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What is a Miracle, Anyway?

Recently I was putting the finishing touches on my upcoming book on various healing modalities, which I have titled, Sacred Path to Wellness, Creating Miracles in our Soul and Body Through Non-Traditional Methods. Part of my process was coming up with the subtitle. I must have changed the title and sub-title at least twenty times. While I was in this process, I happened to think about my mom.

My mom died of cancer back in 2007 after about a ten-year battle with Multiple Myloma. "Miracles" was her favorite word. She outlived many who battled this particularly difficult type of cancer. She believed that a miracle was entirely possible and that she could beat the cancer. She turned down chemotherapy and many of the other traditional forms of treatment, opting to believe for a miracle.

Oxford Dictionary defines a miracle as, "a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.”

I guess by now you must know that my mom and I had different ideas about what or who that "divine agency" might be. She was a devout fundamental Christian. No we didn't argue about our beliefs. I believe that all spiritual paths have value, including the one I left to become who I am now.

So, yes, I added "miracle" to the title as a sort of nod to my mom, who believed in them until the end.

Would she have had an opinion about my path? I would say certainly, yes. I actually waited to publish my first book until after her passing in order to avoid whatever conversation would have certainly ensued.

Now, however, the secret is obviously out of the bag with her and my dad, and believe it or not, my path is just fine with them now that they are both on the other side. I do believe adding the word to the subtitle was even maybe her idea.

But back to this idea of what a miracle is and even if it is possible to expect them to occur.

My mom obviously believed in them and yet she died anyway.

But maybe miracles are not exactly what we think they are all the time.

I believe that it is a miracle every time I am able to give a message to someone from their deceased loved one.

I believe it is a miracle when someone is able to sell their house after months or sometimes years of disappointment after I give them a simple trick to try. I have one client who is a realtor and always contacts me when a house won't seem to sell. I have assisted two clients in selling their homes in short order after a simple numerology trick.

When I worked for the Post Office, I did a ritual to secure a specific route as a carrier that I was not likely to get (I got the position) and then I did a ritual for a transfer which my supervisor had told me would never happen (the next day after the ritual I was notified that I was approved for the transfer and I was happily in my new Post Office within a week.)

My daughter has done two rituals for two separate missing children which were located and brought home safely within a week. This is a miracle.

I consider it a miracle when changes happen in our bodies, minds and emotions after doing what I call "soul healing sessions." I have done them for myself and I have done them for my clients.

I was chatting with a client's deceased ex-boyfriend a week or so before this past Sunday's superbowl and I saw him in a football stadium holding a red football flag. Was he telling us who was going to win the Superbowl? Maybe. Not sure if this counts as a miracle but I know nothing about football and had to ask my client if one of the teams playing in the Superbowl wore red uniforms.

It is a miracle every time I receive specific and evidential messages for my clients. Recently a client's father on the other side described to me that the pipes under his daughter's house needed attention and for some reason the outside dog was important. The client's eyes got big and she reported that recently she went to open the door to let the dog outside and heard a water pipe burst. He also described to me that she had a broken window on the second floor, which she confirmed.

But what about you? Can you create your own miracles?


No matter what your issue, you can create your authentic self within your very own set of circumstances.

Miracles don't happen because we deserve them or because we have in some way gained favor with a normally crotchety god. It is not my belief that The Creator withholds favors for some while granting them for others. It is not my belief that I have to say some prayer in order to gain favor with a god intent on punishing me.

The biggest miracle that ever happened to me was when I got so mad at God for not answering my prayers that I answered them myself and took steps which I should have taken years before. And I think that is what was meant to happen anyway. Interestingly enough, right before I took action, I watched a movie about a guy lost in the woods and received a message about how the whole event would all play out. That, to me, is a miracle.

So sometimes miracles are not some Divine Presence way up in the sky somewhere having pity on poor poor pitiful me and rescuing me from a situation I should have rescued myself from years ago. Sometimes mothers who believe in miracles still die and sometimes they get better. And both of those situations could be defined as a miracle, depending on the circumstances.

Every day miracles happen all around us and we don't even notice!

What if, just for today, or tomorrow, depending on what time it is when you read this, you say a little prayer to whoever you pray to, and it doesn't really matter who you pray to, and ask for a small miracle? Just something unusual and unexplainable. I have asked for a piece of chocolate, a flower, a feather, green lights, and for my mail to arrive at its destination quickly. In order to qualify as even a minor miracle, it has to be unexplainable. The day I asked for a piece of chocolate, five minutes after the request, I returned to my desk at work and there was a piece of chocolate on my desk. I was checking out at Food Lion the day I asked for a flower. The cashier pulled a flower out of one of the bunches of flowers she was selling and gave it to me. I have never had this happen before or since. Green lights and punctual mail is a little less out of the ordinary, but when you live near a busy road where there are multiple lights and traffic back-ups, and you hit every light green during rush hour, that is a bit unusual.

Miracles happen every day. Maybe if we stopped looking at all the tragedy, and looked for evidence of miracles every day, we would see less tragedy and more miracles!

Miracles are not just statues crying blood or the Red Sea parting. Miracles happen when something unexpected happens, and it brings about a beneficial outcome that cannot be explained. Look around you. Expect the unexpected. And expect that you will like it.


Yes!! I have a new book coming out!

Stay tuned for how to get your copy!!

You can find out how to create miracles in your own life, how to recognize them when they occur, and how to assist others in experiencing shifts in their own lives!

The Divine is not limited to one specific belief system, one idea of who or what God is, or one way to create beneficial shifts in your life. In this book I explore the ways I have discovered that work for me. You may want to try these methods for yourself or at least consider the notion that healing is not a one-size-fits-all experience.

You can find more out ...

If you are interested in scheduling a private session to receive guidance for your own life, heal your own personal trauma, connect with deceased loved ones, or find some insight on an upcoming decision or person in your life, you can make an appointment ...

If you just need more information about who I am and what I have going on, you can find out most of what you need to know...

I look forward to connecting with you soon! Best wishes as you navigate your path in life and align with your own well-being in a way that creates a miracle in your own personal life!


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