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Interfering With Fate

Recently, I chatted about my practice of sending Divine Love into situations in order to shift the outcome.

Right after I wrote that particular blog post, an earthquake wiped out thousands of people in Turkey and Syria.

Did I have any kind of premonition?

Well, sort of but not specific enough to prevent it or do anything about it.

The December before we were told about the Covid pandemic (technically February I think), I was doing a gathering and I received the message that in 2020 a lot of people would leave the planet. A couple of well-known but not necessarily benevolent spirits showed up but I did not even necessarily know why they were there. Santa Muerta, the South American goddess of death, and Moloch, an Old Testament god which has been associated with fire and human sacrifice. Unfortunately I decided to share with my group, and three of my loyal attendees decided I had become ensnared with the darkness and left the group. I shared with the group that I didn't necessarily see them as evil, but that they were there to reinforce this prediction of a huge sacrifice and death.

So it seems Spirit will give me some information but not enough to interfere with the event that for some reason, seemed almost fated to occur.

So when I was tuning in for this year, it seemed that some time between January and the end of March would hold some difficult events. I don't think I shared publicly because I didn't feel I had enough information to be of any benefit or to interfere or shift whatever was to occur. I really didn't know if it was a personal prediction or a collective one, and Spirit was not specific.

However, my intuition seemed to be backed up by a couple of my extremely intuitive associates.

In January I began to shift my meditations, sending Divine Love to those I loved, specific clients, and to world events.

It did not interfere with the earthquake or the astronomical death toll.

Sometimes I wonder why I don't know these things in advance so I can send out some kind of Divine energy to prevent devastation or to in some way shift the outcome.

So last night I was watching a series on Netflix, which I will not name, and the subject came up about the danger of interfering with fate. If we who are spiritually sensitive foresee a fated event and in some way are able to shift things so it does not occur, what are the repercussions?

If it is fated, will it occur anyway, only worse or perhaps affecting different people who were not necessarily fated to experience the event? Will it be like a rubber band and snap back and affect me personally?

I have a couple of thoughts.

Years ago I was attending a church. An older woman who I dearly loved had a stroke. I gathered together all my "team" of prayer warriors and she fully recovered only to die in her sleep of a heart attack a short time later.

Did we interfere with her fate?


I always had the feeling that we had, indeed, interfered. Her soul had to sneak off the earth while we weren't paying attention.

This begs the question.

When we do our healing work, are we interfering with a fated event?

I always qualify my healing work with the statement, "May the highest outcome occur for the highest good of everyone concerned."

This means that some people improve and some don't. I can't always know if the reason some do not get better is because for some reason they were resistant to healing or if perhaps their lack of improvement is fated. (Okay, sometimes I know why, but not always.)

Divine Love does not necessarily want an earthquake to take thousands of people off the earth, but it seems there are certain safeguards in place so that some things happen no matter what. After the fact, we can certainly send Divine Love to that place on the planet where the disaster occurred.

In the Netflix show, the girl indeed interfered with a little girl eating an ice cream cone. She called out to warn the little girl right before she tripped and fell, saving her from losing her ice cream, only to have her trip on a rock a few seconds later, causing her to fall and lose her ice cream anyway.

It seems unfair, but some events are fated to happen no matter what we do and some other events it seems we are able to shift.

Many people who have watched a loved one die who seemed to be holding on long after their expiration date will admit to telling them it was okay to go, only to have them pass soon after. I actually did this with both of my parents.

The answer to the question, "Can we interfere with fate, and, if we do, will there be repercussions?" is a difficult one to answer.

On the one hand, I believe we are creators, and we can create a lot of details concerning our lives. When we own our lives and empower ourselves, lining up with our highest good and calling in the Angels and the Divine for assistance, miracles do happen! (See last week's blog post.)

But not always.

Some events still occur. Some people still die.

The best we can do is the best we can do.

Let us stand in the power of our soul and our highest good, channel Divine Love into every situation when we feel inspired to do so, and let go of our attachments to the end result.

Sometimes bad things happen and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

Sometimes we are able to stop it but then it happens anyway, at a later time or a different situation.

I am still working on the question about whether we are affected personally when we interfere with fate. That question seems to be an interesting plot line for movies and truly is fascinating.

As a psychic medium, a lot of people come to me with help making a decision. I will look into the end results of each choice and give them some degree of expectation with what will occur if they choose one or the other, but I normally don't tell them what to do. Their choices are their choices. Believe it or not, you do have free will. If you are considering something that is going to take you away from your soul's purpose or soul contract, the Universe or your Higher Self will do everything to keep you from making that choice, but in the end, the choice is still yours to make. At some point, you will figure out it was not the best choice and you will course correct on your own. Maybe that choice taught you some valuable lesson you would not have learned any other way.

I rarely tell my recurrent clients "I told you so" when they do something I advised them not to do, or something happens that I predicted. (Okay I do occasionally, but I don't make a habit of it.) To tell the truth, I rarely remember a reading after my client's session is over, unless there was something really cool which I wrote down and thought about later, like the client's deceased ex-boyfriend who may have predicted the winner of the Super Bowl.

Remember this. Your choices are your choices. There are some really good choices that will take you right into the experience of your highest good and the fulfillment of your soul's purpose, and there are some that are not so beneficial, that will take you there eventually.

Some things are fated and there is probably nothing you can do to prevent it. If you do prevent it, it may end up occurring anyway in some other scenario.

As a psychic medium, I am limited to the information I receive from the deceased or the Guides and Angels. If they don't tell me, I won't know. They can choose to tell me or not, depending on what is best for you or for the world or for the Higher Good.

That is all I know for now. I am open to changing my viewpoint if I am presented with more information regarding fate and destiny.

All we know is what we think we know anyway.


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