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June Energy Forecast

Welcome to June! I normally post my weekly blog on Thursdays, but today is June 1st, so I am posting a day early this week.

This month I had actually considered moving away from the monthly predictions and going in a different direction. In order to make my final decision I re-read my post for May and I was shocked at how much of the material hit home! I do recommend you re-read my monthly forecast near the end of the month and see if any of it resonated with your experience.

So here we go!!

June is a "3" month collectively. Being the sixth month of the year in 2022, a "6" year.(6+6=12, 1+2=3)

Like every number, 3 energy has two sides. It is the number of fun, expression, creativity, movement, conversations, and manifestation. On the flip side, however, it can also symbolize indescretions, infidelity, indecision, and difficulty with rules, expectations or societal norms. If there is a 3 in a numerology reading, you can bet there is some need for speaking truth, self-expression, or creative adventures on the horizon. Whether those creative adventures are beneficial for everyone depends on the individual.

Since three is the number of self-expression, communication, and movement, you may notice a change in the way you are communicating with others. It seems the more awake we are spiritually, the less we seem to tolerate bad behavior. Although it is important to love and accept others for who they are and where they are on their own personal journey through life, we don't have to allow their choices to interfere with our highest good or infringe upon our sense of well-being. You may find bad behavior a bit less tolerable this month and may find the need to set some boundaries, or even end toxic relationships.

The cards for this month are the Empress and the Hanged Man. Family issues and, of course, relationships may be a strong influence this month. You may find yourself giving of yourself selflessly when it comes to home and family, or possibly having issues at home that are difficult to resolve. If you are looking for a home, or even doing renovations, although the Empress is a good card for finding your perfect home or working around the house or garden, the Hanged Man says it may not go as smoothly as you would prefer, or there may be a delay in the process. There may need to be some compromises or the need to surrender your own needs for the greater good, at least temporarily.

This may seem contrary to the earlier suggestion that speaking your truth and setting boundaries may become important. Every situation is different. Sometimes you need to set aside your own preferences for awhile to care for someone in need or to assist others. This is the path of an awakened or awakening soul. However, when the situation becomes toxic, some stronger boundaries may become necessary.

The Empress is also commonly associated with pregnancy and children, so keep that in mind this month if you are doing family planning of any kind. Issues with a pregnancy may be a big part of your experience, or if that is not where you are in life, then maybe someone close to you. You may be assisting in the care of children or possibly young adults who are maybe not necessarily yours but are in some way important to you.

How the energies of this month end up playing out for you personally has to do with your own numbers and how your personal numbers interact with the universal theme.

Feel free to schedule a private reading to go over your own personal experiences and themes that are likely to play out. You can do that here..

Remember that the Guides never tell you what to do! When facing a difficult decision, the Guides will probably show you various aspects of the situation, such as how other people will be affected by the decision, how other people as well as you are feeling, and some possible outcomes depending on the choices made by the individuals involved.

The final outcome of most situations is never predetermined due to the Universal law of free will. We are always free to decide to change direction at any point, and so are the other people involved in any situation. The Guides, the cards, or any direct communication will give you insight into the probable outcome if everyone in the situation continues down a specific trajectory. Although some things are fated events over which we have no control, many events in our lives are subject to the free will of everyone involved and so are not pre-determined.

Remember that the final decision over your life is your own! After weighing how everyone in the situation is going to be affected and weighing how each choice makes you feel when you think about it, and any wisdom the Guides share, you are responsible for making the final decision.

Remember to read this post again near the end of the month and see how this month ended up resonating with your own experiences.

Thanks for connecting!


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Thanks for reading to the end!!

I appreciate you and thank you for being a part of my work!


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