones who are not necessarily compassionate. The Emperor holds up the law or some sort of structure which holds society together. When the Emperor shows up in a reading, it may mean you have someone in your life who is a bit controlling, or it could mean it is time to get organized!

Together, the Death card and the Emperor card could be saying that some transition is happening, and it is important to get your life organized for what is coming, so you have a smooth transition! Normally the Death card is not a minor transition. It is something big. Get your affairs in order so that you are prepared for what is coming! August could bring some surprises or upsets and you need to be ready!

Don't be afraid of July or what may be in store. Life is impermanent and is always changing in some way. The big surprising changes may not come until August, or perhaps August will begin to usher in the changes that come as a result of what happens in July. Don't be afraid to work hard for something you want. Get organized. Get your affairs in order.

Your own personal experience of July may be different from this universal theme depending on your own birth date and the themes that are present for you specifically due to your own personal numbers, but I find that the universal themes affect us all in some way, despite what our own numbers are. A good example is Covid. Whether or not you had the virus, its presence has affected you in some way.

Be aware of the energies at play this month. Remember to go back and read last month's forecast and see how it played out in your life. Sometimes the way things end up are more understandable in hindsight.

If you see people around you experiencing suffering, be a force of comfort to them. Try to look at others with compassion and love. If everything is calm and peaceful in your world, then look around and see how you can be of assistance to someone else. We are all in this together!


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Thanks for reading to the end!!

I appreciate you and thank you for being a part of my work!


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